Hold the fare

Hold the fare now. Pay later.

Buy time to pay for your flight with Hold the Fare. For $10 per guest, you can hold a fare at the price you see today and take 3 days to pay. Available only when you book on the WestJet website, the fare is guaranteed for 3 days so the price won’t go up and the flight won’t sell out.

Here’s how it works:


Search for your flight. If the flight qualifies for Hold the Fare, you’ll see a banner below your flight summary.


Under your flight summary, choose to Hold the fare.


Pay the fee now, for $10 per guest. Review the full price on hold and take up to 3 days to pay the full fare.


When you’re ready, go to Manage Trips, enter your reservation code and pay the full fare at your reserved price.

Terms and conditions

  • Guests can reserve a fare with Hold the Fare and then pay the full fare on westjet.com or by calling the call centre at any time prior to the end of the hold period (72 hours). Reservations that are not ticketed before the Hold the Fare expiration will be cancelled.
  • Hold the Fare is available for eligible reservations booked through westjet.com. Guests can pay for the fare held on Manage Trips, or by calling the WestJet Contact Centre.
  • The fee for Hold the Fare is:
    • nonrefundable
    • not applied toward the price of the ticket
    • charged per guest
    • including tax
    • charged in the currency of the originating point of purchase
    • charged for the service received for reserving a flight for up to 3 days
  • Hold the Fare is available on select flights operated by WestJet.
  • Hold the Fare flights that are ticketed may be changed or refunded within 24 hours and subject to the regular fees and terms of the fare.
  • If you are unable to book online contact us by phone.

Frequently asked questions

Is Hold the Fare available on every flight?

You can hold the fare on WestJet flights travelling more than 30 days out.

Can I change my flight after choosing to hold a fare?

You can’t change the flight on hold until after you’ve purchased the fare. Once you’ve paid the full fare, your flight can be changed according to the regular fees and terms of the fare.

What happens if I don’t purchase the fare before the hold expires?

If you do not purchase your ticket within the 3 day hold period, the hold will expire and the flight will go back into inventory.