Departure taxes

Curious about the fees that are added to your fare? WestJet collects two types of fees:

Fees included in your flight pricing:

WestJet collects fees on behalf of airport authorities and various government agencies. These fees are broken down on the right hand side of the screen during your booking and are also included in your email itinerary after purchasing.

Airport CodeAmount (CAD $)
YBR 10.70
YCD 10
YDF 25
YEG 30
YHM 25
YHZ (flying outside NS) 35
YHZ (flying inside NS) 22
YKA 10
YKF 15
YLW 25
YMM 40
YOW 28
YQB 35
YQG 15
YQL 20
YQM 29
YQR 20
YQU 25
YQX 25
YQY 35
YSB 25
YUL 35
YVR (flying outside BC) 25
YVR (flying inside BC) 5
YWG 38
YXE 23
YXJ 18
YXS 25
YYC 30
YYJ 15
YYT 42
YYZ (originating) 30
YYZ (connecting) 6
YZF 20


Fees collected at the airport*:

Some governments or airport authorities charge a departure tax which is not included in the flight pricing paid to WestJet. Guests are required to pay this after passing through check-in and before going through security for the following locations:

Costa Rica (Liberia and San José) - Alien residents of Costa Rica $46 USD
Costa Rica (Liberia and San José) - Transit
(guests continuing within 12 hours)
no charge

*Rates are subject to change due to legislation and exchange fluctuations.

WestJet endeavours to manage this information however fees may change.