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As a pilot, choosing an airline to fly with isn’t a small decision, but we believe we can make it an easy one. Whether you are looking for proven stability, work-life balance, exciting growth opportunities, or a vibrant culture that makes you excited to go to work every day, the WestJet Group has it all. Read on to discover more reasons why pilots choose to fly with us, and how to apply. 

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Why do pilots choose the WestJet Group?

It ticks all the boxes ✔

In operation for over two decades, the WestJet Group is an award-winning Canadian success story. The WestJet Group gives pilots the opportunity to fly with the airline that best suits their level of experience and goals.  We offer:

  • Schedules that allow for a better work-life balance, including socialized bidding (non-seniority based schedules)
  • The flexibility to trade, drop or pick up pairings within our automated shift trade system
  • Non-seniority based standby travel privileges with the WestJet Group, including jump seat agreements with other airlines
  • Internal opportunities to grow your career as a pilot and aviator
  • Your first and final pilot interview! Once you have been hired into the WestJet Group, fleet movement and upgrades are honored based on seniority
  • Clarity on placement: Know your base at the time of offer
  • Come fly one of the youngest fleets of established North American carriers 


Whether it’s our culture, focus on lifestyle, or our exciting growth strategy, the WestJet Group truly has it all. 


Compensation and benefits

Our valued pilots are best-in-class, and we are proud to offer competitive compensation with some great perks, and a full flexible benefit package.  

  • We offer the most competitive total compensation package as a Boeing 737 and De Havilland Q400 Canadian airline. 
  • We offer the highest base-pay in Canada for our mainline pilots.  
  • For mainline pilots, the WestJet Group contributes 10 per cent of a pilot’s eligible earnings to their WestJet Savings Plan, with no obligation to match.  
  • For Encore pilots, the WestJet Group will match every dollar you contribute to your WestJet Savings Plan:
    • Captains: 10 per cent at time of eligiblity
    • First Officers: Up to 5 per cent for your first three years, and up to 10 per cent after four years
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Growth opportunities

We have big plans for our future, and yours.

With ambitious growth plans, along with more aircraft and routes being added around the globe, there is substantial opportunity for advancement across the WestJet Group. This opportunity is why many pilots choose to fly with us for their whole careers. 


Encore: Where careers take off

WestJet Encore is a great place to begin your career, with outstanding leadership training and the opportunity to progress on to WestJet mainline as you gain experience.


More aircraft, more opportunities

WestJet flies one of the youngest fleets of established North American carriers, and will be adding dozens of new Boeing MAX aircraft in the future. These additional aircraft mean even more options and opportunities for our pilots.


Hello sunshine

Travel to sun destinations is a key area of growth for the WestJet Group. As a result, we are continuing to add more flights to beach destinations — a favourite among our guests and our pilots. 


Safety above all

With an unwavering commitment to Safety Above All and the track record to prove it, the WestJet Group has attracted some of the best aviation professionals from around the globe, providing outstanding support and leadership for our pilots. 


Become a WestJetter, not an employee  

The WestJet Group succeeds because of our people: passionate, friendly individuals who go above and beyond in everything they do. Together, we foster an atmosphere and culture that ensures our guests, and fellow WestJetters alike, love where they're going.  


Beyond the flight deck

The WestJet Group is known for its incredible culture. We invest in events that bring WestJetters together like our Stampede Caravan breakfast, the Dirty Bird plane wash, charitable initiatives like LiveDifferent, and much more.   


Scheduling for all

Our pilots are team players. We use a non-seniority-based bidding system for scheduling and stand-by travel. This means that pilots off reserve (on-call) typically get what they bid for. As result, all our pilots can inform their schedules to meet their personal needs. 

Working at the WestJet Group 

Learn more about our aircraft, technical requirements, bases, benefits at WestJet and WestJet Encore. 

WestJet Encore


De Havilland Dash 8-400 (Q400) 

Boeing 737-700 NG ; 737-800 NG

Boeing 737-8 MAX

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Technical requirements

First officer: 750 hours  

Direct entry captain: 2000 hours

First officer: 2000 hours




Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg 

  • Competitive pay rates for De Havilland Q400 operators across Canada
  • 75 hours minimum monthly guarantee
  • No dedicated reserve-only scheduling lines
  • Maximum 17 days per month for a minimum of six scheduling periods per year (effective January 1, 2025)
  • Pilot-In-Command Under Supervision program (PIC U/S)
  • Enhanced opportunities to grow your career at WestJet Encore
  • Leading national pay rates for narrow-body operators across Canada
  • 75 hours minimum monthly guarantee (77.5 hours for those holding a reserve line)
  • Overtime threshold starting at 85 credit hours
  • Maximum 16 days per month (maximum 18 days when holding a reserve line)
  • Short Call and Long Call reserve lines
  • A diverse flight network including transatlantic, transpacific and Caribbean destinations


Wondering what it’s like to fly for the WestJet Group? 

Hear firsthand from our pilots as they answer common questions and tell you about their personal experiences flying for WestJet.  

Filmed in July of 2022. Our Swoop and Encore pilots have since advanced their positions to become first officers at WestJet. 

Suzanne Foraie, WestJet’s first woman chief pilot. 

Ready to apply?

Apply to become a pilot with the WestJet Group today! 

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WestJet Link

Our colleagues at Pacific Coastal Airlines operate a fleet of Saab 340B aircraft under the name WestJet Link.
Visit the Pacific Coastal Airlines website for more information and pilot career opportunities.  

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