Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Unique characteristics

A smooth journey

The WestJet 787 Dreamliner has smart sensors that detect turbulence and are designed to reduce motion sickness eightfold, according to Boeing.

A spectacular view of the world

  • The biggest window size of any aircraft, positioned so that everyone can enjoy the views
  • Dreamliner interior includes high vaulted ceiling, wide body, and adjustable LED lighting
  • No more shades. Windows are dimmable at the touch of a button

Business cabin

  • Private pods featuring lie-flat seats 
  • Extra space to work and relax 
  • Luxurious blankets and pillows, plus enhanced menu offerings 

A greener machine

  • Dreamliners use 25% less fuel per passenger compared with aircraft of a similar size
  • 10% more fuel efficient than the best of its competition, according to Boeing

A breath of fresh air

  • More humid cabin air means your throat and eyes suffer less dryness
  • Cabin is pressurized to 2,000 ft lower than the standard 6000 ft, making it easier to breathe
  • HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtering technology keeps cabin air clean. The same HEPA filters are used to keep hospital operating room air clean and safe

Experience a quieter cabin

  • A quiet air conditioner and technology that reduces vibrations in sidewalls, ceilings, and softens engine noise
  • Better speakers make the public address system easy to hear