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Boeing 767-300

Aircraft specifications

Guest capacity 262
Engine General Electric CF6-80C2B6
Standard seat pitch 31 in./79 cm
Premium seat pitch 38 in./96.5 cm
Lavatories 7 (two at the front, three mid cabin and two at the back of the aircraft)
Cruise speed 530 mph/850 kmph/460 knots
Maximum altitude 43,000 ft./13,100 m
Range 5,903 mi./9,500 km
Wingspan 167 ft./50.9 m
Length 180 ft. 3 in./54.9 m
Tail height 52 ft./15.8 m
Cargo container dimensions WestJet preloads items into a container, then loads the container into the aircraft cargo compartment. Containers measure 64 in. (162.4 cm) in height, while depth and width vary by container.

Seat map

  Regular seat
  Premium fare seat
  Extra legroom
  Less desirable

Unique characteristics of the 767-300ERW

767-300ERW – what it really means

    • ER stands for extended range, meaning it has increased fuel range and capabilities, while the W indicates that these aircraft are outfitted with winglets which improve the aircraft’s fuel efficiency