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We had a nice relaxing time, was time well spent.

Simon Mark T (Whitby, Canada) on Apr 09, 2024

Location - Beach is really great. Food - enough selection to find what you want, then good luck no overeating lol Staff - fantastic, very well trained and willing to help. Hotel - good but is aging a bit and needs a bit of a refresh. Hotel store - forgot my razor and was silly enough to purchase one with shave cream here for $40 CDN! A few days later we found a grocery store with everything you'll ever need and one razor there was $2. I'm the idiot for buying but you can avoid this by knowing there is a fully stocked two level grocery store 5 mins walk from the hotel with normal pricing! Kids Kamp - convenient and the girl that works there (Nilsa) was lovely, our little girl loved playing with her and the other kids. Room - Partial Oceanview, no upgrades. We had a great view over the Hyatt Ziva and watched their dolphins playing and had plenty of ocean to view. Room was basic but we were hardly ever in it. Elevators, only two of the four were working, it's true what others say. It didn't really affect us getting around though. Al la Cart dining - They have changed their booking process. You have to register in person each day at the desk in the lobby, no more online booking issues. We lined up at 8:30 am each day and got what we wanted each day no issues.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5


Jeissy F on Apr 09, 2024

Food selection was good. Service was amazing. Saul, Oscar, Alejo were great people. Very friendly view to the beach weather was amazing. Clubs near by but from the hotel you can not hear the noice. All inclusive selection is a must. Great people amazing environment

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Beautiful water, awesome view, wonderful staff at Krystal Grand we stayed in the older tower

rlmptl (Lloydminster, Canada) on Apr 08, 2024

Here is our very detailed review for our stay at the Krystal Grand, flew Sunwing 4 hours late getting in from Edmonton, customs quick, luggage slow, Wi-Fi at airport down, check in at hotel fast and friendly. We liked Premium lounge at airport on flight back. Elite seats on plane still squished In a nutshell what makes this hotel stand out which is set at the top corner of the hotel zone on the public beach Gaviota is the staff. They get more than a 10 out of 10. For the most part they go out of their way to make you comfortable and happy and make your vacation special. I want to take the first opportunity to start this review with some names of the ones who went over and above. Front desk Jazar. At the buffet is Irvine, the lady hostess I think it was Julia that was there most mornings, Franando, Ernesto, Javier and Alihandro the younger 2 waiters which my girls said were Guapo (handsome) LOL. Beach service was Liliana, Jesus and Emiliano, the other guy was good too forgot his name. All beach server’s top notch. For the palapa rentals was Giovanni. The waiters at the Red Fish grill by the pool were excellent I did not catch their names, but it was the same ones daily. The older guy at the main pool bar I think his name started with an A was excellent. A special shout out to the concierge at the Krystal Grand tower named Abimael he met all issues and the daily line ups for booking the al a cartes and people complaining with a big smile and friendly, helpful attitude. We also met Carlos at the Altitude tower when we went to check it out for potential next time and he was very friendly and helpful. The pros: The staff and service. Best beach service I have ever had in 40 years of coming to Mexico. The beautiful view from the Ocean front rooms at the Krystal Grand and the Altitude ocean front and corner room especially. The blue beautiful water for swimming on calm days we had 5 days of ferocious waves. Minimal seaweed on calm days with a few little fish to see along the concrete blocks. Saw a couple of small barracuda we used a mask and life jacket to get up close and further out. The soft white sand once you reach the shore. Taste of the food overall at the buffet was very good and we liked the food. The food at the Al a Cartes was outstanding and we loved the Japanese Hibachi show and a much-appreciated variation from the daily Mexican themed buffet. If you needed something different the kitchen was attentive to making stuff happen as much as they could for you as I am Vegan. It is a small, contained resort so you can get to everything very easy. Nice towels easily accessed at 8 am daily. The resort was very clean, and our room kept clean and mini fridge stocked. The pools were nice with limited seating need to go early we liked the quieter pool above the main pool and the infinity pool was heated just remember you pay extra if you are not Altitude but Altitude can use the pool free. The Expressos in the bistro in the morning was great. Drinks were good as long as you stood there and told the bartender to make them triples. Closeness to shopping and other amenities if that is your thing. Feeling safe with heavy armed police presence and helicopters. Making friends on this resort was easy and fun! The games room opens 3 pm to 8 pm on lower level past the kids centre with semi AC for my 19 year old son with a pool table, fooze ball, two gaming consoles play station 4 and an Xbox 1, chess, books and hip music playing he loved it. Plentiful seating on beach if you go before 7:30 am. Glorious sunrise and sunsets using the large Palapa rentals. Really good Wifi that worked on the beach too they change the password regularly. Warm showers till around 5. AC main bathroom on the beach was much loved for a reprieve of the heat and was beautiful as was the main bathroom on lower level by lobby. There is a tiny bathroom around the corner of the bar on front desk level that I liked. Lots of wind provided coolness and lack of bugs this is the least I have been bitten on a trip by noseeums. The Cons: (I don’t want to note them cause the staff is so good and food decent but they need discussed) and remember this is our experience and we went on one of the busiest times of the year. Number 1; we know some of the rooms in the Krystal grand tower are old, dated, musty and in some cases moldy with an AC system that is promoting respiratory issues for some guests something to be aware of. I, as well as many guests said the same and also contracted respiratory issues while there which linger on my return. One couple lifted the sheets and visibly saw mold and their little one was sick. We moved rooms to a higher floor to help which involved packing up and being without luggage for several hours but wished we could have moved to Altitude tower which is newer and beautiful as we toured it and listened to other guest experiences while we were there as we made many friends. Ocean front at Altitude would have been a 70 US upgrade per night and 95 US upgrade per night for corner suite. Many guests who were able to make the move later in the week when the resort was less busy said the rooms were newer, larger, nicely decorated, dry there instead of damp, musty with mold present. I stopped using the AC the last 3 days in our old tower room to cope during the day at least or early morning. Phone and TV in the new room worked, phone in old room did not work and other issues like a lamp not working and AC issues in our girls room were quickly addressed by staff. Chunks of cement at least once that we saw and twice more we suspected, fell to the ground from the top balcony making that a hazard and causing some wondering what that means. Number 2: sleep quality was very VERY poor and dealbreakers were the super hard, wet or damp lumpy uncomfortable beds and pillows. I brought a foamy and my own pillow, but it did not even help. Altitude guests reported comfortable beds and pillows. You must be aware the hotel is located 4 doors down from the noisiest nightclub I believe its called Congo Bongos beach party which is situated on the beach. On the weekend the flashing lights, yelling, screaming, thumping swear word music, horns blowing, cat calls, whooping, fireworks and train whistles went 24/7. Ear plugs and white noise were useless against it. I had anticipated noise being Easter and Spring break but this was way worse then I ever imagined. I was on the verge of going to the pharmacy located next to the Krystal next door not apart of the resort to beg for sleeping pills. During the week this level of disturbance went until 3 am. Other guests were impacted but some slept through it. Number 3: The beach pitfalls for some and deal breakers at least for us. The pitfalls first: for many were the palapas and bali bed system on the beach and infinity pool that was only for Altitude, many people kicked out steady who did not know or understand. There are only 6 Bali beds at the Infinity pool, three of which have toppers and about a dozen sunbeds. That is not a lot for size of Altitude tower. You need to book the Bali beds only available to Altitude guests who get one free day of them otherwise you pay 80.00 US for each additional day where you get a card with the Bali bed number you paid for which you must show. Staff are vigilant at patrolling and ensuring who is supposed to be there which is good for people who paid a lot to use that pool. Some guests at Altitude were irate over paying additional daily fees for these beds stating many times within hearing distance of those around that they did not know about this hence I am mentioning it here so those of you reading this are aware and there is no dramas for all to hear about having to pay for them when you just get yourself seated on them nicely. On the beach. Prices seemed to vary but overall, most people were completely and totally unaware of the rental situation and which Palapas were free. We were constantly educating people who were unsure once we learned how they work. The small Palapas were free. There were quite a few broken sun beds and well worn Palapas you needed to get up early to reserve or gone by 730 am which could be a deal breaker for some and was from the comments on the beach. The large 4 poster palapas which we splurged and rented for 2 days were 285 Canadian for both days included for 4 people the use of infinity pool and those sunbeds and a bottle of Moet champagne. This rental was absolutely worth every penny as it provided more shade, phone charger ports and great side tables. They bring towels to you too. The bali beds on the beach were 80 US with semi shaded slat roof and thin cloth for privacy. A lot of times these were empty due to the high-cost impediments but once the beach was full people rented and paid out of necessity. This was a deal breaker for many guests who were totally pissed about having to rent for adequate shade and those sentiments were also overheard regularly. The deal breakers for us: On the easter weekend because this is a public beach open to everyone the capacity swelled to literally 1000’s of people as far as the eye could see both directions. Just a sea of people and umbrellas. I have never seen anything like this before excepting in Italy in August. It makes for a very loud, congested, crowded both in and out of the water, impossible to walk far along the beach as you got further down closer to nightclub men were propositioning our two adult daughters and throwing things at them saying things in Spanish that the girls started to feel unsafe and turned back from their beach walk. It also made for a non restful and non peaceful experience especially if you are used to the resorts in the Mayan riviera where there is jungle between resorts and no public beach access. Many of the beach goers stayed in tents overnight and partied on the beach and many left behind lots and lots of garbage that the hotel is not supposed to clean up as the beach is federal where federal workers are supposed to come and clean. One morning I got a bag and gloves and cleaned some up in our area because I could not stand looking at it and it was a safety issue too. After that the lifeguard also did some cleaning. Some evenings the public utilized hotel beach chairs and cabanas after hours which deterred guests from going down there. The numbers were a lot less during the week in the 100’s instead on the beach but it was always busy especially after lunch when it was not a holiday. Also be aware there are tons of sharp shells and rocks before you get to the soft sand. Lots of cuts experienced by guests, bring bandages they were incredibly expensive in the store on the lower level or wear water shoes till you get to the shore. Please note: The large waves look fun but are dangerous. There is a shallow area right beside the concrete area that juts out into the ocean but it was still rough in high winds. This hotel beach area is extremely windy many days and further down absolutely crazy waves where people surfed. So many people from the public and some guests refused to play it safe. There was a strong undertow and riptides that pulled people out easily even standing knee deep and on those really windy days we witnessed many near drownings with people pulled from the water by seadoos with a raft and limp on the beach until they regained consciousness. The whistles and horns of the lifeguards went all day all week until the last day and half we were there when it was calm and nice to swim. Be careful on the beach when the waves are high and be smart and note even when its calm there is still a current further out. Although we were grateful for police presence if you are not used to seeing police and military in full gear with large assault rifles and weapons and helicopters swooping low it is jaw dropping and scary too. Many guests were unnerved but it as it made you wonder at first what was happening and are you going to be caught in the middle of it. As the week wore on you got used to it somewhat. Number 4: Reservation for Al a Cartes deal breakers. The app was not working for anyone the front desk said they were working on it. I also understood it was an experiment to see if this type of booking would work better than the app. I would say it was an experiment Fail and I let them know. Long lines formed starting as early at 715 am and waiting all the way till 9 am in a hot and humid lobby. Thankfully I had two adult daughters to take turns with as there is no AC anywhere on this resort except your room if its working or the Altitude tower where there is AC everywhere there. They also have a private lounge and breakfast area all in nice AC. If you calculate waiting time you are spending well over 10 hours of your vacation time to book Al a cartes that are sooooo good its worth the wait. Especially the Japanese! And on the plus we met so many guests and made friends while in the lineups swapping stories and having fun but there was a fair share of totally upset and irate guests having to do this. I think something desperately needs done about this as we have never encountered this before. Some people tried waiting outside the restaurants with no reservation and were successful we were not. So whether you wait in line or wait in the heat outside the restaurant this is still a big issue. Number 5: Elevator deal breakers.: not encountered this before anywhere. VERY HOT and crowded most all times with waits to be expected. Sometimes they were all working and it was pleasant but mostly one or two out of 4 and a few times we were trapped in the main lobby which I remind you was super hot, held hostage till at least one was working as I am approaching mid 60’s with joint issues there would be no walking up the stairs for me which my daughter reported the stairs were spooky with lots of garbage and open windows to fall out if you are drunk. Number 6: Potential dealbreaker for others a little for us. The always Mexican buffet Food for what was offered was kept hot, tasted fresh for the most part and was good in our opinion. I am only mentioning this here if you are used to variety from other resort experiences that is not the case. There is some variation daily, but the theme is always Mexican. This was not a problem for the most part for our party of 4 but for others, people with young children, and for my son it was harder as he likes his bacon with his eggs, bagels, sliced roast meats with no sauces, mashed or baked potatoes, pizza, burgers and fries, spaghetti and meatsauce, grilled cheese type food. There was occasionally plain meat choices. There was spaghetti and sauce or meatballs for one meal on the buffet, a couple time fettuccine these options flew off the buffet and burgers on another and sometimes fries but most of the time the sauced-up Spanish meals with lots of oil that left an unpleasant after taste and sometimes the runs were not his thing. He loaded up during the day on the delicious beach service food which was more his liking and then for supper the 10 out of 10 Ala carte for what he liked especially at the Grill. Pasta and Pizza at the Risoto but you needed a dreaded reservation and the Breakfast buffet had French toast and waffles. One person making the omelettes caused lineups just quicker to eat the premade eggs on buffet. Just a reminder the lovely outside breakfast patio opens at 8 am for that experience and that is an additional breakfast buffet where there was also papaya the only time, I ever saw it. I really enjoyed the vegan refried beans that I saw twice on the buffet. What was missing for us on the buffet was bagels, bacon (only at Altitude) gluten and dairy free items there is gluten free spaghetti at Risotto, there was never guacamole only at the beach, so I asked special for sliced avocado to have on toast. I also asked daily for almond milk for granola. No peanut butter or tropical fruit and no bananas ever or nuts except shred coconut. No cooked cereals that were not made dairy free such as oatmeal where milk could have been added separately. No special Mexican coffee in the little brown mugs made with brown sugar. No grill for fresh fish or chicken was sorely missed and there is absolutely no seafood such as lobster and shrimp not even at the Al a Carte except a wee bit of what I believe was shrimp in the sushi. As a vegan I was very protein deficient by the time I got home. I did take protein shake and few protein bars to sustain with me but it was hard to have variety as they use butter and lard in their veggies and bean dishes even the grilled ones. I had to ask for extra stuff plain and they could not often provide it. There was always stir fry veggies and corn tortillas to rely on or veggie quesadillas were always offered by the kitchen I found the oil was a bit much but doable. I only saw lentils or chickpeas in a salad twice. I used google translate to be sure to ask for stuff. I also enjoyed the veggie burger at the beach service during the day and the fresh guacamole there. A quick tip for shopping. For example, stuff being sold in the lobby and by the main pool such as beaded stuff was priced as 800 pesos for the beaded birds with no bargaining. They were 100 pesos from the ladies just left of the resort when you walk down the street and they are nicer. At the airport the birds were 450 pesos. The ladies in front of the resort are by far the best price for beaded jewelry and other things, the set up displays at the hotel were WAY overpriced beware!. Also remember there are no shows or nightlife at this hotel (enough noise from the beach club down the beach for entertainment anyways if you like that) except a 30-minute Mayan dancing show in the lobby depicting a ritualistic sacrifice on Wednesday evenings, keep in mind if you want to see this don’t book your al a carte at the same time and it is super HOT in the lobby bar area where they get little breeze. There is some DJ music near the main floor bar in the breezeway. Overall there are some great things to consider when deciding to return or not. It would only be to book at the Altitude tower. Use West Jet airlines for the bigger premium seats. Only travel during the off season with the hope the beach disco is not in full swing all night and never on a holiday we had to this time cause easter week Is the only time a teacher can travel. I would bring more nuts, peanut butter for more protein for a Vegan and budget into the trip the extra expense every day of the bali bed or large palapa rental costs. Hopefully by the next trip the elevators and reservation for restaurant bookings is fixed too and perhaps a bit more variety on the buffet for other international food and more tropical fruit and seafood options. Finally for those of you wanting to hire an excellent private local driver who is very helpful, friendly and good priced ,another poster on the Facebook group suggested Eduardo Dzul he is on Facebook and has a cell number 529981950504 we really appreciated him For tours we tried the Extreme tour XKitam extreme park it was once in a lifetime 7 zip lines, two cenotes cave and cliff diving, and ATV with a snack water and juice for 75 US person well worth it and they helped me when i freaked out on the scary bridges and jip lines. We were supposed to snorkel at puerto Morelos by going on the 25 US rental boats with a guide to the reef in the national park but the ports were closed for days due to high wind so we did this instead.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Jahir is the best bartender.

Ruben B on Apr 08, 2024

Jahir isnthe best bartender in the Altitude Resort. Always very attentive. Surprised me that he remembered us from our last visit in October. 2nd time coming here and always a great time. Place is full of pools and the infinity pool is the best spot to relax. Definitely coming back.. specially to come visit Jahir again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The Goat of Bartenders.

Irving T on Apr 08, 2024

It was a great experience, it was the second time we have been and Jahir has treated us like Kings. He goes above and beyond to give you the best experience. He is very attentive and I will definitely be back because of him. Thank you very much Jahir for everything.

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