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Good beach

marcelas526 (Fort Worth, Texas) on Jun 12, 2024

We have been to many places all over the world and this place was just okay. The beach and the water are excellent. The food was okay depending on what you order. The rooms need updating, but they were nice and cool. Small pools only one swim up bar and bar service on the beach took forever. I think one of the biggest negatives was the service. No one seemed happy to be there. They were just doing a job. I wanted more of an upscale feel where people feel special. The spa was meh and still pricy as others that offer more of the hydrotherapy pools. This one just had a hot tub and a steam sauna. Room service was only for a small continental breakfast. Other room service did not exist.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

A review from UK visitors

Allie S on Jun 11, 2024

My husband and I were visiting Jamaica for the first time from the UK. Transfer from airport We used the coach transfer from the airport to Jamaica. This was fine expect we were travelling at 16:30 on a Friday so we were at a stand still traffic leaving montego bay and after almost a 10 hour flight where we couldn't get a wink of sleep, my husband and I were absolutely exhausted. The coach is nice a cool temperature wise and I don't think we would of got to the resort any quicker if we had used a private transfer. Room We stayed in block 9 room 3201 garden room. It needs renovating but did the job. There is dirt, mould and grime but we noticed they were renovating blocks of rooms and assuming our room would be on the list at some point. The shower mat was useless as the floor is uneven in the bathroom so the water would splash and make a pool in the middle of the bathroom so we ended up using bath towels to soak up the water. I took my own hairdryer on recommendation but my UK hairdryer needs high wattage so ended up using the hotels hairdryer which was so loud and not very good. We got two robes and no slippers. Room service breakfast was good but the menu could expand a little more. Mini bar was good but we had given them our preference before we arrived and only half of the requested drinks had arrived. They provide water but it's left on the side so it's warm and we were given no ice on the first day. The table outside on the patio was wobbly. Come to think about it, majority of the tables we sat at in restaurants were wobbly. No problems with anyone stealing our items but we did utilise the safe at all times. As we got to the resort really late we barely made it to palms for some food without getting lost but in the dark making it back to the room we did get lost. Throughout our stay we got lost finding our room a lot as the signage around the resort is really bare and doesn't even mention about block numbers. You could hear the road in our room but we didn't mind that so much. You can hear the road on the beach sometimes so I wouldn't worry too much about upgrading to the Ocean views if you are trying to avoid traffic noise because you'll be woken up by venders shouting about there services at 6am anyways. Attached is the view from our room. You can see a little bit of the sea which was nice. Beach, bars and venders Absolutely gorgeous. Due to time difference, my husband and I were up at 6:30/7am Jamaica time so we would reserve one of the shelters on the beach on route to breakfast, ready for relaxing after breakfast. They do get reserved early but there are plenty of beds for everyone when we went. We found the beach towels were small and don't cover the beds so we would always get two per bed. Red flag service was good. Drinks were good but bamboo bar was closed which was a real shame. Lots of ants and you will get bitten so bring bug spray and after bite. Majority of the venders are okay but the ring ring Jamaica calling guy should be avoided. My husband left me for 5 mins to go back to the room where a Jamaica man (I think he goes by Ziggy) was begging for food from me whilst I was on my own. I said I was enjoying the sunset and I'm okay being left alone and his tone got aggressive. He began saying I obviously don't understand English as I wasn't saying yes to his pressure (which my husband and thought was hilarious as we are from the UK born so are obviously fluent in English) Well I ended up giving him the hard shoulder and raising my voice and he finally backed off. Security were on the beach but left me to deal with it on my own which annoyed me. The guy came back to ask my husband the same question and used a completely different tone of voice and approach so ladies you have been warned. The ocean view spa on the beach 5mins left on the beach is a must. Cats do poop and burry there poop on the beach. Palms/Martini bar Shout out to Natalia she's amazing! The food was amazing and the martini bar was really good. There are a lot of servers who were being trained so service was a bit iffy at times. Lemongrass When we went the first time the server seemed like she didn't want to be there kind of attitude. She forced us to order starters, mains and desserts in one order because it helps them but I don't like that because it makes me flustered and I don't know how big the portion sizes are so I get nervous I won't be able to fit in the dessert. My husband and I were having a lovely conversation untill the steel pan band began to play half way through our meal and we couldn't hear eachother. We couldn't see the band and ate the rest of the dinner in silence as we gave up shouting at eachother. Once we have finished our dinner we sat there for 20 mins listening to the music and no sever to be found with our plates were still there and no dessert had arrived so we gave up and left. We had a 7:30 reservation and wouldn't of gone for the reservation if we knew the steel band was going to disrupt our meal so much. We noticed other guests were also annoyed with this, especially those who had reserved tables half way through the performance at 8pm. The second time we went we had a better server, food was amazing and we had an all round better experience. Feathers Food was delicious. The only Aircon restaurant they have so it's nice and cool. They really take care of you and nothing is too much trouble. The first time we went it was because our private dinner got rained off and they were so nice and made a real fuss of us being on our 2nd wedding anniversary. Patois We were told it was closed. Half way through our holiday we noticed it was open for dinner so was very disappointed to have not been told or a chance to go for dinner. Seagrapes We only went for lunch. It was nice but nothing special. Lots of ants over the drinks machine and Ice cream machine. Scotch bonnet Food was great. The restaurant was okay. The servers clearly didn't want to be there and didn't smile at all. Private dinner So romantic and such a special memory that we will cherish forever. Watching the sun set whilst we eat. Bliss. The portion sizes are huge. Entertainment This was really good and varied. Aurora bar Didn't enjoy the aurora bar. We were usually the only English in there and didn't feel very welcomed. The books of songs everywhere gave a bit of a tacky vibe. The place markets itself as a romantic couple resort where you want to do things as a couple like chat about life but you couldn't just sit and have a drink in this bar. Come to think about it, in the evening, other than the martini bar or your room, there wasn't many places to sit and be around people but be able to chat to eachother. Tipping Being from England it doesn't come naturally to tip. We knew we would have to tip if we left the resort but the sneaky tipping we saw from the Americans to staff around the resort was very often... It made us nervous the staff would get into trouble if they got caught and confused if we should be tipping or not. Watersports This was really good and thoroughly enjoyed it! Catamaran is a must! So is the snorkeling! They are all so friendly and it's great fun! Sports facilities We did a pickle ball clinic as pickle ball is rarely (if at all) played in the UK, and it was amazing! So much fun and everyone was so nice and supportive as you learn. The smoothie bar was really nice as well. Shout outs Shout out to Rochelle who was a superstar and helped us organise our holiday when we got there so we didn't miss the best bits. Papa love who works within grounds. Natalia who makes beautiful iced coffee. And so many more, I cannot remember everyone! Overall, it was a great holiday full of amazing lifetime memories. We would come back once it's been renovated.

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Fun in Jamaican Paradise

Judoref (Crawley, United Kingdom) on Jun 11, 2024

Sending luv to Kev who is making our stay here at Couples Swept Away an absolute blast! Spent the days joining in the fun and games whilst soaking up the sun in paradise. Lots of water sports, with great energy making sure we all have the best time on holiday.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Top service, atmosphere, scenery, beach and water.

rcfaccount (Lamar, Missouri) on Jun 06, 2024

Jamaica has been out go to vacation spot for 30 years and we have visited 16 times and numerous resorts. Swept away is where one will eventually land as you grow older and away from the wild party scene. The beaches in Negril are in line with any beach world wide.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Relaxing getaway

d0uglass5 on Jun 03, 2024

Couples Swept Away is a relaxing, beautiful resort. Buffet had delicious food with lots of variety. Warm calm water. Glass bottom boat crew was wonderful and funny. Massage was incredible. Catamaran was relaxing and informative.

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