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Wonderful month

creale4701 (Boston, Massachusetts) on Nov 28, 2022

Returned last week from a wonderful month at this resort. It was our seventh visit since reopened after Covid shutdown and can’t wait to return in January. Everything about this resort is exceptional. Beach is pristine and the water is crystal clear. The staff in every department always smiling and willing to please can’t begin to mention particular people way to many but want to shout out to morning coffee delivery people always started our day with a smile and always on time Always can find decent food especially breakfast buffet hosted by a great morning staff. We love you guys working so hard so early. Rooms always immaculate and scenery is amazing Don’t be afraid of the vendors on the beach most are a friendly bunch get your spot early and enjoy. Don’t know what else to say but if I did it would all be positive

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Island Time at it's finest - attitude adjustment required

Anurafreak (Charlotte, North Carolina) on Nov 28, 2022

Having just arrived back from an 8 day adventure at this resort I felt the necessity to take some time and reflect on my stay. Having booked an Atrium Suite I could not have been more excited to get to the location and start unwinding. I arrived in Jamaica at roughly 11am and after making my way through customs I found myself a little lost. I found the Couples resort area of the arrivals section of the airport and gave them my information and they easily found me on the list. I will say I was extremely discouraged that they automatically called one of the "red cap" people over to grab my luggage. (It's been so long since I have been to Jamaica that I completely forgot that "red cap" people are simply there working for tips). This person put my bags on a trolly and pulled it to the parking lot (a whole 10 meters away) and after unloading them automatically asked for a tip. While I appreciate having the *option*, I did NOT appreciate the Couples representative automatically doing this without asking. Anyways .. now I'm in a van .. traffic jam ensues and a little over 2 hours later (it normally should take just over an hour) we arrive at the resort. Once at the resort I grab my bags and put them down while checking in. Getting all the paperwork and basics taken care of took no more than 20 minutes and then I was ready to unpack and get settled. I'm given my room number and while I ask if I can just grab my own bags and not have to worry about ANOTHER porter trying to take them I am ensured that I will get lost if I try the first time. I reluctantly agree and we a gentleman grabs my bags and starts walking with me right behind him. We go about 50 feet and I can literally SEE the area we just came from and we're there.... The porter was super nice at least and made pleasant conversation and stated if I needed anything for my stay that I should reach out to him and he'll do whatever he can for me. I'm finally in my room with my things and I am looking around and I notice that almost all the windows are just open with screen and a set of wooden louvers on them to close as necessary but that keeps no noise out and I started getting a little perturbed that I would have to deal with noise. (just to be clear, the noise was absolutely fine and all you could hear was the nature outside apart from the small A/C unit in the room when it was running.) I start checking things out and notice that the mini bar in the room is definitely not stocked. The minibar is supposed to be stocked daily with some "standard" items and then you can request some other items by checking their boxes on a small placard and just hanging them on the door at night. I reached out to the front desk and let them know the minibar was not stocked and was ensured they would bring over whatever was missing. This never happened even after vising the front desk in person. The strangest thing about the mini bar is that they will put *1* of each item in the minibar even if you request more (because let's say you aren't ALONE at a COUPLES resort....) .. *1* .. that's what you get of whatever item. Regardless, the evening goes on and the next day arrives right on schedule. I walk over to the beach and it's just amazing .. it's breathtakingly beautiful. Everyone seems super helpful and are eager to help in any way they can. Be aware there are cats EVERYWHERE but they do not bother you but if you have an allergy perhaps you may want to just take note they're in the area. I decide it's time to grab a towel and get some sun only to find out that there are no towels at the beach. They're all "in use" and they're waiting on more to be delivered. I wish I could say this was the only time this happened but this happened repeatedly. I started taking the towels from the room just because then I knew I had one. On that note I have to say that the housekeeping team were completely amazing and time and time again came through with towels or anything else you may want and or need. Even mopping up the floors and taking care of the sand that just gets everywhere. They were totally rock stars. So as previously mentioned the placard's for the minibar, but there was also one for breakfast. This resort does not offer room service so this is the closest you will get. You fill out the details of a few breakfast options and hang it on your door and select aa 30 minute window for when you would like it delivered and it arrives like magic. It took 2 days for them to understand that I needed *2* items (such as a fruit plate, etc) since it wasn't just me in the room. The tray always came with 2 cups for coffee and the lot but struggled repeatedly for multiples of anything else. Eventually they finally understand and started putting 2 items on the trays. At least twice when I marked "2X" on something on the mini bar menu at least someone finally read that and put 2 diet cokes in the fridge. The papers you get say that you can download their App for assistance and it's great for making reservations for dinner at the 2 restaurants on site that require reservations (that can not be made more than 3 days in advance and you will be lucky to find availability if you don't stay up until just after midnight to get a spot.) There is lots of information on the App including a map. It's helpful for that and that alone. Do not for any reason think that the contact customer service or requesting items from the housekeeping or anyone else is going to work. I tried multiple times and nothing ever came of any of my requests. Also the App lists things like a "shave kit" that the housekeeping team should have that no one at the resort actually had a clue what it was. Asking for anything like that you were just pointed to the gift shop to buy stuff. Trying to get information about tours led me to understand that the person who handles that splits their time at a different resort and no one else can help you so if they're not there for the day you are completely out of luck. There is a schedule daily of all the activities that can be done around the resort and one day I decided to do the "hat making" class which is where you make a hat out of a palm leaf. The hat was actually amazing to watch and sit and make but was extremely disappointing as you were only allowed to do 1 per couple. So, if you wanted to do it WITH someone ... you can't. Just be aware that if you plan on spending time with the person you arrived at the resort with you wont be able to always do the same things. The grounds are all well manicured and clean and easy to navigate through and it's extremally difficult to get lost (not matter how hard you try). The cats take care of most of the lizards in the area and you can occasionally see them carrying lizards off in their mouth. If you want a good seat at the beach, you better get up early even if it's just to put a towel and (an umbrella in my case) out and then go back to bed. I want to say that the highlight of this resort is the beach .. there is just SO much of it. Plenty of cabanas and palm trees for shade if you desire but it just goes on and on and on and it's really amazing. There are security checkpoints at both ends of the property at the beach as well as security stationed throughout the area which made me feel much more secure. The glass bottom boat tour out to the reef was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone staying there (especially since it's free!). Plenty of marine animals and sights to see and it's only an hour and you never lose sight of the shore. Everywhere you go, no one is in a hurry even if you feel you are. Just be aware you have to take a breath and just relax .. The bars at the beach were hit or miss depending on who you talked to at what time of the day it was. So first off, don't expect a whole slew of top shelf alcohol but you'll have a few items that you can choose from. Some people are there and happy to help you and others seem like they're just trudging through life. Drinks are weak and small but I guess this is an easy way to not have drunk people stumbling around .. simply don't put much alcohol in a drink. You can absolutely ask for a double and that would definitely meet a normal drink pour IMO. Some areas of the beach offered "red flag" service which was basically that you were given a physical flag that you stood up next to your chair and someone would come and take your order and deliver you a drink but these were few and far between and only for certain times of the day. The martini bar upstairs that is open a few hours a day at night which was great was the only exception because .. martini's ... I have (to this point) omitted listing one of the most important things... the food. The bottom line.. it sucks There are 2 open seating restaurants, 2 quick serve restaurants, 2 reservation required restaurants. Having been there for 8 days, I tried food at each location and was sufficiently disappointed time and time again. Other reviews pointed this out so while I was not surprised it just happened time and time again. Food was either overcooked or had some strange concoction like just adding pumpkin to a dish or putting asparagus in potato salad. So if you are the kind of person who looks at the menu at a place and finds the strangest looking dish and you're like .. oh my .. I HAVE to try that .. then this is definitely for you. Otherwise expect all the meats to be overcooked and tough (even had a steak at Feathers (one of the reservation required locations that you have to wear PANTS and CLOSED SHOES to go to) and I couldn't cut it with a knife it was so tough. Also serving sizes as with everything else were extremely small .. the desert areas were often just as much of a joke as anything else. They served ice cream almost daily but it was always melted as soon as you got it in your bowl .. maybe just a side effect of being in the Caribbean but even the ice cream machine at the beach was often out of cones or just broke and dripping. The restaurants often ran out of items if you didn't get there right at the start of a service. I suppose this could be more of a blessing than a curse given the poor quality of the foods. I could continue to almost go dish by dish and explain how it was poorly cooked or how the recipe was poorly designed but I think you get it. Also if you look at other reviews .. this is not just my opinion and given the amount of others in the area that I saw struggling with the same thing I am not alone. I think the most important .. the most vital thing here .. is that you are paying for the location .. the peace .. the quiet .. the unplugging (Atrium suites do not have TV's). The highlight is really the beach. Pull up a map .. it's huge .. it's got to have the largest beach front presence of anywhere along the 7 mile beach and yes while there are vendors walking up and down trying to sell stuff.. none of them are in your face .. or even come up to you directly .. so you can easily just ignore them and continue relaxing. Just slow down .. breathe .. adjust your expectations .. know that you will have an amazing time at the beach. The water is amazingly warm. Everything else can be taken in strides. And when you get that burger on your way home at the airport (not in Jamaica's airport because all they have is a Wendy's for burgers) .. it will be the most delicious burger you've ever had. :-)

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Beach was perfect, the rest was ok.

Luv-relaxin (Canada) on Nov 28, 2022

I will try to only tell you the facts without too much subjective feelings. Facts: we have been 3x. Beach is perfect and it's the largest and longest around. We always found a float and beach chair no matter what time we arrived at the beach. Food was available. The grill regularly ran out of chicken wings, nachos and patties. Patois evening service is slow, 2 hour or more for entree. Lemongrass and feathers was faster service. Buffet always available for each meal. They have theme nights so if you like certain foods check with them. Drinks were plentiful and for the most part not too long of a wait. Snorkeling day and night are great. Catamaran was fun also. Night activities were abit repetitive, meaning glow party on the beach was always moved up to the night club. So if you were at the nightclub before. The glow party is the same as regular nightclub. The theme nights are nice (steel band, beach party) entertainment team were around. 1 stuck out and made us feel special, Shania. She would come around and tell us the activities, and she even came to say goodbye to us. One entertainer was there 1 week and then not the next week, he was seen drinking heavily all the time with the guests. Shots and regular drinks (maybe he was asked to leave?) Room was always cleaned and we had big towels everyday. The doors each had 2 locks for security. We didn't always have running water in our room (hard to wash shampoo out of your hair when the water stops) , but when we did the pressure was good. The Hvac worked well. Watersports and lifeguards were around but only engaged with guests who were their age range. Otherwise very quiet. Yes there ate vendors walking the beach. There are also vendors on the resort who sell things and are not aggressive. Now opinion time Food was not very good. Sometimes still frozen and often cold. Staple snack food were often all gone by noon. Staff were very sad looking most of the time, even with us smiling and complimenting them. (Except Jodi-ann at the pool, she was awesome) some staff inappropriate.. meaning drinking with guests and watersports were all over 2 younger guests. Even swimming in the deep water (if you catch my drift). We felt the water in the room was a huge issue. Unreliable water.. so when should we shower? Will we go back? Probably.. why? Because we toured around and no other adults only hotel has the beach that Swept away does.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5


Paul T (London, United Kingdom) on Nov 25, 2022

This resort is very run down, we had previously been to Tower Isle and I thought I knew what to expect…This was on a whole different level. Firstly the room…what can I say, it was very basic…they have shutters that need a pin to hold them in place, the bed had no headboard and you had to be careful not to whack your head on the shutter pin…there were no bedside units, just a fixed cement platform….the bathroom…the bathroom was absolutely filthy….the sink was inset into a counter and black mould surrounded the join on the inside….the floor underneath the unit was just dirty and obviously hadn’t been cleaned for months! The toilet…..was extremely dirty. The shower screen was inadequate and you had to put a towel across to stop the floor becoming waterlogged AND to make matters worse the partition wall did not meet the ceiling. I personally think it a total disgrace to market such an awful standard of room! The grounds were well kept with thick trees and vines surrounding the rooms which made our room very dark. The beach was lovely and the sea was clear and warm but was ruined by several beach hawkers walking up and down shouting, some of them became aggressive….because of this all the guests stayed off the beach and sat up in the area where the beach sellers were not allowed….this just made them shout louder! I have been to many Caribbean islands and to Jamaica several times and never experienced such aggressive selling! If you decide to go to the pool…both pools are dirty and have several cracked and missing tiles…. The food was mediocre at best… Some of the staff were lovely, others not so nice. Would I go back? They would have to do serious renovation and do something about the beach vendors….otherwise I’d rather go to Blackpool!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Purrrfect beach vacation

momitam (Ottawa, Canada) on Nov 18, 2022

We debated between 4 or 5 given the price - 4.5 would be the final rating. - Beach: depth of sand and quality of the swimming area. Only crystal blue water and white sand to be found. We walked down past Beaches, Azule and Sandals - CSA has the best location as per other reviews. - Sunsets / western exposure = big sunsets - Resort age (circa 40 years) and the layout; small, intimate villas nestled within very mature trees. Winding, forest covered walk ways give a feel of being in the jungle. We had a garden view room along the road and were concerned about potential traffic noise, but unless you are near the lobby - the noise is not bothersome and the lovely tree frogs easily gain control come evening. Other than the bathroom - rooms are well insulted from noise. - Activities - Athletic center and water sports center not to be missed. Take advantage of the plentiful activities across the road and on the beach. Complementary Hobie cat, snorkel, catamaran, golf, tennis lessons. Shout out to visiting fitness instructor - @Faith from Ohio, did an amazing job with spinning, HIIT and boot camps on the beach. @Norison - best tennis teacher ever. Girls at the activity center make amazing smoothies. - Food - best fish tacos and best pumpkin dip with sweet potato chips at sea grapes and props to @ cyan for great service. @carson at the beach bar offers great service and makes great cocktails. Lemongrass is the best - Lamb very well done. Don’t miss martini bar beside lemongrass and steel drum show on Wednesday night at the Palms. We were at patois only once for Saturday lobster night ( lobster everywhere) and service was just a tad slower than our level of hangryness could manage - so suggest palms buffet for speed, entertainment and food choices. Reggae music awesome. Lobster - Make sure you buy lobster on the beach from @patrick the lobster mon. 15$ or 20$ for a delicious lobster with all the fixings. Patrick walks the beach with his silver box. ´Don’t be afraid mon’ - he lets u taste before you pay. Take the 30$ trip to Rick’s - if you’re lucky the hedonist catamaran will show up to enhance the diving show. Animal life - I already mentioned the frogs and conclude with the cats. This is a ‘cat person’ resort. Get a ground level room and be ready. They are not feral and will readily adopt you upon arrival. Buy some cat food across the street or bring your tuna - they are lovers - especially the gingers. Props to the staff who keep them healthy, neutered ( note clipped left ear ) and very able to manage the other pests on resort…. Not a dog in sight. Final note - the number of repeat customers is a sign of approval. This is our first trip but we met people who come year over year. It’s a testimony and CSA should be proud. In the face of challenges that supply chain shortages and staff shortages may present - your faithful clients return YOY - and that’s the biggest endorsement you can ask for - thanks for the great stay.

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