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TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Wasted time for a vacation

Michelle D (Toronto, Canada) on Apr 11, 2024

Honestly I was very disappointed as I purchased a romantic dinner for my daughter and her boyfriend. Guess services forgot to finish the reservation and the dinner never happened. Ok mistakes happen. But… to get my money back was a whole other story. I spent hours wasting my vacation waiting for some confirmation that I will be refunded. Hours and over days. And I still don’t know if I’ll get my money back. I got an email indicating that it will take 7-10 days. Cool I can wait for that. My issue is the length of time it took away from the vacation to finally get some kind of confirmation that I’ll be reimbursed. We tried to get a bottle of wine for our troubles and that didn’t happen. Just frustrating cause it felt we were fluffed off a lot.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Be aware

Salah B (Canada) on Apr 10, 2024

trip advisor We went to Viva Heavens in Puerto Plata in January/ February 2024 and it was a horrible experience. The first leg of the stay was bearable till we had to deal with a very serious issue. On February 6, (second last day ) my wife was reaching for a piece of fruit at the beach restaurant Rosemarino when she got an electric shock strong enough to knock her down flat on her back. She was the third costumer to get “zapped” in a span of one hour or longer. The hotel sent a technician only when I went to the front desk and expressed my concerns. To make it short we went to the Medical Center Bournigal in Puerto Plata at the hotel expenses where my wife was checked and sent back to the hotel. The 7th, her state worsened, she felt dizzy and nauseated. She was in no condition to fly back to Toronto the next day the 8th of February. We had to rebook our flight for the cost of $364. The 8th we went back the Medical Center where my wife had a CT scan done when we came back late afternoon, our flight already left POP, ( two visits were at the hotel expenses) the hotel made us sign a paper stating that it will bear no more responsibility if we stay another week at the hotel expenses. We were between a rock and a hard place. I mentioned to the manager that complications can occur in the next days or weeks and they did, I have the emails I sent her. Four days later the 12th my wife could barely walk. At night we asked the hotel to provide us with transportation and a translator to get the Medical Center, our request was denied. The manager on duty said that we are on our own and have to pay for the medical expenses and transportation. It was late at night and did not feel at ease with the idea. The next day February 13th we went to the Medical Center, the hotel sent an employee with us after we insist. Before leaving in the morning, I ask the front desk if I could use the phone to contact my insurance (collect), I was told to pay a certain amount in $ US, I do not recall how much, per minute. At the Medical Center my wife had an xray done and the financial department phoned my insurance for me. During all of this the hotel manager did not show any compassion, was at times aggressive, and kept on blaming me for changing the flight back to the 15th. Back in Toronto we went to ER three times already, we still have further appointments among others for MRI. The last MRI done on March 30 2024 showed a vertical fracture of the sacrum. This is the reason why I did not write earlier So, everything is dandy till you are faced with some situation over which you have no control. Now for the hotel accommodations: Many rooms have their balconies in front of cars parked in the front parking lot, some don’t even have a balcony. Washrooms: The men washroom by the pool is flooded since last year, yes last year February 2023. Water or God knows what all over the floor. Urinals clogged in all the men washrooms The beach was very dirty seaweeds and garbage. Forget taking a swim. Too many vendors and massage ladies. They have every afternoon loud social gathering. So, visitors be aware. I understand that the manager is an employee of the company and as such defends the company’s interests but you can’t lose sight of the human aspect of the issues. This is what we feel and experienced unfortunately. Salah Bejaoui Canada

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

The good, the bad and the ugly

Diane S (Stoney Creek, Canada) on Apr 08, 2024

I travelled to this hotel in April with my husband and two friends. We upgraded to a room with a sitting area. The hotel is kept clean which was good. The room was nice, the air conditioning and wifi worked great. When we arrived there was a small bottle of coke and sprite and two bottles of water in our mini fridge. After the first day we were lucky to get even one bottle of water in our fridge and no soft drinks or beer, which they don’t provide. The pool is nice but very difficult for anyone with mobility issues to get into. There is no ladder. You have to step down about nine inches to get into the pool but then it gradually slopes down. My husband had great difficulty getting in and out. There is a “hot tub” but you have to step down two feet to get into it and it’s VERY difficult to get out of. There are no jets and the water was slightly warmer than the pool. The beach is nice and there are plenty of beach chairs. There is a mall within a minutes walk from the hotel. The coffee shop makes great cappuccino and the staff there is very friendly. Tried the specialty restaurants but the food was sub par. There was not much variety in the buffet, and the same things were served every day with few changes. I pretty much stuck to the salad bar and pasta bar. Some example of menu items were pigs feet, beef liver, fried salami, a lot of lentil dishes and fish. The chicken and pork were dry. I would rate this hotel a 2 1/2 star.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

We had beautiful weather, relaxation and enjoyed the resort.

Denise L (Ajax, Canada) on Apr 07, 2024

Resort was very clean, some updates can be done in the decor. The pool lounge chair cover could be replaced or cleaned. I have Celiac and was told that the food would be ok. I had a letter in Spanish to help with this, I found that even with this there was a communication issue, not understanding the importance of a food allergy and cross contamination . More training in this area. The activity/ entertainment staff were great. There stage and costumes could have more funds put into this area. Shout out to Kankan, Aladdin, Isa, Valentina they made our stay fun.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Short weekend getaway

theventureboys (Toronto, Canada) on Apr 05, 2024

Overall: We picked this hotel as it was the only option for a quick last minute long weekend getaway in Puerto Plata. It had great flight times and a good price. We love trying new places and sharing our experiences that we have. We like to look through life with a positive lens but also give critical feedback as needed. We are food and travel bloggers based out of Toronto. We often visit bigger resort chains like the Riu or Gran Muthu. We posted lots of food related content on our socials @the.venture.boys - please check us out for other great travel ideas. Our overall impression is that this hotel has a mix bag of good qualities and ones that need some attention. Though we had an amazing time (how can you not), we think we would visit a different hotel vs returning here. Now this is mainly to do with the beach scenario that we will share below, but we think parts of the hotel and service could be improved slightly. We will section this off so that you can scroll to the topic that is of interest. I think it is important to read reviews with a grain of salt and to join the Facebook group to help find a bit more about the hotel from patrons. We found it helpful and it helped us manage expectations. Beach/Pool: There is one big pool with an awesome bar right next to it. The pool is kept clean. We sat around it one afternoon but did not swim. There is a small jacuzzi above the bar and one more kids pool down the path. All looked clean. We are beach people and enjoyed most of our time on the beach. The chair area is kept clean and has the snack and beach bar right close. There is one set of bathrooms. Men’s toilet was out of order so it was a hike to use one if needed. The beach area for the property is small in size. The water was not swim-able when we were there. The Police and security were enforcing that people not use the water during our stay. It was also very full of sea weed - all disappointing but no fault to the resort. We did however find a great spot to swim and walk - if facing the ocean, go right. And walk around the point and the water becomes clear, the sand is hard packed near shore and it is very easy to walk - and for quite a bit too. We did this a couple times a day and chatted with people along the way. If back to this region, we would check that area out (Hotel gran Ventena (family) and BlueBay (adults only) looked like they had the best beach areas. Restaurants: Rosmarino - this was our favourite of the 3 speciality restaurants. We enjoyed most of our dishes and couldn’t be happier. To be honest, we love a good Italian meal. Check out our reel on socials for a more in depth view. Sofrito - this was the only restaurant available to book on Sat night so we went. We were very impressed and liked everything we ate. We would recommend trying it and then if it’s not for you, you can always go to the buffet. Again, check out our socials. Blend - though this was very pretty and everything was fine, it was our least favourite of the specialty restaurants. The steak was much better at the Sofrito. V Kitchen (buffet): Breakfast - to be honest, breakfast is normally our favourite meal at an all inclusive. It has variety but felt more like a continental breakfast with an egg station. I think they do their best to present the food and you most certainly will find something. Lunch - we only ate lunch here once as we didn’t want to leave the beach area and to be honest, the pizza was better at the beach snack bar. No seafood options when we were there. But it was standard and you will find something. Dinner - we ate here the first night and were very happy to get into 3 restaurants. They had a few protein options like steak and pork and other standard items to choose from. For the price point, it had something for everyone. Snack Bar the Box (beach) - we loved the proximity to the beach. We ate here for lunch most days and enjoyed the pizza, fries and nachos. We also enjoyed being able to take a snack to our beach chairs (we bring dishes back). Bars: Beach Bar - we fill our Yetis and go. So I would recommend bringing an insulated cup of your choice as the reusable plastic cups are small. The bartenders work very hard and try their best. The DR brand (Classico) of liqueurs and drinks often have a unique flavour. It took us a while to get used to it. We tried a few cocktails and martinis as well as bubbly and beer. Our only suggestion is for the bartenders to use a shot glass or listen to request of “piqito” so that drinks taste a bit better. Less waste as well. We watched a lot of patrons take their first sip and have difficulty finishing the drink. Vodka cran or rum and coke should not be 50/50 in our opinion or maybe not at 11am lol. Bubbly (pool) - we loved sitting here before and after dinner. The nighttime bartender crew were amazing. They made all sorts of drinks for us that tasted fantastic. They also let us have them in a glass vs the small plastic cups. This makes the world of difference. Thank you to the whole team! You were outstanding. Cafe Heavens - this is a great spot for coffee or tea and it has some sweet treats all day and sandwiches after 11am. Hotel Room: Bliss (no balcony) - when booking last minute, we totally know we going to get the cheapest of rooms. We had no problem as we knew it would be a bit rougher ahead of time. The room size is perfect. It has a really high cathedral ceiling which is beautiful. The Bliss room has no balcony and to be honest, seeing the other balcony’s facing a really close wall - we weren’t missing much other than to dry our towels and bathing suits. We would NOT have sat on them as there is zero privacy in the ones we could see. The bathroom was challenging as the water goes onto the floor during a shower and they give you limited towels and only two hooks to hang anything. There are small ants/bugs - typical of Caribbean climates that were often in the sink or on counter. We would wash them away and carry on. We shook everything before packing. I think if most bathrooms are the same as ours, a refurb could solve some of these issues. Again, we got a deal, pretty sure we got the last seats to Puerto Plata and this was the only room available - so we can’t complain. It is what it is and we had a great time. The bed is comfortable and has great pillows. Slept very well. We spend very little time in our room as we came for the sunshine and beach. Recommendations: Our recommendations to the Nexxus/Sunwing/Westjet person at the hotel - is to be less dismissive and a tad more personable. I had gone to check our pick up time for our departure a few times and I felt like I was a bother from his reaction. I don’t enjoy having to walk from the beach in the middle of the day to talk to someone about a flight times. All this information could be left in a binder or hung on the wall - this happens elsewhere and is easy to communicate. Customer service was decent for the most part - but there is room for improvement. We think staff morale could be boosted by upper management so that they have the support, training and attitude to run the hotel. Often we return to hotels based on how we feel being there - from the staff. Are we safe, are people kind, do staff smile and have fun with patrons, when speaking to staff, do they love their job? We don’t get this sense from everyone. We hope that if you do choose this hotel, you have a blast. Go with an open mind, and good sandals - to walk to beach.

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