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We had a great time!

valerietN1484CE on Apr 13, 2024

The staff was so fun, and engaging. Especially Kendell and Adela. Activities were nearly constantly going on around the pool. The resort itself is beautiful, and a lagoon is within walking distance to go check out. Only con being most of out group got sick at some point on this trip.

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Honeymoon food poisoning

Lindsay H on Apr 12, 2024

Obviously the major issue I have with the resort is the fact that both my husband and I got poisoned on the second day of our honeymoon, which most obviously destroyed our newlywed spark. To give context out of my own stupidity one day I was ill after eating an apple without skinning it, I was sick but not food poisoning sick.To say we were so high from our amazing wedding is an understatement and within a day of arriving we were so sick. We are 100 percent that we got it from the buffet, my husband had eggs that morning and he was projectile vomiting in while visiting Cancun (we had eaten nothing else). I had eaten only yogurt that morning. That evening I got food to the room (latter found out from buffet kitchen) and was vomiting within 2hours. I found out other people had also been poisoned that day too. The other restaurants in the resort are okay, one was nice enough (Mexican) but the Italian resultant food came out cold all of the time. We SO scared to eat, we lost weight on our honeymoon as we only eat when we needed to, out of fear of loosing more time being sick. In my opinion, by my Irish standard this hotel is more like 4 star not 5 star. The resort is pretty but not modern, there are much nicer resorts. I would be confident that I could have stayed in a much nicer resort for the same price (and not got food poisoning). Staff were hit and miss, so were so so nice some grunted at you. This resort does not provide transport from the airport which I later learned lots do. I have to say I was a little disappointed that the resort didn’t make the effort to through a few rose petals etc in our room when they new it was our honeymoon but obliviously they had no obligation, whereas Canadian airlines shared our excitement and gave us a glass of champagne. If you are looking to stay in the resort only, and feel entertainment is important to you, this resorts entertainment is okay, we usually went to bed as it was not worth our time. The fire show is good, the rest was poor. Other than food hygiene the resort was clean and tidy at all times. Overall for the price of a once in a lifetime holiday, I believe you could do WAY better in another hotel/resort. We went on to stay in a tulum air BnB and had the time of our life, for a 1/10 of the price.

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Ho hum....bored and left out

michellesG1905FO on Apr 11, 2024

OK....I am actually here right now, April 7 to 17 and so far I am a little let down. Normally, the Blue Team is all over and engaging but so far, I have hardly seen anyone. The activities have been limited, for example...today was supposed to be live DJ at 2pm and crazy game at 2.30....team got here at 3pm approximately. The team used to walk around all the areas to engage guests but I've only had one person talk to me this time and only because I was sitting near the activity....basically I feel like we have been ignored this trip. My butler is awesome...no complaints there. Food is hit and miss but that is normal. Night entertainment is the same as the last few visits. I was hoping there might have been some changes but I can't stay up late enough to participate. The resort next door starts their entertainment much earlier and I wish OMR would start a band or a dance at 8pm versus 10pm. Mexican night was disappointing as the vendors were so limited compared to previous visits but I don't fault the resort....I guess perhaps vendors don't want to come by. I will post a bigger more formal review after our stay...maybe it will get better.

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Simply Wonderful!

cburnsesq (Hampstead, North Carolina) on Apr 11, 2024

We just returned from our first stay at OMR and would definitely return. We had a Privilege package and definitely recommend the upgrade since you get upgraded alcohol, a private section at the beach and pool and a butler (if needed). We had the H10 app, so you can book directly through there for restaurants. The breakfast buffet was awesome. We ate at the Italian, Japanese, Steakhouse, and Mexican. The Japanese was better than expected, and tacos in Mexico can never go wrong. Italian was so-so and the Steakhouse was not great. I recommend staying away from meat. The staff everywhere are super friendly, attentive and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. We also had spa treatments which were outstanding (see Wilfredo by the pool, and he'll get you a discount). Shout out to Omar, Fabian and Octavio for their assistance.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5


GibsonPettit (Atlanta, Georgia) on Apr 10, 2024

Pros - The staff were friendly. Beds and pillows were good. It was great seeing the wildlife at the resort - Coati, Iguanas, etc. Cons - Waited a long time for the room, despite paying for the privilege benefits. We were constantly being hard sold things like tours and massages from staff, even interrupting reading on the beach. The food was terrible. What was supposed to be hot was often room temperature or cold. The pork and chicken tasted the same, flavorless. We ended up taking a taxi into Playa Del Carmen for dinner every night in order to get good food and cocktails. It was never quiet at the resort. Either you could hear the DJ at the Ocean Maya Royal main pool or you could hear the resort next door from the Privilege beach. Beware there is an extra charge they'll ask you to pay when you check-in that's in the fine print when booking.

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