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Our Mexican Home away from Home

Paradise64930580361 (Okotoks, Canada) on Feb 04, 2023

This was our 7th visit to Ocean Maya Royale. Why do we keep going back you ask? Simple, because the staff our absolutely amazing. From the H10 Privlege check in staff to the cleaning and housekeeping staff, the bartenders, the wait staff and the Entertainment Team. The staff are makes this resort so amazing!!! I could share many stories of the awesome staff over the 7 visits but the one that comes to mind most often is; March 2022 we arrived in Mexico only to find out once we checked through security that my son’s father had passed while we were in flight to Mexico. My son just 26 years old had just lost his father. I was devastated for him and all I wanted to do was run back through security and get back on a return flight to Calgary. I knew that was not an option though. I cried all the way to the resort and was dreading the coming week. Fast forward through check in, got to our room and then headed to the lobby for some supper and drinks. I needed a drink! Oli was bartender and we had met Oli on all of our previous visits, we consider Oli a friend. As a friend, he sensed something was not quite right. He spoke to my husband when he went to the bar to get us drinks, my husband explained. Oli immediately dropped what he was doing and came right over to me. He sat with me, he hugged me, he chatted with me and he cared and listened. He was and is a very genuine man. Each and every day after that he would come looking for me to check in and see how I was doing. Family is everything to our Mexican friends and now I see that and understand the depth of their love of family. Our two subsequent visits since then when Oli sees us he stops what he’s doing and comes out from behind the bar to give me a hug and shake my husbands hand. This is why we keep coming back. And guess what? ALL the staff at OMR are just like that. We consider the OMR staff family now. We have several stories of how they all go above and beyond everyday. Note, if you are looking for a flashy, high end, fancy, sophisticated or ritzy resort this may not be the resort for you. But, if you’re looking for a place that is comfy, cozy and feels like home (don’t worry no cooking and no cleaning and no making your own bed) but in Mexico, this is your place. You will get treated like royalty! I promise!!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great staff, nice spot with room for improvement

louk999 (Canada) on Feb 04, 2023

We stayed her as 2 couples December 27th - January 3rd, 2023. Overall the resort is great. Not too big, not too small. There's enough to do during the day with the entertainment and activities. Evening shows were good enough. We don't expect Vegas level shows at a resort. The grounds are really well kept but some of the interiors need some updating. Don't complain about the seaweed ... it's there and you can't beat Mother Nature. We never had a problem getting loungers by the pool, but we did get there by 9 am. Never had an issue getting loungers at the beach but we had our own section for Privilege. Entertainment: Kenddell (Kendellicious) and Vierly (Chiquibaby) are the best! Kenddell will remember your name and make you feel welcome and part of the fun. Chiquibaby is also super friendly and he can DANCE!!! They are not pushy, but get the party started and make you want to join in. Try the silent disco party. You might be surprised how much fun it is. The pool games are fun to watch or participate in. Food: We had NO issues. We had one gluten-free traveller and one picky one. Both found plenty to eat and lots of variety. There are DOZENS of options at the buffet, so if you're "eating the same thing every day", you are eating too much! Fresh bakery items, fruits, cheeses, meats, omelettes, soups, fish, desserts, mimosa's, etc, etc, etc. We made the mistake of ordering steak, which is our fault. Look around, the cows are skinny. You will not find a thick juicy steak here, but also shouldn't expect to. French restaurant was very good, Japanese was very good, with the usual show, but we expected that. We tried them all and really had no complaints. Food was hot and had good flavour. Rooms: We upgraded to Privilege. The room itself was nice enough and well laid out. Having said that, the Privilege section is in the worst spot. The views of of other buildings shrubs. We tried to get moved and were 1st told that we would be moved the next day. This happened for 3 days, even after speaking to the manager. When we finally got a room, we were smart enough to figure out where it was before we packed our bags. We were told to have our bags in the lobby by 11 am and we would have our new room by 3 pm. This didn't sit well with us. The room we were being offered was a smaller room, with a view of just another building. We asked for specific rooms, as we had spoken to guests who were checking out that day and had great pool and ocean views. We were told this was "not possible because it's a different room rate". Made no sense as we had paid MORE for our room. We eventually gave up and kept our original rooms, so that we weren't wasting time hanging around the lobby, waiting for a decision every day and wasting our time. We did have an issue with a couple above us fighting twice, but after a warning by the hotel security, they seemed to settle down. ** The big negative for us ... being LIED to!** Privilege doesn't get you much. Yes, a few "premium" liquors and a restaurant for a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will take a long time but good food. We are used to having a separate lounge with a bar, snacks all day, a concierge at that lounge, etc, but not the end of the world. We were assigned a butler and had Enrique. He found us every day and did his best to ensure we had what we needed. We were NOT a high maintenance group. Dinner reservations and a few peanuts and chips for our rooms, was all we needed. We've been in this movie enough times to know, you have to book your restaurants if you want to get in. So we did. We booked all of our restaurants in advance, the morning after we arrived, to make sure we got to try them all. Enrique made sure our reservations were in order. We booked our New Years Eve dinner (3 days ahead) at the "Privilege" restaurant for 7:30 pm. On New Years Eve, Enrique found us at the pool and advised us that a private party of 19 had now been booked at the Privilege restaurant and because he wanted to make sure we got the service we deserved, he would like to change our reservation to 6:30 pm, as it might be a bit of a wait / slow were service at 7:30. We declined and told him we had no problem waiting. It was New Years Eve after all. We were then approached by Enrique's manager, Luis Guillermo CORTEZ, who gave us the same offer. We again declined the offer to dine at 6:30, as that was too early for New Years Eve and advised it was fine with us if the service was a bit slow. We quickly realized that he wasn't asking us, he was telling us! He told us that we had to change our time slot. This is the same manager who had told me for 3 days that we would be moved to room with a pool/ocean view. We had a heated, lengthy discussion with CORTEZ, who advised us that your reservations were not guaranteed or confirmed as it was "impossible" to make a reservation for restaurants until the day of?! This is after we had made this particular reservation 3 days prior. We asked when the private party had been booked and he advised that it was booked the previous day. Oops, that's after we made our reservation and not the day of, now is it? CORTEZ was verbally aggressive, which didn't phase us as we've all been in a business which requires dealing with aggressive folks. We stood our ground and advised that we WOULD be arriving at 7:30 for our dinner and we would not allow him to push us aside for a larger group, who we assume gave him a substantial "tip" to secure the private booking. He was not happy with us but we stuck to our guns. We later spoke to Enrique again who was feeling VERY embarrassed and annoyed because CORTEZ was trying to throw him under the bus, indicating that he should not have made our reservation. This was not the case and CORTEZ was lying to us; Enrique made the booking according to hotel policy! We arrived for our dinner and were told we did NOT have a reservation, however there was a vacant table for 4 set up off to the side of the table of 19. I advised the staff we had dealt with CORTEZ and we DID have a reservation. After a behind the scenes chat, CORTEZ appeared, looking very annoyed. I simply asked if we were good to dine at 7:30, as we had reserved and he said yes. He then made a big show of checking on other diners to make sure their diner experience was enjoyable. We still have no idea why he had made such a big deal because the party of 19 didn't even seem to notice us, were very loud, finished their dinner and were gone in less that 1/2 hour. We paid extra for Privilege; we have no issue with that, we chose it. We had a BIG issue with this manager lying to us and trying to throw Enrique under the bus, while trying to cancel our reservation, presumably for the pay-off from the larger group. We did not ask for much during our stay other than restaurant reservations and some peanuts and chips in our room!! Overall, we really enjoyed the resort but if you're paying for privilege, ask for a room with an ocean view. Grounds are very nice, with lots of photo ops, washrooms are kept very clean, bartenders are helpful and efficient (we all bring Bubba cups, which helps a lot), food is good, entertainment is pretty good. Staff (other than CORTEZ) are all great!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not our idea of a 5-star all inclusive

Jesca18 (Leeds, United Kingdom) on Feb 04, 2023

My partner and I have just returned from 11 nights at Ocean Maya Royale and I am sad to say we didn’t have a great experience. Rooms: We arrived after a 10.5 hour flight from the UK on a Saturday evening and once we checked in we got to our room 3104 which was on the ground floor, this was a slight disappointment as I had emailed the hotel a few weeks prior asking for a top floor room and this had also been requested on our booking which was made 10 months prior to our arrival. The hotel had responded to my request to say they would do everything they could to accommodate my request, however they couldn’t guarantee it. When we got into the room I called reception to see if there was any chance they could get us a room with a balcony which I was told not that evening, however the next day if we went to reception at noon they would be able to switch our room to a top floor which was good news but still a bit of a pain knowing I couldn’t unpack much on our first night. I then went to the bathroom and noticed a dead insect in our shower, a strong smell of sewerage coming from the fan and the window had a big crack in the glass and there were hairs on the bath mat and towels. Not at all 4-5 star luxury I expected and had paid for. I then went to open the patio doors and noticed the curtains were absolutely filthy. The room was dusty, the bedside tables had marks all over them and the decor in general was outdated. My partner pulled up a picture of the hotel rooms which we had chosen on the TUI website and our room looked nothing like what was advertised online. I had no choice but to complain about this, I took photos and went to see someone at reception who asked me to WhatsApp the photos across to her. She saw the photos and arranged an alternative room for us that evening, funnily enough it was a top floor room, which I had been told less than an hour before they had none available. Our other room was in block 25 and was average, it was clean which was the main thing but still looked very outdated, nothing like the photos on the website and the lampshades had marks all over them, bedside tables still had marks on them. There was only 1 mirror in the room above the sink in the bathroom which was a bit of a nightmare when getting ready and also not full length. It was nice having a balcony and we overlooked some greenery, however we didn’t use it often as there were ants crawling all over. Food: This was the ultimate disappointment for us. My partner is vegan and I am vegetarian and I would not recommend this hotel for anyone who is vegan or vegetarian. The buffet food was pretty much the same everyday, and there wasn’t much options for us apart from salad, pasta, rice and vegetables. We may have had more to choose from if all the dishes available had been labelled but only random ones were which was really frustrating. The food was mainly cold, they did provide a microwave to warm your food up for guests who preferred it at a higher temperature. I had to laugh whilst standing microwaving my food for a holiday which cost £3500. The Italian restaurant wasn’t brilliant, my partner was made a sad looking pizza with passata and some caramelised onions, which I tried and it wasn’t great. I had a vegetarian ravioli dish which was lovely but a small portion. We had to wait to get a table at this restaurant which is ok, but we asked for more wine during our meal and 15 minutes later we still didn’t receive this so ended up leaving as soon as we had finished. Again not 5 star service, when paying for all inclusive I don’t expect to have to ask twice for alcohol. The Teppanyaki restaurant was by far the best. We had to book for this and reservations can only be taken after 5:30pm on the day. They catered to our dietary requirements and made it really easy for us. They kept our drinks topped up and the service was brilliant. This was definitely 5 star service and food. The Blue Moon restaurant was nice too, although we got extremely dressed up for this following the guidance on the app, my partner wore long trousers and when we arrived we had to wait 45 minutes for a table, once we were in we realised that men were in shorts, sliders and sports tops. So I am unsure what is acceptable and what isn’t. Again the food was lovely there were a few things on the menu for us both and the wait staff kept our drinks topped up. The Mexican restaurant was nice, we went most days for lunch and had fries, nachos and this one also had a plant based burger on the menu which was good, although we became bored of having the same thing toward the end. Sports bar was ok, we only managed to get in once and got a cocktail each and some fries. Every time we wanted to go after that it was absolutely rammed and just not inviting so we gave it a miss. Coffee shop was lovely, the staff were very accommodating and talkative, they also do some snacks in there. Drinks: The drinks were ok. Thankfully I had been following a group on Facebook about the hotel before we went and the members were saying to take a tumbler for your drinks. I am so glad I did this as the bartenders would fill our flasks up to the brim and they would last us an hour or so when we were sunbathing. I asked for Pinot Grigio but we were only allowed Chardonnay the whole time we were there. When we didn’t take our tumblers they served the drinks in plastic cups. I am use to drinking wine from a plastic cup at festivals, not at a 5 star resort. If we didn’t have our tumblers we would have had a completely different experience with the drinks. Cocktails were nice. They don’t have straws so the frozen drinks are difficult to drink without them. The shop in the hotel is expensive and the woman who was working in there lingered over us as we browsed so I didn’t go back in and bought a magnet from the airport instead. The beach was nice, we struggled to get loungers some days as everyone seemed to reserve sunbeds early in the mornings. We didn’t get a sun bed by any of the pools in the time we were there and we would be down by 9:30-10am so not that late. The music from the ‘party’ pool was loud and your can hear it from the beach, it didn’t bother me much but I wouldn’t say it’s relaxing. The entertainment on the evening was loud, we struggled to get to sleep some evenings as it didn’t stop until 12am and we could hear it from our room. As we had excursions early mornings we did have to try and get some earlier nights but it didn’t happen. We chose a smaller resort thinking it would be quieter but it wasn’t. The staff were helpful and most were friendly, we tipped usually $1 each time we ordered drinks or $5 at first and would tip again a few times after. We didn’t feel tipping gave us a better service and in the end we went back to our English routes of tipping dependant on the service we received. The straw that broke the camels back was on our last day. We had been making use of the room service for the last part of the holiday as it offered a vegan option and fries. We ordered room service at 11am knowing we were checking out at 12pm as we couldn’t bear to eat from the buffet again. It got to 11:45am and we hadn’t received our order after a few calls back and forth with reception and our check out time extended to 12:30pm we finally got our food at 12:15pm but they sent the incorrect order. We ended up waiting another 30 minutes and had to wolf our food down to get checked out and be on time for our airport transfer. Overall, I am extremely disappointed. This was our first holiday since 2019 before covid and it was such a let down. We spent just under £1.8k each and what we experienced didn’t reflect the money we paid. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this hotel for Vegans or vegetarians, but also anyone looking for any sort of luxury I truly don’t believe this is the hotel for that.

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Amazing holiday - sad to be home

JeniL1307 (JLLove) on Jan 31, 2023

We stayed at this hotel for the first time in January 2023, for two weeks. Here’s my honest review; The biggest pro this hotel has, is most definitely the entertainment team. Melissa, Kenddell, Camillo, Andrea, Chiqui baby & Angel are the most hardworking, friendliest, welcoming team we have ever come across. We’ve seen reviews saying that if you’re a first time guest they don’t really approach you, but this definitely wasn’t the case for us. We had the most amazing two weeks making friends with all of the entertainment team and we couldn’t be happier. I think if you make yourself approachable to the team, they will approach you. As part of their job I guess they can spot people who don’t want to be approached and just want to enjoy their holiday to themselves, which is good as it means people won’t feel ‘disturbed’ if they don’t want to be. The team work extremely hard, over long hours and never let this dull their sparkle! The nightly entertainment is external teams who clearly work very hard to produce shows, so it’s definitely nice to show them some support, by way of really helps their m resort are beautiful ! The comfiest bed we have ever had abroad! * The grounds are absolutely stunning! Although during our two weeks we didn’t walk around all of the grounds, the bits we did see were absolutely breathtaking. * The hotel grounds & buildings were all kept extremely clean & we never ever had any issues with cleanliness. The staff clearly work extremely hard! Our room was cleaned daily, fridge restocked & fresh coffee packs left daily. * Mike’s coffee shop, Dolce Vita & El Charro were our favourite places to visit for food / drink ( the short rib at Blue Moon was absolutely incredible too ) * The Bar staff at the bars are the best we have come across !! Eber, Johnny, Diego, Miguel at the pool bar are the best team! They remember everyone’s drinks somehow & are always happy to produce any drink you ask for! ** Although the food in the Hacienda (main buffet) was not always piping hot, there was always a lot of choice & different themed evenings! (Bare in mind they are trying to cater for everyone, which is a few thousand people, and they do refill the options as quickly as they can!) ** I’m a very fussy eater and didn’t ever struggle to find a lot to eat! I was never hungry. ** The prices in the hotel shop are very high, if you can, it would be much better to get a taxi to a nearby shop, or into Playa Del Carmen & go to 5th Avenue etc ! ** We did always get sunloungers, although we were up at 7:15AM to see the sunrise each day & put our towels out then, as many other people had already done so, but this is something that happens all across the world at holiday resorts so we didn’t really see it as an issue to be honest! There was always one or two sun beds dotted around the pools and plenty on the beach during the day that could be used if you were not too fussed on where you were sat / having multiple beds together. We did do this on the odd day or two that we didn’t make it up for the sunrise, and found it to be no issue, or got sunloungers by the ‘quiet pool’ and walked over to the ‘noisy pool’ if we wanted to be in there as it’s literally a matter of steps away! :) ** Just a note, our shower had stickers on, showing which side was hot and which side was cold, we never struggled to have a hot shower in the whole time we were there, if there are no stickers on your shower / tap then just bare in mind that I think it was the opposite way to what you would expect :) We can’t wait to come back to this hotel. We had an amazing two weeks and are extremely sad to be home! A holiday is what you make of it, no matter where you are. Enjoy yourself!

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Not 5* luxury, very loud, and seriously needs updating

SHP1490 (London, United Kingdom) on Jan 31, 2023

We booked 9 nights at the OMR thinking it would be 5* luxury, but sadly there was a LOT to be desired. We have stayed at a number of 5* hotels across the Caribbean and Asia, and unfortunately this was nowhere close to any of them. Decor/general experience: Overall, the entire hotel needs revamping and updating. It is clear that the lobby, terrace, restaurants and rooms are significantly dated. While cleanliness was fine, the drab interiors and exteriors really took away from the entire experience. The beach is beautiful and lined with white sand, and this is where we spent the majority of our rest/relaxation time - but the beach itself has limited space, and there is no easy access to the water. We avoided the entire pool area as it was unbelievably packed and so incredibly loud. Pool loungers are crammed around the perimeter of the pools so you have no choice but to bunk beside strangers, and the music and 'entertainment' starts blaring from 11:30 in the morning. Even on the beach, you can hear how loud the music system is, detracting away from any hope of relaxation at all. Loungers are reserved by guests without fail every morning by 9am, despite there being signs everywhere indicating that this is not allowed. Restaurants: The dining experience was, with the exception of El Charro, average at best. There is only one buffet restaurant available for breakfast. Food selection is fine, but it is clear that the restaurant was understaffed. It would often take a long time for things like bacon, fruit and other hot food to be replenished - and the food that was laid out got cold quickly. Queues for the omelette station were often laughable, and on a number of occasions we even had to queue to get *into* the restaurant because tables were not being cleaned down quickly enough. El Charro by the pool was our go-to for lunch and dinner - dinner was always an enjoyable experience. However, the menu for both lunch and dinner is quite limited and did not change throughout our entire stay. We were travelling with one vegetarian guest, who could only eat about 5 things from the menu (which kept having to be rotated, giving the limited availability). That being said, this particular restaurant served its purpose. Dolce Vita is average for an a la carte option - food was under-seasoned, and I find it baffling that an Italian joint only offers one pizza choice that changes every day. We also had to queue for this restaurant. The teppanyaki grill bar was fine - just that. Our chef was lovely, but there was not enough theatre or entertainment, which really diluted what the entire experience was meant to be. On top of that, there is a set menu which consists of sushi, some miso soup and a few grilled skewers. They were all fine, but nothing stood out as overly exceptional. We have been to a number of teppanyaki restaurants at other hotels, but OMR's one was severely lacking. The hotel needs at least one more restaurant - not just for variety, but also because the number of guests in the hotel warrants it. It also needs a nice bar area for drinks in the evening - the lobby bar felt like a bar from an airport and was filled with guests trying to get as drunk as possible off of the (limited) all-inclusive drinks. We favoured the small bar outside El Charro instead, but even that had only TWO tables to sit at to enjoy a drink before dinner, and drinks were always served out of plastic glasses (how very 5*). Noise: This was a serious issue across the entire hotel. Noise by the pool and beach area during the day is one thing - but we could not forgive the evening entertainment noise. Daily evening entertainment would *start* at 9:30pm and go on until at least 11:30pm. This is far too late in the night to be blasting music, which echoes across the entire resort. We struggled to get to bed most nights, even though our room wasn't particularly close to the lobby/terrace area. Staff: The staff were all lovely, and it is clear that they are trying to work hard. That being said, nothing about the service was particularly exceptional - once again, it was just fine. For a hotel that is billing itself as a luxury 5* resort, I would seriously question the validity of this and would personally say this is a 3.5* hotel. Overall, I would not rush to go back to this hotel and would also not specifically recommend it for those who are wanting to experience true luxury and bliss. H10 needs to seriously consider remodeling the entire resort and bringing it in line with other hotels that are truly at the 5* level.

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