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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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Where theatre goes to rest!

michaelsanfilippocm (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) on Jun 11, 2024

The SF Hilton Union Square has to one of my top ten most favorite hotels, and I've already stayed there twice in one year (with a third booking coming up next May). I travel for business booking up to 55 rooms each time and both times the company I travel with said the hotel excelled in every aspect. The service from the time we arrived till departure was exemplary. I worked closely with the Sales staff arranging the many reservations and that experience was truly amazing, so efficient and especially kind! The front desk was very friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the rooms were lovely. I have stayed in many hotels in the bay area, this has to be my favorite and like I said in my top ten favorites around the USA!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Nice star but very very dated room.

General_koh (Singapore, Singapore) on May 28, 2024

Check in/out Staff were very friendly . Hotel is safe inside with lots of security guards. At night they will check for room keys before allowed entry. There was SFPD on sites too. But once outside the hotel, there were lots of homeless wandering around even during day time. The room needs a serious refresh. The shower water pressure was really weak, temperature fluctuated badly, water drainage was chocked. The power sockets were faulty( electric shocked my smart watch...). The pillows smelled really bad... There was a $35 plus taxes destination amenity fees. You can have a $35 dining credit to spend too. The check in lady didn't tell us on check in so we missed claiming the first day 35 dollars dining credit.. still made us pay.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

60-90 minute check in on Sunday.

cannonater (Salt Lake City, Utah) on May 12, 2024

Disappointed is a good word. Check in was slow even with Hilton honors. Nothing worst than a long morning in airport and then 2 hours with wait to get in your room at 3:00.... Room is nice and comfortable , hotel is a little run down. No pay per view movies. Stay off street side of tower 3. Pretty noisy late night. 2017

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Great staff, but not worth the price

rodney910 (Northern Europe) on May 11, 2024

I am just finishing up a week-long stay here (was here for the RSA conference). I'll try not to make the review too long, but hopefully it is helpful to people. Let me start by saying that the staff I interacted with were great. Friendly, always willing to try and do what they could to help. If I were just rating the staff, the review would be five stars. For personal stays (meaning not funded by your company), unless you need the points/nights/stays to secure your HHonors status, I would pick another Hilton (say Parc 55) or try for the Marriott or Westin just a few blocks away.. This is one of Hilton's convention hotels, which means that all of the services and pricing is geared towards extracting the maximum amount of money from people who will ultimately just expense everything anyway. Your HHonors Gold or Diamond status is meaningless to this Hilton property as you're not the kind of client they are focusing on. Here are the reasons why I rated Hilton so poorly: House Keeping Cleaning Times * The hotel loses one star when housekeeping starts knocking on doors at just after 08:00am. The first time was on a Sunday. There's no reason to do that on a Sunday for a guest who isn't checking out. * On the Tuesday, after just coming back from the (very nice) hotel gym, I had barely gotten into the shower before they entered my room. I screamed at them to get out, which they then interpreted as me not wanting my room to be cleaned. * On Wednesday, they made the bed, but they used a sheet with holes in it No Executive Lounge * There is no Executive Lounge at this property. I sort of get it, when you are focused on conference attendees, they probably did the math and decided they couldn't afford a lounge. * But the Westin and the Marriott properties nearby manage to have lounges - more on this in a moment. Food prices at property * Food at the property has an insane markup of 20-30% compared to the surrounding area. * Breakfast is overly expensive. They want $60 for a very basic buffet breakfast at their Poached restaurant (including a mandatory service charge). Even if you are Hilton Diamond and get the $18 daily credit (save that credit for the $8 coffees or $6 bottles of water), you're paying about $40 for breakfast. If you decide to skip it and get the hot items from Herb & Kitchen and an orange juice, expect to pay $30 for breakfast. * I recommend to skip the Hilton entirely for breakfast, as you're surrounded with awesome cafes (Pine, Mason, and Taylor St) where for the same $30-40, you'll get cooked-to-order breakfast instead of the assembly line limited buffet. I was chatting with some people in line to get seated at the Mason cafe one morning, and it turns out that 40% of the queue were Hilton Union Square guests (we had a good laugh about that). * Interestingly, some colleagues over at the Westin informed me that due to their Bonvoy Elite status they got breakfast at the Westin Club. I can tell you that they get the same breakfast items for free that the Hilton charges for. In summary, I don't think hotel is a good value for leisure travellers, Hilton HHonors Gold or Diamond members, most business travellers, or for people attending conferences not on the property itself.. I think you can get better value elsewhere - including at other Hilton properties in the area. Would I stay here again? Maybe, if the reason was a conference located in the hotel itself. Once you have been to enough Hilton properties around the US and the world, it's just obvious that this Hilton focuses on the niche conference attendee market. If you aren't in that use case, then there is very little value to stay there .

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Soul destroying

Elbows29 (Market Drayton, United Kingdom) on May 03, 2024

As with most Hiltons, this is rough around the edges. Staff were grumpy on reception, simple questions seemed to confuse them. They never smiled. Room was a good size but dull. Parking is over $70/day! There was loads of space when I was there. Location is right in the edge of Tenderloin so I was told to be extra careful (although that applies to most of SF sadly). No restaurant. There is a shop/cafe which is 24hrs which is great. Prices are eye watering though. $10 for a small bottle of smart water. Bagel and a coffee is well over $20. I’d avoid the place.

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