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Stay here for a great getaway experience!

Crissy W on Apr 20, 2024

We have nothing but great things to say about this location. Our friends had recommended the resort for the swimming pools, and we were not disappointed! We arrived before our rooms were ready, but had no problems getting passes to the facilities. The kids loved the never-ending pool and the exciting waterslides. The food and beverage were scrumptious and the hospitality impeccable. We cannot wait for our next stay. We only wish we could have stayed longer. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a getaway to check this place out.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Be Wary of A/C Noise, Construction Noise and Food Poisening

David A on Apr 19, 2024

There are many great things about this resort. The water park is excellent. The grounds are beautiful. It is undergoing renovation to bring it up to Hyatt standards, making it even better. However, the renovations occurring 2024 may also disrupt your relaxing experience. I stayed here with my family in March 2024 and was placed in a newly renovated room, which looks great. My kids loved it and we loved the space and design. Unfortunately, several factors contributed to a miserable stay, overwhelming the positives of the stay. This was the first vacation where I felt sicker and more sleep-deprived at the end than I did at the beginning. The culprits were early morning construction noise, an impressively loud and uncontrollable A/C unit, and an overly cheering AI Bot that does everything in its power to prevent you from speaking to an actual person. Oh, yeah, and the food poisoning from the pool restaurant didn't help either. First, the rooms surrounding us were also undergoing renovations, leading to drill noises, hammering, and heavy machinery beeping starting at 8 a.m. This was a very unwelcome way to wake up during a family vacation. It was even more unpleasant because it was very difficult to sleep in these rooms. Booking a stay at the resort while under renovation means taking a gamble that you, too, may be subject to sleeping at a construction site. Compounding the issue of the construction noise is the sleep-depriving A/C unit in the room (necessary for surviving the heat most of the year). This absolute unit seems to be training incessantly for the most annoying A/C prize. And it is winning. Of course it is incredibly loud—easily the loudest air conditioner that I have ever heard. It is positioned above the hallway right by the bed. It starts with a crack, it rattles, it hums, it vibrates. Then it shuts off just to start again later. And it is unstoppable--occupants (at least in my room) have no control over the temperature setting, whether it is on or off, or its intensity. It just goes on a single-minded mission to wake you up every 27 minutes. If you happen to have any problems as we did at the hotel, and you think, "Oh, I'll just call the front desk for help" get ready! Any call to the hotel gets answered by a creepily cheerful AI bot that pushes you nonstop to "download and use the Hyatt app" to make requests. If happen to book this hotel through a 3rd party like we did, guess what--then it is likely that your stay is not linked to the app! Meaning you have limited ways actually to request help or ask questions. A few times, I somehow persuaded my AI overlord to connect me to the front desk, where I was greeted with the unending rhythmic ring of a phone call that no one cared about. In the end, I had to walk down to the front desk to get assistance with the A/C unit. To their credit, they sent someone almost immediately. They inspected the unit and agreed it was way too loud. After tightening some bolts, the rattling noise subsided to a still annoying but infinitely improved hum. We believed the issue was solved—until that evening. After a hard day of keeping the room cool (with no ability to change the temperature setting), the once-tightened bolts must have fatigued and loosened again. After another night of disrupted sleep, followed by the 8am sound of construction beeping, drilling, and hammering. The only good news here is that this hotel-imposed alarm clock gets you up early enough to run down to the pool area to claim some chairs so that you actually have a place for your stuff and to lay down. Past like 9:30, you are out of luck. By the way, the pools are awesome! There are lots of options, some hot tubs, some cold, but most are heated. The kids adore the lazy river. We loved it so much that we stayed for lunch. Big mistake. We ordered some reasonably priced burgers and fried chicken from the pool area and ate at our early morning-claimed chairs. Then back to the pool for a few hours. Then, about 4 hours later, back in the room, I paid for this mistake as food poisoning kicked in. Maybe it is the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but this third evening I was actually grateful for the loud A/C unit since it obscured the sounds of my heaving and, ahem, other noises from my family. After a 3rd night of sleep deprivation, we were ready to depart. I decided to provide feedback to Hyatt as to my experience at the resort. Several hours later, I received an email expressing Hyatt’s great concern for the experience and that my patience was appreciated as they fully investigated it. It turns out that “fully investigate” translates to “ignore it until it goes away.” About three weeks later, I responded to this email with a link to a video demonstrating the morning construction noise, hoping to contribute to this investigation. No response. A few days later, I got a phone call from Greg, the head of security at the resort. Greg saw the video and also noticed that nothing had been done at all on my ticket. He reached out to check in with me and was the first person to acknowledge this experience. He apologized and provided reimbursement for my incidentals during the trip. I appreciate the gesture, but I appreciate the fact that on his own initiative, he did what customer service or management at Hyatt was unable to do—actually, respond to someone. Perhaps one day we can look forward to Hyatts AI Bot reaching out to manage these kinds of issues. Anyway, long story short—if you enjoy sleep and/or dislike food poisoning, weigh the risks as you make a book, knowing the Hyatt (unless it is Greg) will probably not care at all if they drop the ball. Hyatt: give Greg a raise. And maybe even a promotion to management

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great Hotel; Great Staff; Poor Technical Systems

SanJuanCapoMom (San Juan Capistrano, California) on Apr 15, 2024

This is a lovely hotel with wonderful staff. We stayed here for Coachella, and every single staff member had a smile on their face. While it's not the hotel's responsibility, the transportation to and from the festival was easy and well run around the clock. However, unfortunately, the hotel has leaned too hard into a combination of texting and phone systems. From our room, you could not dial an outside line. Selecting the "8" for an ony line gave a "The number you have dialed is not in service" message. To reach the front desk, you have to first go through an AI system, which wants to know your problem. The front desk could not then connect to an outside line. Similarly, a text system appeared to be asking questions like "What time will you arrive?" When we arrived, the front desk had not received that information. We received a text when we were at the pool that our room had a "do not disturb" sign on the door and could they please service it; we had removed it at least an hour before. Bottom line: if you encounter a human being, you will be delighted with the help, but don't let your phone get pickpocketed or you will be unable to reach the outside world.

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Construction & Service Challenges - Be Warned

markpender (Seattle, WA) on Apr 10, 2024

The hotel is indeed in a beautiful location, and the facilities, rooms and environment are much improved as new wings open up. But be warned the hotel is still in full construction mode (as of April 2024) that include accompanying noise (jackhammers, drills, etc) in full operation during daylight hours. Don't think you'll be able to take a nap during the day! And the normal lobby bar and restaurant have been relegated to the forgotten 2nd floor...Not ideal for a cherished family vacation spot. I wish the hotel made up for this inconvenience by paying extra attention to customer service, but alas, our experience at the pool and during check out were sub optimal. During Spring Break, the hotel clearly didn't staff up adequately to handle the rush in the pool area, with food/drink orders taking forever and then running out of towels (frustrating!). Then the construction-related discount offer at check in didn't get carried over to check out, which caused more frustration and underscored the lack of efficiency/communication within the hotel. In sum, I'd recommend waiting for the construction to wrap up before putting the hotel on your destination list for a family vacation. By then, I'd hope the customer service focus is restored too.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Avoid this otherwise beautiful resort until their renovations are complete

Noesf (San Francisco, California) on Apr 08, 2024

The hotel is undergoing renovations, which hampers dining options and the hotel is not prepared for this resulting in a two hour wait for dinner for us. Given the room rate, I would suggest reconsidering booking here until the restaurant renovation is complete or they deal with their F&B technical issues. I was traveling with 2 small children and it took two hours to get dinner. I didn’t want to dine in a conference room doubling as a hotel bar full of televisions and so opted for room service. The problem is you have to order through an app which doesn’t show the kids menu. You are then directed to call them, and get an automated voice that can’t help and directs you to a voicemail box, which wasn’t returned. I then contacted someone through text message and ordered but only part of the order was delivered. When I alerted them they redid the rest of the order but said they knocked and I didn’t answer the door, which surprised me, but they could not call me because their phone system was down and so just left me without the rest of the order until I kept following up. I understand hotels need to renovate but this is failure after failure: - No restaurant - A mobile ordering system that doesn’t work - A machine phone service that can’t help - A room without a door bell to alert guests - A phone system that is broken to alert you of your failed delivery This is a beautiful resort with exceptional water facilities, making it ideal for a family vacation with a lazy river, many pools, waterslides, nightly smores and outdoor games. Saying that, I would recommend waiting until their renovation and IT issues are resolved before making the considerable expense of staying here.

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