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TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Beautiful resort with amazing staff

Cabernet_forever (Hamburg, Michigan) on May 11, 2024

My husband and I just came home from Iberostar Grand Paraiso and I must say this resort blew us away! Quality of food and service were superb. We have been to many Iberostar resorts for our holiday and they have always been the best and most memorable times. Special thanks to our very hard working butler, Manuel, who works in the main building, for looking after our constant needs -- and always with a big smile. Also special thanks to the pool staff, Elizabeth, Mirna, and Alejandro for helping us with our pool questions and making sure our cabanas are comfortable and provided us enough coverage. We will definitely be back!

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Bad Reservation Policy

Johnny R on May 08, 2024

Let me start by saying that I would rate this experience much higher than a 3 but for the stress in making Dinner reservations. The Rooms were clean, the food was delicious, and the Beach / Pool / Restaurant waiters were all great. The dilemma in my mind is that the Concierge's push really hard to get you to listen to their two-hour presentation so as to entice you into buying a Membership. We have been there four times and have noticed that Dinner reservations are difficult to make if not even impossible. The Reason in my mind is Memberships, Memberships, and Memberships! We could not make any reservations via their app, and even talking to the Concierge was no help as he kept insisting that if were members, this would not be happening. I pleaded with a Hostess at the Resort below the Grand which serves Brazilian style beef but to no avail, as she kept insisting, they were booked and as I looked around that did not seem the case to me. I usually invite two to three other couples on our trips to Cancun but in the future, I'm going to take my business and $$$ to other resorts in the Play Mujeres zone.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Excellence in action. Above and beyond!!!

Ilya D (Sacramento, California) on May 08, 2024

Hello, folks! Usually I write my reviews after we complete the trip and return back, but as they say, extraordinary times demand extraordinary action! So, I have decided to write the review in the middle of our stay. In short, we have been to many places in many countries of Caribbean, but this place is the BEST overall! We came as a family and this review reflects the opinion of all the people in the family. First, of course, is our experience with the people that work here. Nothing, but the highest praise goes to all the people that one way or another helped us, or interacted with us during our stay. I will start with Radka Tomashova - you are the best and most caring Manager we have ever met! I am surprised how much energy you have every day! You can be seen everywhere! Many times a day we met you in different locations and you are always smiling, always full of energy. And you care about the guests. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it.Also, we wanted to mention Joaquin from Food and Drinks management team. Being so busy you always found a time to come to our table and ask if everything was oOK, or if we needed any help! Now, the people at the restaurants: Yadhir, Chef for Prestige guests - thanks a lot! And Gonzalo, how can we not mention you! Your service is the greatest. All the hostesses: Amaude, Laura, Elizabeth, Felix, and all of you, you guys are what makes this place so great! Besides the incredible food choices! All the restaurants: Tony’s, Haiku, L’Atelier, Venecia and the last but not least, Bellavista Buffet. The food is of the highest quality and the freshest. I am not kidding! OK, not many places cut the huge Spanish ja on in front of you and put it in your plate. That is how fresh the food is! And the choices - they seem to be limitless: beef Wellington, arracherra, lobsters, duck breast and rack of lamb in the buffet for dinner and lunch! It cannot get better than this! I am sure the bars also offer the best, but I did not get much from there, due to my choice of limiting consumption of drinks. (This also goes as a proof that was I was sober when I was writing this review!!!). The other thing I wanted to mention is the spas and the massages. Incredible, great and always clean and accommodating. We will miss it. Special thanks to our butler, Luis! We were not able to hide from you, just kidding!! But you have found us many times a day confirming that all our needs were met. And last, but not least: people at the Prestige offices. From the time we stepped off the car, provided by the hotel, and until this day you helped us with everything that came up, every little need! I do have all your names: Stephanie, Noemi, Andres, Saray - thank you and thank you! Magali from the reception, we appreciate your help! Iberostar Grand Paraiso - we will miss you and we will come back! As a matter of fact, we have already made a reservation!! This place deserves the highest accolade and return visits. So, what are you waiting for?! If you are still deciding, may be this unsolicited review will help you to make your decision?! We are happy and so will be you!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Our 50th wedding anniversary at Iberostar Grand Paraíso in Cancun

Dan S on May 08, 2024

We just came back from celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary at Iberostar Grand Paraíso in Cancun. We have been to Cancun 8 times. The Grand Paraiso was by far the most beautiful and accommodating hotel we have stayed at. When we arrived, they informed us that our private villa was not available, and they asked us if we would mind staying in the presidential suite. Of course, we said yes. The room was everything you could imagine a presidential suite would be like. During our second day they told us that our private villa is ready if we would like to move. Our Butler took us to see the villa and we fell in love with it. It is exactly what we wanted to celebrate this very special anniversary. The room had two sets of sliding doors leading to our own private pool. Every thing about the hotel was spectacular. All the staff made eye contact and smiled when they saw you day and night. The food in each of the restaurants was exceptional. The entertainment was excellent. And our butlers constantly went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for us. We want to especially acknowledge our Butler Daniel. We definitely plan on returning to the Iberostar Grand Paraíso each year to celebrate our anniversary.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Please don’t bother, for your sake.

Navigator05761428797 on May 07, 2024

Upon arriving at this resort, my partner and I were very excited. All of the reviews we’d read prior to our trip raved about this place, but things very slowly started to unravel. I will start with the pros: the beach is beautiful, the architecture is amazing, and the few staff that are here are for the most part fun and attentive. The cons heavily outweighed all of it. To start, everything here is marked up 5 or 6 times. We’ve been to a few resorts in Cancun before so we obviously know that resorts mark up the prices of most of their things. But this was just ridiculous. We payed $40 for a bottle of sunscreen. The same kind you get at Walmart for $6. We ordered a wine at the French restaurant and it was $140. We later looked it up and it runs you about $20 in the states. On that note, the food here is okay at best. We read so many reviews raving about the quality of the food here, but at every single turn it felt lacking. The Italian restaurant was the worst especially. The waiter was rude and took about an hour to bring out the food despite the place being empty. And the food itself we couldn’t even stomach. We left and ordered room service, which was also terrible, but at the very least edible. The food at the buffet wasn’t bad, but nothing really noteworthy and they very clearly used leftover food a couple days in a row. The best was the French restaurant by far. Now for their shows. We paid $110 per person for dinner and the Iluzio show. It was an immediate regret. The food (surf and turf with a salad as an app) was terrible. The lobster was so dry and the salad itself was just a random mixture of vegetables they seemed to have on hand that they threw into an artsy bowl. The show itself was also very, VERY underwhelming. It was very clearly catered to kids, but no part of that was mentioned or described in the description. If that wasn’t bad enough, the show itself, outside of its content, felt like a high school theatre production. It was very low quality, clearly low budget, although I don’t know how considering how pricey it is. They push it so hard at the resort that you’d think adults would be able to enjoy it considering we stayed at an adults only resort. But instead we left feeling cheated and unsatisfied. Now for the pools and drink service. The first few days we were here, we quickly realized they were understaffed. They claim beach side service but we couldn’t find anyone to take our order so we resorted to just walking up to the bar ourselves, The main activity pool was ALWAYS crowded. Couldn’t find chairs 99% of the time and there is only one bar in that entire area. One bar for both the activity pool and quiet pool. It’s kind of ridiculous. To top it off, The stay we booked came with free private round trip transfer. The drive from the airport was fine but when it came to arranging the drive back, it was a mess. They called us to arrange our transfer back to the airport the morning after we arrived, which we found to be kind of insane because that was the first day of a week long stay and we still weren’t sure if they were able to accommodate our late check out. We hadn’t even settled in, so they just said to stop by the lobby whenever we had the chance. They never followed up again and we didn’t think anything of it because MONTHS prior to the trip we filled out TWO separate forms detailing our flight information and stay information for the transportation company that Iberostar is partnered with. So we naively thought it was handled or at the very least they had an idea of when we would leave. The evening before our checkout we attempted to go to the front desk to make sure our transportation was secured but the receptionist said it was past 5 pm and their transportation consultant went home and they had no hand in that part of the process and to check tomorrow morning. We did and they told us we needed to have at least a days notice to book transportation??? We were never told any of that, but at the same time, they had MONTHS notice. Again, we filled out the form with our flight number, flight time, and checkout date. What part of that was not advanced notice? The last resort we stayed at had that handled for us based off our intake form. As it should be. What is the point of filling out a form then? All in all, we will never be back to an Iberostar resort. This was meant to be our engagement trip, and while we tried to make the best of it, we’re definitely leaving with a bad taste in our mouths. For the price we paid, we expected ALOT more. I suggest you look elsewhere if you want a positive experience out of Cancun. Especially if this is your budget. You can find a lot better. We definitely have.

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