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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 5.0
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.0

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The Del is the best!

Linda R (Santa Rosa, California) on Jun 22, 2024

This is a solid historical hotel where the movie Some Like It Hot filmed. There’s been restoration work in the last few years. The balcony rooms are a decent size and well appointed but pricey. There’s an ocean view with two chairs on the balcony. There’s a bar that is fully open to the pathway and lawn area. You sit inside or out and the best Mai Tai’s! There is a taco stand near the beach and plenty of beach space to watch spectacular sunsets. The lobby is lovely and there are various shops with historic photos on the wall. You can take your photo with a Marilyn Monroe photo on the wall. There’s many restaurants on Orange Ave.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Nice, but...

kelly e (St. Thomas) on Jun 20, 2024

The hotel is nice. The pool closes at 10pm that's nice. The fitness center is nice. Hot tub is nice. They allow pets that's nice. The people were nice. The room was nice, the bed was really nice. However, we stayed and there was no room service..also, sewage in the ocean was disappointing and disturbing. The pricing is odd considering you're sleeping next to raw sewage and there's no room service. I am paying to sleep somewhere that is not disgusting. This would be considered overpriced. I would have enjoyed a sandwich in the evening, and breakfast in the morning, in my room. Instead I had coffee on a beautiful balcony, looking at a beautiful ocean of sewage. It was beautiful, but watching people go into that bacteria pit was hard to watch. Hepatitis A was my repeated thought, jaundiced people. Eye infections? Why are they going in there?!?! Yuk. It is a nice historical place with seasonal roller skating out front. I do have mixed feelings. I have stayed at Princeville Resort, in Kauai for less, and got a midnight gourmet cheeseburger with bacon and breakfast delivered to my room. The room service was great! Plus, no sewage. Just surfing all day for me in a truly magical location. To sum it up, Hotel Del Coronado when compared to places in Kauai and the Caribbean at the price I paid is considered overpriced. I have paid much less and gotten much more. I did enjoy my stay, but in the future, I'd enjoy another hotel on the beach for less and may actually get more out of it. It would feel special because of the history and beautiful setting, if I had no interest in surfing or having meals in my room. It was worth one visit to mark off my list.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5


Venture800981 on Jun 19, 2024

Location- Beach is beautiful, chairs, towels umbrellas, attendants. All lovely. Except you can’t use the beach or the ocean due to raw sewerage problem coming from Tijuana. We understand this is not under the control of the Hotel but the Hotel should do more than two small yellow signs about staying out of the water. A link to San Diego County could be helpful. Also not advertising water activities when they know you can’t partake. The Hotel should warn patrons and they do not. They say it is not their fault (true) Nd that it changes day by day (also true). But when you bring a family to stay 4 days at the Beach Village there should be some compensation. Rooms- again, lovely and well appointed except our door had dead batteries so it couldn’t be locked. Maintenance came and changed them and it still didn’t work. We were without hot water and maintenance had to come and fix the hot water heater. Cleanliness- Lovely grounds, restaurants, accommodations, pools, even beach sand was vacuumed and raked of debris. However, we saw rats. I pointed this out to a groundskeeper who said they would work on it. I am sure that, given the size of the resort, this cannot be avoided. But is disconcerting to have them run across the sidewalk in front of you. Amenieties- Depends on what you want. Plenty of pools, chairs, towels, restaurants, shopping. There is no shuttle to the airport for this hotel. They apparently do offer a shuttle to another Hilton in San Diego which can, then, take you to the airport but this wasn’t offered to us. They offered chairs and towels for us to take to another beach as this one was closed but they never came through with this promise. Atmosphere- pleasant, except you can smell the turbid water if the wind is blowing ashore Value- expensive considering the beach and ocean were closed and much of the main hotel is under construction Service- Inconsistent. Morning service was always good. Evening service was often after 9:00 or not at all. No problems with beach chairs or towels or at the pools. No room service We have visited the Del since the 1970s and have found that recently, with new management, many things aren’t the same. Some new accomodations which are nice but it feels like all hedge fund properties- strip out the service and make the most money you can. We probably won’t return.

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Lovely Getaway

DesertRanchers (Phoenix, Arizona) on Jun 18, 2024

Booked on short notice to get out of the Phoenix heat for a few days while celebrating our anniversary. Decided to check this off our bucket list and very happy we did! Not everything was perfect as they are undergoing major renovation of the original iconic Victorian building. We got a beautiful oceanfront room on 4th floor of The Views. Our view was perfect and we enjoyed sitting on our balcony and taking it all in. Beautiful contemporary relaxing beach decor and the room was large with two small closets and lots of other shelf type storage, large desk area and ample dresser drawers. However, the bathroom was very small and the glass shower door leaked puddles onto the floor (design flaw). Kind of comical too that "The" Del provides really cheap rough TP--seriously?! The resort restaurants and grab-and-go market were quite pricey as in any upscale resort on the ocean. Not that we enjoy paying a high price for a simple grab-and-go breakfast, to be expected and no surprise. The grounds and beach are so nice and the historic lobby (inside and outside on the veranda), vintage photos and artifacts around the hotel and gift shops were lovely. Very easy to walk outside of the resort to eat and shop in the town as well. It would be interesting to stay here again when the Victorian hotel re-do is complete.

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Disappointed Anniversary stay

Happiness39096584988 on Jun 17, 2024

I chose to stay in an ocean view cabana at the Hotel Del for our 40th anniversary. It was a disappointment. My reasons: 1. No room service. We had intended to have breakfast in our room each morning while enjoying the view together. 2. No soap in the shower. My wife only discovered this when she was already in the shower. 3. No direct link on the room's phone to Housekeeping to address the above problem. 4. One night I went around trying to get a de-caf Irish coffee. One bartender went out of his way to help me. The next night, another bartender told me he couldn't help. I told him about the previous night. The best he could do was to suggest I go to another bar. Same results there. I complained to the front desk and the young lady offered to send down a de-caf pod for the room's Keurig, which was not what I was looking for. 5. We got up for our last morning. Our curtains were open. I looked out and there were construction workers on our cabana patio. Fortunately, no embarrassing moments but the potential was there. It would have been nice to be notified in advance. Cumulatively, it was again a disappointing experience that should have been better, especially since I spent a lot of money to try to have a memorable 40th anniversary. Probably the last time we will stay at the Hotel Del.

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