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Flight schedule and destination updates

For your travel needs, our commitment to putting your Safety Above All remains constant. We ensure up to date safety and hygiene protocols are maintained and enhanced, and offer flexible booking options for when you're ready to fly.

Safety Above All
Flexible change/cancel program
WestJet Vacations Travel Protection Plan
No-charge COVID-19 travel insurance

See where we're flying

Our flight schedules are being updated frequently. For up-to-date information on our Domestic routes or to find out when we fly to seasonal destinations, please check the schedules before planning your trip.

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Canada: the great north is grand

We continue to provide safe and flexible travel options within Canada for your travel needs. When you’re ready to take off, we will be too.

Flexibility matters

Change or cancel your flight for any reason, at no cost*. We’ve relaxed our change/cancel policies so, you can change your mind about existing and future travel.

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Sun: warm thoughts

We are temporarily ceasing international flying to sun destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean in response to a request from the Government of Canada. 

Our current schedule includes select US destinations to accommodate your travel needs when you’re ready to fly.

Review entry requirements, including your return to Canada, to stay informed on travel restrictions.

Extra coverage for added peace of mind

To accommodate your changing travel needs our no-charge COVID-19 travel insurance coverage now includes travel to, from and through the US and US territories for all purchases on or after September 18, 2020. Coverage is up to 21 days for select vacation packages. See eligibility requirements for full details.

What to know for your day of travel

Find the most up to date information or policies that may impact your day of travel here.

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