Lost, delayed or damaged baggage

We are committed to doing our best to deliver your baggage on time — and understand the inconvenience that results when we don't. If you arrive at your destination and don’t see your bags, you can view the status of your bag here:

Still can’t find it? Contact us so we can make every effort to return mishandled baggage as soon as possible.

If your baggage is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to compensation under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. For more information about your passenger rights see below or visit Canadian Transportation Agency.

Delayed or missing baggage

Here is what you’ll need to do if you and your baggage do not arrive together:

  1. Please see a Baggage Services Agent at the arrival airport or call us, within Canada, please call 1-866-666-6224 or if you’re Outside of Canada, call 403-444-2581.
    • Delayed baggage must be reported to WestJet within 21 days after the day of it’s intended arrival.
  2. Provide your contact information, a description of your baggage and its contents. This will help us to locate your bag.
  3. A WestJet representative from baggage services will create a delayed baggage report for you and advise you of the next steps.
    • If your baggage is not recovered in 3 days, our Central Baggage team will take over the search.

Compensation for delayed bags

  • For flights within the Americas, we recommend up to $100 CAD/USD for the first 48 hours while your bags are delayed. After 48 hours, we recommend a further $150 to a total of $250. This does not limit or reduce the passenger's right to claim damages, if any, under the applicable convention or under the law.
  • For flights into Europe, you will be reimbursed up to the equivalent of $100 CAD in either Euros or GBP.
  • Itemized receipts are required to be reimbursed.

Baggage tips

We do everything we can to ensure that your bag travels with you on your flight but delays do happen.

Lost baggage

If your bags are not found after 21 days, you will be reimbursed for any applicable baggage fee paid and will receive (including incidental expenses) up to 1,288 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per guest/per bag (approximately $2,300.00 CAD) in replacement value for your baggage.

Damaged baggage

If your baggage or contents were damaged, please bring your luggage to the baggage services office in your arrival airport to be assessed within 7 days of receiving the damaged baggage.

WestJet’s limitation of liability as a result of damage is (including incidental expenses) up to 1,288 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per guest/per bag (approximately $2,300.00 CAD) and you will be reimbursed for any applicable baggage fee paid.

For more information, please review our domestic tariff, rule 120 (Limitation of Liability) for more information. Also, you may view our International tariff, specifically rule 60 (Limitation of liability for baggage or goods) for more information.