More than a paycheque

WestJet MAX 8 flying over Rocky Mountains

What's included

WestJet Savings Plan

After 180 days of employment, employees are eligible to contribute up to 20% of their base salary to their WestJet Savings Plan and WestJet will match this amount dollar for dollar. Encore employees are eligible to contribute 10%.*

*WestJet Pilots will receive 10% of their eligible earnings to the WestJet Savings Plan with no obligation from the Pilot to match.   

*WestJet Encore Pilots may contribute up to 10% (or 15% after three years of employment) of their base salary to their WestJet Savings Plan and WestJet will match this amount.

Owner's Performance Award

Owner's performance award is paid out to WestJetters once a year based on our ability to hit (or exceed) targets for four key indicators in the business including safety, on-time performance, guest experience and cost.

Profit Share

WestJet has an employee profit sharing plan where eligible employee can receive a bonus based on our pre-tax operating income. Profit sharing is based on WestJet’s profit margin, paid out twice a year in May and November.

Flexible Benefits

After 90 days of employment, we offer a flexible health and wellness benefit plan for full-time and part -time employees which qualifies you for basic benefits coverage. Pilots are eligible from day 1 for benefit coverage.

WestJet Flight Privileges

WestJet flight privileges within 10 days of employment. You can fly anywhere WestJet/WestJet Encore flies, standby, on an unlimited basis for $0 base fare plus applicable taxes.

Each employee receives a defined number of standby buddy passes per year (pro-rated) after 180 days, which can be gifted, and 8 one way 50% off confirmed flights.

After 6 months of employment you can fly with our partner airlines for a reduced base fare, standby.

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