WestJet’s competitive total compensation and flexible benefit package

At WestJet, we go beyond compensation by fostering a thriving work environment that prioritizes employee recognition, comprehensive wellness programs, and abundant opportunities to engage and connect with our dynamic culture and leadership.  

Some of those opportunities include:  

  • WestJet Group Awards  
  • Employee Family Assistance Program  
  • Company town halls and exciting events  


WestJet Savings Plan

After 180 days of employment, employees are eligible to contribute up to 20 per cent1 of their base salary to their WestJet Savings Plan and the WestJet Group will match this amount dollar for dollar. WestJet Encore employees are eligible to contribute 10 per cent.

Westjet crew walking

1) Maximum contribution percentage varies by role and department.  

2) WestJet Pilots will receive 10 per cent of their eligible earnings to the WestJet Savings Plan with no obligation from the Pilot to match.   WestJet Encore Pilots may contribute up to 10 per cent (or 15 per cent after three years of employment) of their base salary to their WestJet Savings Plan and WestJet will match this amount.


Flexible benefits

We offer a flexible health and wellness benefit plan for full-time and part-time employees which qualifies you for basic benefits coverage. Pilots and some specialty roles are eligible for benefit coverage from day one. 


Owner's Performance Award

Owner's performance award is paid out to all employees once a year based on our ability to hit (or exceed) targets for four key indicators in the business including safety, on-time performance, guest experience and cost. 


Profit share

The WestJet Group has an employee profit sharing plan where eligible employees can receive a bonus based on our pre-tax operating income. Profit sharing is based on the WestJet Group’s profit margin, paid out twice a year in May and November. 


WestJet Group flight privileges

WestJet Boeing MAX 8 aircraft flying over Caribbean

The WestJet Group offers flight privileges within ten days of employment. You and your designates can fly anywhere WestJet/WestJet Encore flies, standby, on an unlimited basis for $0 base fare plus applicable taxes and fees. 

After six months of employment you can fly with our partner airlines for a reduced base fare on standby. 

Each employee receives a defined number of standby buddy passes per year (pro-rated) after 180 days, which can be gifted, and eight one-way 50 per cent off confirmed flights. 


WestJetters care for communities

When you work at WestJet, you're working for a company that cares, and wants to give back. You'll have opportunities to be part of a variety of initiatives, both local and national, where you can apply your time and talents to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

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