Don't have second thoughts when you're walking down the aisle. Choose to upgrade to a seat in Premium at check-in.

If you’ve already booked an Econo or EconoFlex fare and are looking to upgrade to Premium, then you may be in luck. You can choose to upgrade to Premium for a fee at check-in, if seats in Premium are still available. For your flight you will enjoy priority boarding, extra leg and elbow room and on-board food and beverages (including beer, wine and spirits).1,2,3,4

For your next trip, we recommend booking a PremiumFlex fare to get even more value with no fee changes and cancellations, two checked bags, and priority screening.5,6,7,8,9

Note: If upgrading at time of check-in, you will not receive the perks of two checked bags, no change or cancellation fees or priority screening.9 If you place an order from the pre-purchase menu, your order is not eligible for cancellation or refund as you will still receive your pre-purchase order inflight.

 Purchase a PremiumFlex fare
(with Premium seat selection)
Upgrade to Premium at the time of check-in
Two checked bags1,5
No fee to change or cancel6,7,8
No fee advance seat selection1
Extra elbow and legroom1,2,3
Priority boarding (Zone 1)1,3
Food and beverages (including beer, wine and spirits)1,3,4
Priority screening1,9