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As a pilot, choosing an airline to fly with isn’t a small decision, but we believe we can make it an easy one. Whether you’re looking for proven stability, exciting growth opportunities, or a vibrant culture that makes you excited to go to work every day, the WestJet Group has it all. Read on to discover more reasons why pilots choose to fly with us, and how you can apply.  

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Why do pilots choose the WestJet Group? It ticks all the boxes.

The WestJet Group

  WestJet Encore* WestJet

De Havilland Dash 8

Boeing 737-700 ; 800

Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Technical requirements

First Officer: 750 hours  

First Officer: 1500 hours




Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg 

  • Socialized bidding
  • Internal opportunities to grow your career as a pilot and aviator
  • A new First Officer shall start their pay at Step 3 of current Pay Step rates
  • First Officers shall receive a lump sum payment in the amount of $850 CAD per month, less all applicable deductions
  • Timelines for increased compensation- Starting January 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023, or on the date the next Collective Agreement takes effect (whichever is later)
  • Socialized bidding: non-seniority bidding for schedule once a Regular Line Holder
  • Leading national pay rates for narrow-body operators across Canada
  • Jump seat agreements with other airlines
  • Intercompany travel privileges with the WestJet Group
  • A diverse flight network including transatlantic and Caribbean destinations

*Ask PilotRecruiting@westjet.com about recent updates to our compensation offering at Encore

Want to know what it's like to fly with the WestJet Group?

From training to scheduling, our pilots answer your questions and share why they choose us.

WestJet women leading the way

The women of WestJet have been instrumental in leading us through the COVID-19 pandemic. For Women of Aviation Week, we are recognizing some of these extraordinary WestJetters.

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