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Was the room worth the price? Probably not.

906kaylah (Saint Louis, Missouri) on Jun 08, 2024

This hotel needed some serious maintenance in their rooms. Things that their maintenance folks should be able to easily keep up on, if management was willing to help drive that objective. Before I get started on the cons, all the employees we interacted with were pleasant and helpful, so I don't want this review to come off as being unappreciative of their services. I know most of what they do goes unnoticed or underappreciated. The casino also seemed nice as well. We did not go to Giada's or Drias, so we don't have an opinion on those. Now, for the not so great things, I could tell at one time these rooms were nice, but there were so many chips and chunks missing out of things we lost count. The main ones I can remember right now are the elevators both having major chipped paint, the wardrobe, and cabinet/desk which were chipped heavily along with their "leather" drawer pulls coming undone. The sink didn't have a plug and was missing part of the handle, and the shower tile was rough. The grout looked like it needed a major deep clean. There were no shampoo/conditioner/lotion bottles provided, which was a bummer since we just brought carry on, we were hoping that was one less thing that would take up room in our quart size liquids bag, so we ended up going to cvs to pick up some. Also, I didn't appreciate that you had zero personal fridge storage without having an automatic $50 charge just for storing personal items. There were so many random extra charge food and drink items on the cabinet and in the fridge that you could definitely tell they were hoping for drunk people to tear into those without a second thought and charge 15 bucks each for gummy worms and a fiji water. It was so excessive that i wws unsure if the in room coffee was free so I didn't bother touching it since it was grouped together with the other stuff on the counter. The beds were okay, so were the pillows, everything seemed somewhat clean but I didn't bring a black light with us so who knows how clean the rooms really were. We were on the strip view side so you could hear what was going on outside. Would we stay here again? Probably not, unless I heard they did some major renovations and upgrades. We stayed Monday night thru Friday morning and We paid $89 a night, plus the $49.95 a night resort fee. So after everything was said and done, around 550 for the week. Had we paid the $300 plus a night I saw for some dates I would be far more upset by the state of the room. With that said, I still don't think it was worth almost $140 a night for M-F stay when you could pay maybe a little more for a room in better condition on the strip. One more thing to add, the eatwell restaurant on the property is grossly overpriced. My husband and I both got a breakfast sandwhich, I got a latte and he got a fountain soda and the total was over 50 bucks, and it wasn't even that good, so if you are willing to pay those prices I would go elsewhere on the strip.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Not for everyone

OCWeezer (Irvine, California) on Jun 04, 2024

This hotel was posh in the main gaming area and the rooms were nicely remodeled. But keep in mind this building was built in the 70s. And the main thing that the remodel didn’t fix is the sound. I had a strip-view room and you can hear everything. The window isn’t your typical Vegas window where it’s completely sealed. It can be opened though it was locked during my visit. That means sound seeps through easily. It doesn’t help it’s across the street from an entertainment shopping center with performers. If you’re with your friends going to the beach club or Drai’s after hours, this may be for you. But if you like a good night sleep, I would look elsewhere.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Good size as it small, good location, but could improve customer service.

royj11954 (Garforth, United Kingdom) on May 26, 2024

The Cromwell is in a good location on the strip within easy walking of most sights and hotels you would want to see or visit, the rooms are okay, the Casino okay, reception and staff okay. However I dislike having mini bars intensely I do not find them useful and they are an overpriced unnecessary item for any body they only benefit the hotel if silly people use them. A fridge to,keep water, milk and one or 2 of your own selected drinks would be much better customer service. My wife and I are in our 60s and our first visit to Las Vegas (we won’t go again). The hotel has a night club on the 11th floor (top floor) which at weekends can be very very noisy if you are on the higher floors 12am until 6am!! Good for those who enjoy that type of thing, however you have to pay when artists are on! The Cromwell is 56 dollars a day Resort fee!! Apart from Wi Fi for only 2 items (my wife and I have 2 each) so we could only use our mobile phones each on the Wi Fi not our iPads unless we paid 15 dollars a day for each extra item! Food and Drink are expensive and Casinos usually limits to play roulette, baccarat and poker were usually 10 to 15 dollars a go! Only the slot machines were cheaper (for some 25, 50 cents or a dollar a go) Las Vegas overall is expensive, The Cromwell is small which is good and central, pricey to buy anything but they all are. In summary only good but could be better.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Great Location, but....

Melissa C on May 24, 2024

We arrived mid-morning and were happy to hear that our room was ready and for $30 we could get access before their stated check-in time ???????. Our "balcony" overlooked the loading dock at the adjacent Flamingo, which explained the white noise machine on the nightstand. The faux wooden floors were tacky to the touch if walking barefoot. The bathroom walls had water damage and the bathroom sink had no stopper. Oh, and the bartenders wanted to charge us for the little complimentary-sized bottles of water. The Beach Club pool area is NOT owned by the hotel, so we were not allowed access because there was a private party. The nightlife crowd at the casino was such that I did not feel safe in the space. I highly recommend staying anywhere else nearby.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Terrible...couldn't stay

Traveler57812124116 on May 20, 2024

Awful...first off the pictures of the room are misrepresentation...a picture of a bright room at night isn't even that bright during the day with all the lights on!'s dingy, dark, and cramped. I requested an additional lamp but was sent a tray of light bulbs with a worker who didn't speak English. The front desk had one worker, a "manager" who was no help for all concerns. Finally told there would be a refund but over a week later that has not happened. Also, their pool could only be used one hour a day!

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