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High expectations, didn't deliver.......

David J (Anthem, Arizona) on Jun 22, 2024

I will start this off with this, I like Caesars, I have Diamond status with Caesars, I want to see Caesars excel, I want them to address their issues and be better. I will admit I had higher expectations for Cromwell than I have others and unfortunately it was a let down. Room was fine, not really bad but the plugs popping out of the light was pretty alarming. Shower was pretty good I will admit. Staff friendliness and property mainenence is where I felt let down. I would have been more happy with a just fine shower and better upkeep and staffing. Rewards desk was not pleasant, but that isn't really new, seems like all Caesars rewards desks need some customer service training. No laptop allowed at pool, security turned a nice lady away that wanted to work poolside. Let phones in though. Hate to tell them but phones now are mini computers, same components so that rule is a bit arbitrary, but fair enough. Had to get security wanded to go to the pool at 11:30 am in my swimming suit, that was a new one. Got to pool, not so friendly guy said as a hotel guest I couldn't use any umbrella and only certain seats on one side of the pool. There were no more than 20 people total at the entire pool complex so to me that seemed a bit ridiculous but again fair enough. More staff there then guests, frankly they needed them downstairs to work check in or rewards desk that was always understaffed. If I stay in the future (unlikely) I would use one of the other pools at Caesars Palace or Flamingo, the Cromwell pool is not really for the Cromwell apparently, even at 11:30 am on a Tuesday. Front desk was not great when I reported the wiring issue. First report, was told the host would reach out, nothing happened. Second report 5+ hours later there was a manager there and they did get a host to reach out who was fine, but basically told me you dont gamble enough at Caesars for us to care about you (paraphrased, but you get my gist here). Surprised me as I have Diamond status, but because I gambled a lot of that at Harrahs Southern California the didn't really care in Vegas apparently. Fair enough, good to know that, wish it was disclosed clearly by Caesars though. I will say my host at Harrahs Southern California tried to help but had no way to do so unfortunately. I did send pictures of the plugs popping out and exposed wiring to concierge and got a fairly canned response. I was kind of alarmed by how they kind of blew it off, exposed wiring and a metal base on the lamp is a pretty serious electric shock hazard. Guess I was just expecting more. I stay a lot at MGM properties and have stayed at Venetian, Wynn, Mirage, and next at Fountain Bleu and the few bad experiences have been addressed super well and above and beyond everywhere else. Even Caesars in other locations outside Vegas seem to be good or even great, but the Vegas properties just are not it. Pros: Access to 3 pools technically, location is mid strip, shower was good. Cons: Service, friendliness, ability to address issues, safety, maintenence. Would I stay again, probably not. I would put this on par with hotels like TI, Luxor, Excalibur, which is mid to low tier with high tier prices. Due to the pool situation I would put Excalibur and Luxor higher frankly. Where would I rank this at the Caesars properties I have stayed at: 1.) Harrahs SoCal (Great!!) 2.) Silver Legacy (liked it when I stayed there years ago, might be a little out if date, need to stay there again some time) 2.) Paris (Nice, pool is bit lackluster, my go to Caesars property in Vegas. Might be higher ranked as I haven't had issues there which led to staff interaction much). 3.) Planet Hollywood (Room was nice, didn't get to do much else) 4.) Horseshoe (Big rooms, chill hotel, pool on par with Paris, connected to Paris) 5.) El Dorado (Reno, was okay, bit run down, pool is ehhh). 6.) Cromwell (Room was okay needed maintenence, pool nice after you get through security and if you don't need shade, staff not great). As for property management rankings: 1.) MGM (Top notch service in my opinion) 2.) Venetian (front desk wasn't the best, slot manager was great) 3.) Fountaine Bleu (staying in a few weeks, good experiences so far, website needs a little work) 4.) Mirage (no real problems, ever, staff has always been pretty nice, only ranked low because it is going to be closed in a month) 5.) Caesars (just rude staff) 6.) Sahara (indifferent staff) Haven't dealt with Wynn, Cosmo, or TI enough to rank.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Meh, not my cup of tea

M L (Memphis, Tennessee) on Jun 14, 2024

not many floors so only way to get quiet room was one without view, everything seemed old and worn out (carpets in hallway, uneven wooden floors in room, fabric chair stained, glass on art dirty, bed dipped in middle, tile around handheld shower broken), worst part was sign inside fridge if anything moved for more than minute then you would be charged, evidently they did not want you storing any of own items in fridge or maybe had problems in past with guests putting empty bottles back, when arrived small bathroom window was open (not sure why unless someone used it to smoke)

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

I’m officially too old for this hotel.

Stephanie B on Jun 12, 2024

Walking up to the hotel it seemed very nice, we paid a fee ($30) for an early check in and everything was quick and smooth. The room was well appointed with roomy showers and a great view of the strip. (Bellagio fountain was kitty corner). We wanted to head to the hotel pool but was unaware of the many rules and policies. The pool is actually a day club with blasting music and scantily clad patrons. (I get it.. it’s Vegas but there were many wardrobe malfunctions) Items not allowed to be carried in included water bottles, gum, eye drops, mints, towels, cologne and perfume, athletic gear and ribbed tanks. Purses and bags are inspected on the way in and everyone is wanded. All seating in the entire pool area must be reserved and cost $$$. Options for everyone else is standing in the pool, standing around the pool or waiting in line for a drink. As a patron of the hotel we did not have to pay the entrance fee or pay extra for a towel. We stayed at the Cromwell on a Saturday night where the club is open until 4am. We stayed out that night until 2am (late dinner after concert at The Sphere) and came back to the room completely exhausted. The entire building was shaking from the music from the club and I had one of the worst nights sleep with an early departure. In short, don’t stay here if you like to sleep or are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway. If you’re 22 and don’t plan to sleep this may be a great option.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Bad Attitude at Check In

mikewN1936YC (Porterville) on Jun 10, 2024

I've been going there a few times a year for the last 10 years. It's not the cheapest on the strip but I love the coziness and the service is usually out standing. My experience this time was different. I don't know if management has changed, but usually the check in staff is very welcoming, offers waters and the stay starts off great. This trip I ran in to Odeary who was very rude, unfriendly and honestly made me feel like going somewhere else. I arrived at 2:30 and check in is at 4:00. She said the room was ready but wanted me to pay $34.00 for checking in an hour and a half early. That fee has always been waived in the past but not this time. I've even been there as early as 1:00 and had it waived. I politely asked if it could be waived or if not that we could leave our luggage there and check in later. She had nothing but attitude. It's OK if you can't do it. Just say "I'm sorry", blame it on management, offer a place to leave the luggage.....anything other than an attitude. next time I'll probably stay next door at Horseshoe which is cheaper anyways.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Was the room worth the price? Probably not.

906kaylah (Saint Louis, Missouri) on Jun 08, 2024

This hotel needed some serious maintenance in their rooms. Things that their maintenance folks should be able to easily keep up on, if management was willing to help drive that objective. Before I get started on the cons, all the employees we interacted with were pleasant and helpful, so I don't want this review to come off as being unappreciative of their services. I know most of what they do goes unnoticed or underappreciated. The casino also seemed nice as well. We did not go to Giada's or Drias, so we don't have an opinion on those. Now, for the not so great things, I could tell at one time these rooms were nice, but there were so many chips and chunks missing out of things we lost count. The main ones I can remember right now are the elevators both having major chipped paint, the wardrobe, and cabinet/desk which were chipped heavily along with their "leather" drawer pulls coming undone. The sink didn't have a plug and was missing part of the handle, and the shower tile was rough. The grout looked like it needed a major deep clean. There were no shampoo/conditioner/lotion bottles provided, which was a bummer since we just brought carry on, we were hoping that was one less thing that would take up room in our quart size liquids bag, so we ended up going to cvs to pick up some. Also, I didn't appreciate that you had zero personal fridge storage without having an automatic $50 charge just for storing personal items. There were so many random extra charge food and drink items on the cabinet and in the fridge that you could definitely tell they were hoping for drunk people to tear into those without a second thought and charge 15 bucks each for gummy worms and a fiji water. It was so excessive that i wws unsure if the in room coffee was free so I didn't bother touching it since it was grouped together with the other stuff on the counter. The beds were okay, so were the pillows, everything seemed somewhat clean but I didn't bring a black light with us so who knows how clean the rooms really were. We were on the strip view side so you could hear what was going on outside. Would we stay here again? Probably not, unless I heard they did some major renovations and upgrades. We stayed Monday night thru Friday morning and We paid $89 a night, plus the $49.95 a night resort fee. So after everything was said and done, around 550 for the week. Had we paid the $300 plus a night I saw for some dates I would be far more upset by the state of the room. With that said, I still don't think it was worth almost $140 a night for M-F stay when you could pay maybe a little more for a room in better condition on the strip. One more thing to add, the eatwell restaurant on the property is grossly overpriced. My husband and I both got a breakfast sandwhich, I got a latte and he got a fountain soda and the total was over 50 bucks, and it wasn't even that good, so if you are willing to pay those prices I would go elsewhere on the strip.

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