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Ladies Birthday Celebration

frednjo1 on Jun 08, 2024

My 11th time going and I will go again! Thank you to the manager, Maria at the front desk of the palace for helping us out with our rooms. Thank you, Carlos, Natasha, Danielle, and all the amazing staff at the pool and pool bars, keeping everyone happy and entertained ;-). Thank you, Roger at The French restaurant for your amazing service. Also a huge shout out to Mauricio at the Hacienda buffet for your wonderful, smiling face and your outstanding service. Hopefully, we’ll see you all next year.

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Front desk needs retraining

Harrison L on Jun 08, 2024

First off, this is my second time visiting a resort in Mexico and my first experience with another resort was amazing, but this resort made me never want to come back. I want to say the restaurant workers and bartenders are very nice and I can’t really complain about them. However, I had issues with the front desk from the start of the trip. We traveled as a group of 16 people and stayed at Palace. All of 16 of us left with a bitter taste as the front desk workers were not helpful at all. We paid for 16 people and 5 rooms which all had issues. I would understand if it was a language barrier thing, but it was not because my girlfriend speaks Spanish. We received wristbands which was also the key to our rooms. For 3 days straight out of our 5 day stay, the wristband would not work. We would have to go back towards the lobby from the room to the lobby which is a fifteen minute walk. I didn’t really mind the first time because I thought it would be an easy fix, but the wristbands would just stop working after one use. Keep in mind it’s pretty hot outside during this time of the year. The person who would “help” us was Dayan Ramos, for three days straight he would tell us it was fixed and we would go back to the hotel room where we were stuck with the same issue. Every time we would go back to the front desk he would roll his eyes and “fix” it only for it to not work after a single use. We weren’t even rude when asking, we just ask for a solution. Not only that, but when we call the front desk from our room and ask for someone to come fix it they told us they would send someone but we waited 2 hours in our hotel room for no one to come so we just decided to go to the front desk. My family felt as if we were robbed of our time due to Dayan. Finally on the third day we had a lady, I don’t know her name, fixed it and told us it was an easy fix and there we no issues after that. On our last day, when we were checking out, Dayan was the person working there. I forgot a towel card that the hotel provided us with in the hotel room, so I asked whether it was required for me to grab it. I told him I would run to grab it if it is important since our check out time was at 12 and it was 11:50 around this time. If we weren’t checked out by 12 then we would have gotten charged for an extra day. To this, he just shrugged and didn’t give me an answer. I didn’t mind running to grab it as I didn’t want to get charged so I ran. Im no runner, but I made the deadline in time. My cousins also told me when I got back that the couple behind me had also forgotten two of their towel cards in their hotel room which he told them it was fine and they could check out. I will not lie as that upset me because why is he bending the rules for others, but not for me? Also, we were in front of the line after I got back. Two separate parties came up to Dayan and he started to help them for another another ten minutes making us past the deadline luckily they did not charge us for an extra day. However, what is the point of a line if I could just walk up front and cut the line. At this point we are really fed up. So I asked him why he made me run if he was just going to accept other people for the same mistake and why he is helping people are cutting the line. He just shrugged again and couldn’t give me an answer. My mom was also fed up and starting asking for a supervisor to which a lady came out of no where to tell her to be quiet and no supervisor came out to help us. At this point he gave us the paper to check out and we didn’t want to deal with it anymore so we left. I honestly did not come into this trip expecting amazing service as I feel like every hotel/resort has their flaws, but for us to have the same issue 3 day straight and for it to be an easy fix is ridiculous. I genuinely think that either Dayan Ramos needs to be retrained or work in a different department of the hotel. I don’t think that him working the front desk is his strong suit. I have worked in customer service before so I understand respect is a two way street, yet no respect was ever given to us for issues that we cannot control. Our travel agency will not be working with this resort again and our family of 16 will not ever recommend this place due to this front desk. TLDR: Resort and restaurant workers are friendly (Some will ask you to write a review on google and watch over your shoulder and tell you what to write though). I have their names, but prefer not to call them out as I think they’re friendly and don’t want them to get in trouble. Front desk single handedly ruin a trip of 16 people and will probably ruin yours. I would not recommend this place unless you want to walk in circles in the hot sun wondering why they can’t fix your room key.

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Barcelo mayan palace( hacienda buffer)

Luis M M on Jun 08, 2024

Lucio Ico took really good care of us, excellent service! Very friendly and helpful!Very attentive to meet our needs. He did not let our cups get empty he was on point with drinks and clearing our table. All servers need to be more like him. We were very fortunate to get he’s service .

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Excellent Family Vacation Spot

Stephanie C on Jun 08, 2024

The service was wonderful! The food was amazing and the staff was very friendly and kind. We had a lot of kids and they loved every part of the stay here! We especially enjoyed the restaurants and the buffet. We were helped by Natanahel in the buffet and he was very kind and professional. We would love to come back!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The best vacation spot

Richard E on Jun 07, 2024

This is the best place to come if you want an experience. Excellent food and top notch customer service. The best drinks and dining/bar staff remember you and your drink order. We come here every year with family and friends. One you come here you won’t want to go any where else

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