Mangrove Beach Corendon Curacao All Inclusive Resort by Hilton reviews

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Great stay in Curacao

TravelingmomoftwoMA (Boston, Massachusetts) on Jun 22, 2024

Shout out to Rafael (host and our waiter) at the Seafood Tavern on June 21, and Julia and Daniele at the front desk for making our check-in so easy and our stay so wonderful! We are so grateful for them going above and beyond. Also shout out to the bell hops, who stored our bags as we waited for our room. Enjoyed the cool towels and drinks while hanging out in the lobby.

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Guests Notice These Things

berlie3 (Hyde Park, New York) on Jun 09, 2024

Americans Beware We just got back less than 24 hours ago and couldn't wait to start this review I gave it 1 star-- the main reason being the nonexistent service - along with many other. The staff acts as though you are bothering them and they don't say good morning or even hello. There is no service for breakfast so get your own coffee and drinks. I am disabled so my husband helps me with my plates and all week long not one staff ever asked if he needed help There is no concierge service and they point to everything when you ask them where something is- "where are the spoons?" points- "Can I get extra napkins?" -points- We were told to wait when we asked for a drink. There are employees who have their kids just come to work with mommy and they run through the place like hoochee mamas and wearing thongs but no scratchy wrist bands on. *(Guests notice ) The staff doesn't ask you if you want anything - coffee- a drink-a snack. And they do not clean up the dishes that accumulate through out the resort- speaking of dishes- they handwash all the dishes so they are not sanitized-- just rinsed!!! We are a bi-racial couple and found that the staff and the European guests do not approve and are not friendly. I watched as my husband ordered a drink and the girl was friendly and then I walked over to him and she literally gave me a snarly look - " I can see you-- Hello!!!!!" If you are short forget about relaxing in the pool because the pools are 4.75 ft that's tippy toes for a 5 1" woman. That is across the board - there was no incline to any part to the pool- even up to the "pool bar"- which is a bar that is near the pool - you have to stand up to get a drink. You can drink all day long and maybe get a sugar high but you won't get a buzz on this crappy a$$ liquor. the only place that you can a real drink is a cigar bar upstairs in a cool little air conditioned, unused space BUT you have to pay for THOSE drinks They have the same meals every day- everything was premade- and nasty stale food. The menus on the restaurants NEVER change nor does the buffet. We have been have been to many many all inclusive resorts through the years and this is not an all inclusive resort. This is a continental resort where they offer you food- Room service is just 2 choices of sandwiches and wine you'll have to order on your phone then you give them the time you want it delivered so you wait the hour and it doesn't come so you'll have to call the front desk and they say that they will check on it and then it will finally come or they will tell you that they don't have something or they stopped that service at 9pm. They rationed everything too - my husband went up to find the elusive ice cream and said he wanted 2 scoops they tried to turn him down saying that they only give 1 scoop he said, "Then I'll come up here 10 times what difference does it make to you?" she eventually caved. --- -which is so ridiculous at an all-inclusive resort. We went to the Italian restaurant and my husband ordered the fish and the polenta which were 2 main dishes and the waitress only came with just the fish- we waited and then called the waitress over and then she voluntarily told us that the chef said that there was no polenta- Well that is just fine but why couldn't she told us this when we were ordering or when she handed us the plates. The water park is just plain dangerous we were there for about 2 hours and witnessed and woman hit her had on a slide and then we saw a guy almost flip over the snake ride but pushed off- we talked to him afterwards and he said that he $hit a brick - there was clearly no enough water on the slides to work properly and many people got stuck on the water slides. SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There seems to be no culture to Curacao. I just can't understand why a country would not be hospitable to their tourists - we paid for a resort and got a hotel with offerings that were not up to par. I see this place abandoned in about 10 years because the word will get out and there won't be any returnees. Either the management of this hotel is just not training their employees or it's just the culture---and the culture is not about hospitality or service. There is one Pro to this hotel and that Carella the one and only staff member who made us feel like we were at a resort. She went over and beyond - she was kind attentive and hospitable. Maybe Carella could help train the employees.

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Worst Resort Ever!

rsavieto (Salto, SP) on Jun 09, 2024

The trip to Curacao was awesome, except for this hotel. There were four things that really upset us: 1) Very rude staff: looks like they don’t like what they were doing and they make every effort to mistreat you. When we arrived no one came to help with the luggage. Every time you asked for something you got a sigh and that look like - oh no this guy annoying me!! 2) Lack of higiene: the place look dirty and at some point we did not fell safe to eat there. There were pigeons every where. At the bar behind the pool, they hop on the counter to eat the leftovers of nuggets, fries etc meanwhile the staff was talking among each other and didn’t do nothing to scare tem away. On top of that, one of the nights that we were going to the Japanese restaurant, we saw a rat running out from one of the bushes close to the restaurant, with the size of a cat! 3) Poor quality: the hotel claim to be an all-inclusive resort, but in fact you end up not enjoying this. Beverages are either very low quality or not adequately refrigerated. One day we couldn’t even find glasses to drink the wines and when we tried to get one from the bar close to where the wines were, we were mistreated by the staff. 4) Bedrooms smelt mold: again the issue with higiene. We know that we will receive the standard answer saying that they appreciate our review yada yada… but the truth is: if you compare my review with so many other alike you will realized that they are not doing much to change things. So we have plans to come back to Curacao, but we are absolutely sure that we won’t set foot in this hotel again. And we are making every effort to advise all the people that we know to avoid staying in this hotel, as well as the travel agency that booked it for us!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

We (11) had a wonderful time here, despite some biased reviews. Staff went above and beyond.

LVworldTraveler (Playa del Carmen, Mexico) on Jun 08, 2024

I must first recognize the awesome preplanning and execution by Marie in the sales office. We had a couple WhatsApp phone conversations, along with Sherelynn, before arrival. Her planning and the execution by Daniele and Julia, in the HiltonHonors concierge office, exceeded our expectations. Our checkin process very fast and comfortable for our weary travelers. Julia jumped in to solve some elevator delay problems, quickly. She was able to assist in shuffling a few dinner reservations. Most recent poor reviews were completed by inexperienced travelers (1 or few reviews to their credit). I, nor our party of 11, experience many of their issues. Food was plentiful at the buffets for all meals (unless you show up 5 min before closing). There were always clean Beach & Pool towels. Waiting for cocktails took a few minutes at the pool bar only a few times (extra busy 3-5pm), but overall was fast and friendly. We received fast and friendly service at the BBQ, Italian, Sushi, and a dinner buffet. Including full cocktail service. Rooms were very spacious, modern, clean and comfortable. We received attentive housekeeping each day and turndown service each night. Always tip your housekeepers. The most underpaid staff that makes the biggest impact. The pools, beach, palapas and umbrellas were all plentiful, clean and in good condition. The resort is only 15 minutes from the airport. A 5 min taxi or 12 min walk to the Emma Bridge and entrance to shops and restaurants. Hotel is next to the cruise port, however the single ships (2 different days) were moored where they did not obstruct the views. Again, thank you to Marie, Daniele, Julia and Sherelynn

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Do not go there for the restaurants!!!!!

Passport51707026536 on May 30, 2024

Apart from the general all-you-can-eat, the other restaurants are a scam: you will be turned away as there is no reservation policy, but you are turned away (read: to wait until your appetite is no longer there) as you have no reservation). Certainly, a complete no-go for the kind of facility they try to be. ….affiliated to Hilton…, really..????

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