Our flagship aircraft

Boeing 737-8 MAX

As our most fuel-efficient aircraft yet, the Boeing 737-8 MAX plays an instrumental role in our fleet, transporting up to 189 guests at a time safely and efficiently. The sustainability and comfort of this aircraft make it ideal for domestic, transborder, and international flying to popular destinations

Boeing 737-8 MAX

Environmentally sustainable

Delivering approximately 13 per cent more fuel efficiency than the Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft, the efficiencies built into the 737-8 MAX aircraft help us pursue our environmental stewardship objectives, minimizing fuel and operating costs, reducing emissions and maximizing efficiency through added guest capacity, enabling WestJet to carry more guests with less aircraft per route.

Spacious seating and interior storage

The Boeing 737-8 MAX is built to maximize efficiency with more overhead bin space, making it easier for guests to comfortably store carry-on luggage. The Boeing Sky Interior is designed to create a more spacious and comfortable feel with flowing curves and full-length sculpted walls.

Quieter engine

The Boeing 737-8 MAX is uniquely configured to optimize guest comfort, with quiet engine technology used to reduce engine noise by up to 40 per cent as compared to the Boeing Next-Generation 737.

Strategic player

A key pillar of the WestJet Group’s strategy is leveraging the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft as a driver of growth. WestJet’s fleet includes a total of 32 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, with another 62 on order. With a focus on domestic, transborder and sun-flying capacity, the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are an integral part of WestJet’s future.


Seat map of 737-8 MAX layout 1. Seat information available in table below

Inflight services

✔ In-seat 120V AC power, USB-A sockets

Food and beverages (offering varies by destination, flight duration

✔ Inflight entertainment on WestJet Connect (via your smartphone, tablet or laptop)

✔ Wi-Fi access (for a fee)

WestJet Connect available

Use the WestJet App to access WestJet Connect, your portal to endless on-demand entertainment options: Movies, TV shows, music, LinkedIn Learning courses and more. 

Seat map of 737-8 MAX layout 2 – Economy only. Seat information available in table below

Inflight services

Food and beverages (offering varies by destination, flight duration)

Limited services

Our economy only 737-8 MAX aircraft are not equipped with in-seat AC power or USB sockets, WestJet Connect or in-flight Wi-Fi.

WestJet Boeing MAX 8 aircraft taking off from a runway
Guest enjoying legroom on Boeing 737
WestJet Boeing MAX 8 aircraft flying over Canadian Rocky Mountains in the morning

Flight guide

Explore your next aircraft

WestJet’s aircraft are designed with safety, comfort and convenience in mind. Each aircraft offers a unique set of characteristics to meet the needs of our guests, with a range of different offerings onboard each aircraft for different routes. Explore WestJet’s flight guide for more information about our inflight food and beverage offerings, Wi-Fi availability, the WestJet Connect entertainment system, in-seat power and USB availability, plus other in-flight offerings specific to each type of aircraft, cabin and route.

WestJet flight attendant greeting guest in aircraft
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