Wheelchairs, scooters and mobility aids

Air travel with any type of mobility aid requires a bit more preparation, not just for you, but for WestJet, too. If you are bringing your own wheelchair, scooter or mobility aid, everything you need to know is right here.

Although some mobility aids are marked by the manufacturer as “Airline approved” or “Safe for air travel,” this stamp does not automatically mean it is approved by WestJet.

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you and your mobility aid, and if necessary, we will remove any cargo or baggage in order to accommodate your mobility aid.

Services and amenities for guests with special needs in international destinations/hotels:

Travelling abroad with a special need can pose unique challenges. International accessibility services and amenities may not meet Canadian or American standards and may differ from location to location. We strive to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to make your travel a remarkable experience, however, we are unable to guarantee the availability of or access to accommodations, or other third-party services for guests with special needs in destinations outside of Canada and the U.S. If you are travelling on a WestJet Vacations package booking, we will make our best effort to provide acceptable arrangements and will commit to disclose any arrangements in advance when possible. Please contact us so that we can help ensure that your vacation needs are met and provide you with a list of our current hotel partners that may be able to meet your travel needs.

Medically required mobility devices (for example braces, canes, etc.) will be accepted free of charge in the cabin if they are within the carry-on baggage size allowance.

If you do not medically require these items yourself, you may transport them in checked baggage, however, all applicable checked and excess baggage fees will apply.

There are strict criteria for travelling with a battery or battery operated equipment. To avoid your battery being denied for your flight, please review the information below:

  • batteries are classified as dangerous goods – we take the handling of batteries very seriously and will not accept batteries which are not prepared properly for transport.
  • some batteries must be removed from the object they are in, or deactivated. For larger items like wheelchairs and mobility aids, we can assist if you provide the manufacturer's or verbal instructions.
  • WestJet strictly adheres to the individual manufacturer recommendation for proper disassembly and stowage as described in the owner's manual when provided.
  • Most batteries must be transported in carry-on baggage. See our restricted items page for information on whether your battery is permitted in checked baggage.
  • All battery terminals must be either recessed or packaged to protect them and prevent contact with metal objects (short circuit), including the terminals of other batteries.
  • Ensure you bring an adequate supply of approved batteries to meet your specific needs. As applicable, this may include, the duration of the flight, all ground time (before and after flight and during connections) and any unexpected delays in the terminal, during the flight or before landing; a good practice is to calculate this full amount of time and bring 1.5 times that total time.
  • For limitations on the number of batteries you are permitted to bring for your device, please check our restricted items site for information specific to your battery type.

Although there are charging ports on the aircraft, you may not use them to charge medical devices or batteries used for medical devices or mobility aids as they are not designed for this use. WestJet is not liable for any injury, harm or damage to the equipment caused by a guest attempting to use this power supply for batteries or portable medical electronic devices.

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You will find that our seats differ depending on the aircraft you are flying on, the fare you booked and the location on board. The information below should help you get acquainted with our seat layout.

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