Flight delay and cancellation claims

You may be entitled to compensation pursuant to the Air Passengers Protection Regulations, if the conditions of eligibility apply:

  • You were on a WestJet operated flight flying from, to or within Canada
    -If your delayed or cancelled flight was not with WestJet, the airline who operated your flight will be best equipped to deal with your claim
  • You were informed 14 days or less before the departure time shown on your original ticket that (i) your flight was cancelled or (ii) the arrival at your destination would be delayed
  • The arrival delay at your final destination is three hours or more from your scheduled time of arrival
  • Your flight was delayed or cancelled for reasons within WestJet’s control

Situations surrounding flight disruptions can be complex and have multiple causes. Carriers are required to inform you of the reason for a flight disruption. Please be aware that the reasons provided for a flight disruption may change as the situation evolves, new issues arise, or new information is received

You may be eligible for reimbursement for out of pocket expenses or expenses for lost, delayed or damaged baggage

If you have questions or concerns regarding a WestJet flight, please complete the Canadian passenger rights contact form.

*Please submit one claim form for each passenger per direction of travel. In the event there are multiple flights on a single direction of travel, only one form is required for that direction. 

Compensation amounts are based on the length of the delay:

Length of Delay Compensation

3 to 6 hours


6 to 9 hours


9 hours or more


After completing the form below, you can expect a response within 30 days. Payment for approved claims will be sent to the email address provided, with options for how you can receive funds electronically.

Please ensure the information entered below matches the details on your booking exactly. Refer to your booking confirmation email to confirm the details on your booking. Forms submitted with incorrect information cannot be processed. 

Please note, once the below form has been submitted a copy of your submission cannot be retrieved again at a later date. In the event you need a copy for your records we encourage you to take a screenshot or a photo on your mobile device before clicking Submit.

Please fill out the form below once for each individual traveller per direction of travel. In the event there are multiple flights on a single direction of travel, only one form is required for that direction

Under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPRs) a labour disruption within the carrier or within an essential service provider is considered outside of air carrier control. As a result, any disruption in travel plans due to work stoppage or strike are not eligible for compensation.

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