Economy buy-on-board menu

Complimentary Juice, Pop, Coffee and Tea are available on limited flights, along with your choice of a sweet or salty snack.

Entree selections are available on limited flights.

K = Kosher | GF = Gluten Free | V = Vegetarian

Anytime Snacks

Available on most flights over 90 minutes.

Pringles Original with chip sticking out the top

Pringles Original


Kit Kat bar


Gummy bear bag

Gummy bears


marshmallow square

Marshmallow square


Hummus plate

Hummus with crisp breadsticks


Mr Noodles

Mr. Noodles

Mr. Noodles will be available in chicken or beef flavour.

Beef jerky package

Beef jerky 


deli plate

Simply Deli

Crackers, soft cheese, and gluten free beef salami


cheese plate

Cheese tray

An assortment of cheeses with crackers and dried fruit. 


Entree Selections*

penne pasta

Penne pasta 

Classic marinara and pasta with vine-ripened tomatoes, and a delicious combination of herbs and vegetables.

red thai curry

Red Thai curry cup

Mild curry with coconut rice.

3 cheese macaroni

3-Cheese pasta cup

Macaroni pasta in a savoury cheese sauce with Italian spices. 



Red or White Wine^

Please ask your Crew member for today’s wine selection.



Bottega Il Vino dei Poeti Gold – Italy


Classic Spirits^

Scotch whisky
Spiced rum
White rum


Domestic Beer^

Molson Canadian
Coors Light


Add a snack

Add any snack to your choice of a red or white wine, spirit or beer. 

Only $2.50 more

Create your own meal 

Pick one from each selection below


Select an entree

Penne pasta, Red Thai curry cup or Cheese pasta cup


Select a snack of your choice 

Pringles Original, KitKat, Hummus, Gummy bears, Beef jerky, Mr. Noodles , Marshmallow square (excludes Simply Deli and Cheese plate)


Select a drink of your choice 

Choice of red or white wine, classic spirit or domestic beer 

Please note, all prices are in Canadian dollars.

We cannot guarantee the absence of any allergen in our food; if you have a specific concern, please discuss with a cabin crew member

For onboard purchases we accept: WestJet RBC Mastercard®, Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express®, Diners Club® and Discover®.

^Cabin crew members reserve the right to limit alcohol service and request identification from any guest prior to serving alcoholic beverages. Consuming duty-free and personal alcohol is not permitted onboard any WestJet aircraft.

*Available on limited flights.

All applicable taxes will be added to the listed price of buy-on-board products for travel within Canada. HST, GST and/or QST will be charged based on the province of aircraft departure and is subject to change. Tax range is between 0-15%. Total purchase price can be viewed on the ‘Point of sale’ machine prior to credit card payment.

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