Privacy policy

Effective date: August 21, 2018

At WestJet we are committed to respecting your privacy. This policy describes how we collect, use and disclose personal information concerning our guests and other individuals. We reserve the right to update or modify this policy at any time without prior notice by posting an updated version on this website. To alert you of a change, we will update the effective date of this Privacy Policy.

Who is WestJet?

For the purposes of this privacy policy, "WestJet" means WestJet, an Alberta partnership, WestJet Encore Ltd., and WestJet Vacations Inc.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. Your personal information includes your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, opinions, preferences, usage of WestJet's websites, and any other information that is connected to you, identifies who you are or would allow someone to contact you.

It is our policy to only collect, use and disclose personal information about you with your knowledge and consent, unless otherwise required or allowed by law. Prior to collecting personal information, it is our policy to identify the purposes for doing so and to limit the collection, use and disclosure of personal information to those purposes.

Generally, we will only collect personal information from you, and use it and disclose it with your consent or from someone on your behalf. There will be occasions where we will either contact you with offers and travel services that we feel will be of interest to you and rely on your consent (implied or express) while also providing an opt-out mechanism for such contact. We will use implied consent only in circumstances where the personal information in question is not sensitive, where the purposes and circumstances are limited and well-defined and where you are given an opportunity to opt-out or withdraw your consent then or at any time by contacting us.

If we identify a new purpose for using or disclosing your personal information, unless otherwise required by law, depending upon the sensitivity of the use or disclosure of the personal information, we will update this policy and/or contact you to obtain your consent for the new use or disclosure and we may use your contact information, including your email address, to do so.

Collection of personal information

Personal information is collected by WestJet when you provide it to us, or when a third party, such as a travel agent, family member or other party books a ticket on your behalf, when a third party, such as a rewards program or a credit card services provider provides personal information to WestJet, or when certain technologies we employ on our websites or web-based applications are able to provide WestJet with information related to your interaction with various websites and other technologies. If you would like to fly with us, book a hotel or car, join a mailing list, apply for a job, participate in a program or enter a contest that may be offered by WestJet from time to time, you will be asked for personal information as described in this policy or as stated to you at the time of collection. Personal information may be collected by us through our call centre, by interaction with our or other websites, web based applications, from you in person, from a travel agent or other party obtaining travel services for you on your behalf, or from a third party otherwise providing information about you on your behalf or for your benefit.

We also use various computer or web-based technologies to collect and store information when you visit a WestJet site including but not limited to e-cookies, pixels and other web beacons as outlined later in this policy. It is our policy to collect personal information about you directly from you where possible or reasonable to do so. However, there are circumstances where personal information about you will be collected from a third party on your behalf.

Use of personal information

Booking a flight

When you book a flight with us, or when someone books a flight with us on your behalf, we will ask for your gender, name, address, email address, phone number, and information related to your form of payment. We collect this information in order to process your request for travel services or to process refunds. We need your gender to determine the weight and balance of our aircraft and to assist us in identifying you for legal and security purposes. We may also use your personal information to contact you about your flight, flight booking or about anything that affects or may affect your flight booking or your flight, and to notify you that a credit that you have with WestJet has been created or an existing credit is going to expire. Additionally, we may leave an automated flight status message on any phone number you provide in the event of a change or cancellation of your reserved flight.

Adequate personal identification documents, including photographic likenesses, will generally be required in order to permit you to board an aircraft or access other services. This information is collected for security, legal and identification purposes and is generally returned to you immediately and not retained without your consent.

Following your flight, WestJet may also use your personal information to contact you about travel services, your travel patterns and your experiences when flying with us in the form of a survey. You can opt out of this program at any time.

Facebook Messenger bot

WestJet collects personal information about you through and in connection with the WestJet Facebook bot (“Bot”), offered via Facebook Messenger and third party service provider WestJet’s collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information via the Bot is in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In addition, our Bot operates on the Facebook Messenger platform (“Platform”). Accordingly, any information you submit on the Bot will also be submitted to Facebook who may make separate uses of your personal information for its own purposes in accordance with its privacy policies. Please refer to Facebook’s Data Policy for further information regarding Facebook’s uses of your personal information at: In using the Bot, you accept the terms of service and privacy policies of Facebook Messenger. WestJet is not responsible for Facebook’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information via Facebook Messenger and does not influence or control the policies of Facebook as regards collection, use, disclosure, and monitoring of and access to, the content of the conversations by Facebook. WestJet uses to facilitate your usage of the Platform. is a third party service provider who performs services relating to the Bot’s functionality on our behalf. collects and uses your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy at:

WestJet offers the Bot in order to respond to your requests for information and customer service related inquiries. The Bot is not to be used for sharing of sensitive data such as identification information (e.g. passport, drivers licenses or other IDs), payment information or other confidential or sensitive data. If you choose to disclose sensitive information via the Bot, you do so at your own risk. WestJet does not accept responsibility for any loss of or unauthorized access to such information when shared by you through your use of the Bot.

Requirements of government authorities

Because of the nature of the airline industry, and concerns with respect to safety and security, there may be situations in which WestJet is required or requested by legal authorities to collect, use or disclose personal information about you, particularly when you are traveling with us, without your knowledge or consent. Information that we are required to collect by any Canadian, U.S. or international government authorities, depending on your boarding location and destination, may include, as required by such authorities, your full name, date of birth, citizenship, gender, passport number and country of issuance, immigration visa number, permanent resident card number, the means by which you paid for your flight, details as to how it was booked, and any other personal information collected by us as set out in this policy or as required by such government authority. Please be advised that WestJet may disclose this personal information to authorities when required or requested in conjunction with the identification of lawful authority.

In certain circumstances where we believe unlawful or criminal activity is being committed to, on or against WestJet guests, people or property, we may disclose your personal information to appropriate government authorities or other non-governmental entities in order to allow them to properly investigate the matter.

Cross-border information

Because WestJet flies across international borders, personal information may be made available to government authorities in Canada and the United States, as well as any other international destination, as required by law.

In addition, WestJet uses third party providers of information technology, data processing, reservation services, data storage services and other services like providing you with a personal uniform resource locator (PURL). WestJet protects personal information disclosed to such third party service providers by contractual obligations of confidentiality and non-disclosure. Personal information, including medical information covered by this Policy, may be processed or stored outside of Canada, and such personal information may therefore be or become accessible to government authorities and agencies in other jurisdictions pursuant to lawful authority made under the laws of those jurisdictions.

Special needs

Subject to certain restrictions and the WestJet Booking Terms and Conditions, Tariffs and Conditions of Carriage, services are offered to persons with special needs. A special need includes situations in which an individual may require an attendant or other specific requirements to accommodate a disability. A special need also includes individuals who, for medical reasons, require a special arrangement in order to travel.

In order to properly serve persons with special needs, to assure the health and safety of all concerned, and to ensure that an individual qualifies for any special arrangement WestJet may offer, WestJet may require additional personal information, including relevant medical information and information on particular requirements, such as whether a wheelchair, oxygen supply or other special equipment are required, information on connecting flights or connections, as well as additional contact information in the event of an emergency. In situations where an individual requires that they be accompanied by another individual, WestJet will require personal information from that individual as a passenger on the basis set out in this Policy.

Unaccompanied minors

The unaccompanied minor program provided by WestJet (see for more details) requires additional information to be collected by WestJet, including names and contact information for those person(s) dropping off and meeting the minor.

Travel agents

When you book with us through a travel agent, your travel agent will provide us with the same personal information that we would otherwise collect from you directly in order to book a flight or other travel services. Unless and until we are advised otherwise, we will consider a travel agent to have your authority to provide us with your personal information to be used and disclosed by us pursuant to this privacy policy. Collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by your travel agent will be subject to your dealings with the travel agent and their privacy policies and practices.

Travel agent access to online information from WestJet is governed both by WestJet policies and by restrictions and levels of permission set up by the travel agency. Personnel in each travel agent office may be able to gain access to personal information concerning all clients and customers of the travel agency. Access to your personal information may not be limited to the individual travel agent you have dealt with as travel agents may share information. Any inquiries about another travel agency accessing your personal information should be directed to the original travel agency with whom you booked your flight.

Corporate and other third party bookings

If a third party, including a family member or friend, or your employer or another party other than a travel agent, has made or will be making a booking on your behalf, that party will provide us with the same personal information that we would otherwise collect from you directly in order to book a flight or other travel services. Unless and until we are advised otherwise, we will consider such third party to have your authority to provide us with your personal information to be used and disclosed pursuant to this privacy policy. Collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by a third party will be subject to your dealings with them and any applicable privacy policy and practices they may have.

Certain employers and other parties may be granted access to online information from WestJet with respect to your booking where your employer or other party has made that booking on your behalf. Such access is governed by our Terms of Use. Such other party, including any others to whom it grants permission, will be able to gain access to personal information concerning all individuals for whom they have made bookings.

Hotels and car rentals

If you book a hotel room and/or a car rental, you will be asked for your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information. This information is used and disclosed to confirm the hotel and/or car rental for you.

WestJet Rewards and mailing lists

Our WestJet Rewards account option allows you to provide us with your personal information for your convenience in booking and managing your travel with us, should you choose to sign up. An account is also required in order to be issued or use a WestJet flight or travel credit and to earn WestJet dollars in WestJet’s reward program.

When you sign in, our systems will automatically complete the fields when booking a flight, using your account information to fill in fields for your convenience, and after that the information is used and disclosed for the same purposes as if you had filled in the fields manually yourself. We strive to continuously improve the function of the fields available, but unless we advise you otherwise, any improvement in or addition to the fields will be subject to the same policies as set out in this policy. If you wish, you can remove your information from your account at any time, following which you will still be able to purchase services from us through our website, but you will have to fill in all the fields manually.

For certain opt-in services, WestJet may, with your consent, collect profile information about you (e.g. hotel and car preferences, etc), as well as demographic information (e.g. date of birth, etc). This information will be used to communicate specific information to you based on the profile and demographic information you provide.

If you would like to:

  1. Be informed of seat sales and other WestJet and/or WestJet Vacations promotional offers; or
  2. Be informed of special offers from our partners from time to time; then

you must first set up an account and check the applicable option or options, following which we will use your account to communicate with you via electronic communication as you have requested. You may withdraw your consent to any of the foregoing options at any time.

Guest Feedback

By submitting your comments on WestJet’s feedback section of its website, you agree that WestJet may use your comments for internal purposes such as, training or employee acknowledgment and recognition, and that WestJet may publish your comments on its Intranet or in other internal documents.

Promotional contests

WestJet may offer various promotions from time to time. When you enter a promotional contest, we ask for your name, date of birth, address (email and/or residential), social media handle and/or phone number so that we may communicate with you in the event you are a winner and so that we may verify that you are of sufficient age to participate or that you meet other eligibility requirements stated in any specific contest rules. Other information related to the promotion or contest may be requested if required by law.

Employment opportunities

WestJet offers employment opportunities in various locations, including over its website and others. If you would like to apply for a job at WestJet, you will be asked to provide your name, telephone number, address, email address, and other information concerning your application such as employment history, references and education. By submitting your application, you are consenting to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information for purposes of assessing your suitability for current and future employment opportunities at WestJet. In addition, you consent to the release of your personal information to our third party service providers for the purposes of pre-employment screening which may include a criminal background check and reference verification. If you are a successful candidate, this information will be retained by WestJet as long as reasonably required for purposes of managing your employment relationship or as otherwise required by law.

Cookies and other technology

A cookie is a small amount of data, often including a unique identifier, that is sent to your browser from a website's computer and stored on your computer's hard drive. We use "cookies" to collect and compile data. Cookies track the movements and interactions of visitors on our websites and allow us to collect information about visitor website usage patterns to better understand and meet their requirements with improved design, content, display of relevant features, and to provide you with various advertising services. Cookies also allow our websites to recognize your computer or device the next time you visit in order to provide a custom experience including remembering your choice of language, exposing you to certain website pages, and auto-filling certain forms based on your previous visit. This also allows us to automatically fill in certain fields as mentioned above in WestJet Rewards Account and Mailing Lists.

WestJet uses third-party advertising technology to serve ads when you visit our website and certain sites on which we advertise, using information from your visits to our website and those other sites to serve ads which are tailored to you. In the course of serving ads to you, a unique third-party cookie may be placed or recognized by your browser. In addition, we use pixels or transparent GIF files, often referred to as "web beacons", to help manage and optimize our online advertising. These are provided by external entities like Google, Facebook, and other social media companies, and enable our ad servers to recognize a browser's cookie when a browser visits our website and to learn which banner ads bring users to our website. The technology may also allow other service providers to receive information from our website related to our online advertising. With both cookies and web beacons, the information that we collect and share does not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address.

Google and other similar providers are subject to contractual restrictions with respect to personal information to protect your privacy. For more information about Google specifically, including information about how to opt-out of these technologies, go to

Additionally, you can opt out of WestJet's behavioural online advertising. To opt out of online behavioural advertising using AdChoices, click on the AdChoices Icon Ad choice icon in a banner ad. To opt out of online behavioural advertising on Facebook, click the x icon or Close icon on the top right corner of a Facebook ad and select 'Why am I seeing this?'.

Disclosure of personal information

WestJet discloses your personal information to third parties as required to process your request for travel services, including flights, hotel and car bookings, to provide services to you, display relevant advertising, as required by applicable law, or as otherwise set out in this policy.

WestJet is continuously seeking ways in which to better serve you. WestJet may therefore also disclose personal information concerning you to other organizations that may have affiliated programs to WestJet or other offers of interest to you to allow them to contact you, but WestJet will do so only with your consent, which you may withdraw at any time.

Personal information provided by you or on your behalf to book flights or other travel services will generally not be provided to anyone, including a spouse, family member, friend or coworker, without your consent, or as required by law, or as otherwise provided in this privacy policy. To protect your privacy rights and personal information, and for security and legal purposes, we therefore generally cannot disclose your personal information to any individual contacting us and claiming either to be a spouse, family member, friend, coworker or otherwise entitled to your personal information, or claiming to have your consent for us to do so, unless and until we have verified with you that you do in fact consent to our disclosure of your personal information to such specified individual. The exceptions to this are:

We will disclose your personal information on a reasonable basis to an individual who has booked your current flight or other travel service where that individual has adequately identified themselves. We will consider that, since they previously had your consent, express or implied, to deal with us, your consent continues. Please see Corporate and Other Third Party Bookings. We may also, with your consent, exchange your personal information, including medical information, with third party medical personnel in situations where you, or someone on your behalf, has requested special arrangements related to medical conditions or status. Please see Special Needs.

Where an individual contacts us and provides us with your full name and reservation code giving us reasonable grounds to conclude they are contacting us with your consent, express or implied, we will disclose flight information to that individual for the purposes of permitting that individual to meet your flight or be aware of delays, and other similar information. Flight information is limited to flight number, flight timing information, confirmation that you have or have not boarded a flight, and the departure and arrival locations of your journey with us. Flight information is provided as a service and convenience to you to permit meeting your flight and being aware of any delays or flights that are early. We will not provide other personal information such as home address or contact information to other individuals in these circumstances without your express consent. If you do not wish individuals to be able to obtain flight information from us, you should not share your reservation code with them. Likewise, your boarding pass contains personal information, and should be handled and disposed of in the same manner as any other personal information you may have in your possession. Otherwise, we will conclude that, where an individual has your reservation code, you have given your consent to their contacting us for your flight information. A reservation code refers to the confirmation number assigned by WestJet to you for a specific flight.

Partners and related service suppliers

WestJet may provide you with the opportunity to access products and services from third parties. Those third parties may collect, use and disclose personal information from you or about you in order to provide their products or services to you. The collection, use and disclosure of personal information by those third parties will be governed by their privacy policies and any consent you provide and, unless we advise you otherwise, WestJet has no access to or control over your personal information collected from you by those third parties.

Travel insurance

Any travel insurance purchased by you through WestJet is solely and directly offered, provided and underwritten by Allianz Global Assistance and WestJet expressly disclaims any responsibility with respect to such travel insurance purchased from Allianz Global Assistance. By choosing to purchase travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance you are consenting to allow WestJet to transfer your personal and credit card information and your reservation details ("Guest Information") provided to us through this website to Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance will bill you directly for any travel insurance product purchased from Allianz Global Assistance. Any indication on this website of the cost of a travel insurance product purchased from Allianz Global Assistance ("Travel Insurance Cost") indicates a Travel Insurance Cost charged by and determined by Allianz Global Assistance, and is provided to you by WestJet for your convenience, in order to provide you with a combined cost of airfare purchased from WestJet and insurance purchased from Allianz Global Assistance, based on Travel Insurance Costs provided by Allianz Global Assistance. WestJet has no control over Travel Insurance Costs and disclaims any responsibility in regard to such costs, including their accuracy, timeliness or availability.

Reward programs

From time to time we may assist you in participating in reward programs, and unless you are advised otherwise, the same general rules will apply as stated above.

WestJet may provide reward program-related information about you to other parties, such as participating partners, merchants or service providers, as required to administer the applicable reward program, to fulfill your redemption requests under the reward program, or to provide you with direct mail offers from or on behalf of our participating partners.

In order to improve your WestJet experience and the quality of services we provide to you, we can access technologies related to advertising. Through some of our partners, we can provide personal information to them in order to better serve your travel needs. If you are a rewards member using a "gmail" account, we provide that information to google who can in turn provide you with more directly applicable advertising. Your gmail address is sent in an encrypted fashion to google. In turn, they are able to determine appropriate advertising to send to you while you surf the internet.

Requirements of government authorities

As mentioned above, we are required to collect personal information by government authorities in the U.S., Canada and other countries, and that information may be disclosed to those authorities without your knowledge or consent as required by law. It is the policy of WestJet to only collect and disclose what is required by law, and nothing further.


WestJet has in place sophisticated security measures and procedures to ensure that your personal information is protected from misuse and from unauthorized access.

However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. We cannot ensure the security of the information you transmit to us over the Internet.

Retention of information

Retention periods

Personal information collected by WestJet is retained for as long as it is reasonably required for the purposes for which it was collected, or as required by law, following which it is securely destroyed or made anonymous. If you withdraw your consent to our retaining your personal information, we will advise you as to the consequences, if any, of your doing so.

Cancelling your account

If you have signed up to become a Rewards member to the WestJet website, you are then able to manage your own personal information, to view it and to modify it as you choose. You are also able to cancel your account completely at any time, but the consequences of doing so include forfeiting any flight or travel credits you may have, forfeiting any WestJet dollars earned under the reward program, no longer receiving electronic communications you may have signed up for and loss of automatic population of fields with your information. If you wish to cancel your account, please contact us by email. You can create a new account at any time, even after you have cancelled your account.

Expiry and termination of accounts

Until your consent is withdrawn, it is our policy to keep your WestJet account open indefinitely for your convenience in the event you decide to access it again, and, if you have signed up for electronic communication, to continue sending you information until you advise us that you wish to no longer receive it. However, we do reserve the right to terminate accounts and distribution of electronic communication at any time without notice.

Accessing your personal information

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this policy or the accuracy and completeness of any information in your file, if you wish to update any of your information, if you would like to see a copy of the information we have on file about you, or an account of the use that has been made of your information, please contact us.

Written inquiries can be directed to WestJet's privacy officer via:

You may also use the above information to withdraw any consent you have provided, or to register a concern or complaint with us. In all cases, we may require that requests for information or withdrawal of consent be received by us by email, fax, mail or otherwise in written form. We will also require that you provide sufficient information to allow us to locate your information to deal with your request.

Responding to you

All requests for access to your personal information and complaints must be provided in writing and our response will be subject to verifying your identity before replying. It is our policy to respond to all inquiries, requests for access to personal information and concerns or complaints within 30 days of our receiving them unless otherwise allowed or required by law. If we cannot fully respond within 30 days, we will still advise you of that within 30 days.

However, we cannot give you access to personal information that we do not have, or that would disclose personal information concerning another individual without their consent, or that we otherwise cannot disclose under applicable law. There are legal restrictions in certain cases where we are prohibited from providing you with certain information. We reserve the right, to refuse to provide access to information where we are not legally required to do so, in which case we will advise you of the reasons for doing so, and of the name of a person who can answer any questions you may have.