Our airline partners

WestJet is excited to connect our guests to the world, as well as welcoming new guests from around the globe by growing our network of code-share and interline partners.

Please be sure to check in with the airline that is operating your flight; or if you have connecting flights, the airline that is operating the first portion. The baggage policies of the other carrier may apply. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fees and policies of the airline that is operating your flight.

Code-share agreements allow multiple airlines to sell space on the same flight as if it were their flight. The airline selling seats is referred to as the marketing carrier; the airline providing the aircraft, crew and ground-handling support is referred to as the operating carrier.

When booking your code-share reservation, you can identify if any portion of your flight will be operated by another airline. The "Operated by:" section below your WestJet flight number will indicate the operating carrier for applicable legs of travel. The corresponding partner airline will likewise be indicated on the top left corner of your ticket after checking in.

Similarly, WestJet may be listed as the operating carrier when booking via one of our code-share partners.

Interline agreements between airlines facilitate travel for guests who require flights with more than one airline to reach their final destination. These agreements allow guests to travel across the networks of multiple airlines with the convenience of a single reservation and the confidence that their itinerary includes appropriate connection times. Travel is further enhanced when partner airlines agree to issue boarding passes and check baggage to the final destination, alleviating the need to check-in with multiple airlines at every stop.