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Most travellers can change or cancel a flight online.

Change or cancellation fees may apply per direction, per person for each affected flight, depending on the benefits of the fare you purchased.

Check your flight dates and times and review all your trip details.

Choose from a variety of fares, with options that include more flexibility. 

We have low fares that can get you where you’re going for less.

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Manage Your Existing Flight

Confirm your itinerary, add seats and bags, and manage your itinerary during a flight disruption.

Booking a New Flight

How to get the best price and book a flight online.

Types of Payment

How to pay with WestJet dollars, travel bank credits, companion vouchers and more.

Companion Vouchers

How to book with a companion voucher and pay for the remaining balance

Your Account

How to sign in, retrieve your password, find your WestJet Rewards ID and more.

Manage your trip

Change your flight and seats, add bags, review your itinerary and more.

Manage your existing flight

luggages on a cart

Baggage Information

Review information on our baggage guidelines such as size and weight allowances, and baggage fees to help you pack and plan according to your needs.

Prepare for your trip

Check WiFi availability, meal or entertainment options and more for your specific flight.

Booking a new flight

Choose from a variety of fares, with options that include more flexibility.

Helpful information when booking a flight

Cabin crew WestJetter

Types of payments

When it comes to paying for your flight or vacation, you’ve got options. We’ve put together simple, step-by-step instructions for how to book your flight or vacation with all types and combinations of available forms of payment.

Companion Vouchers

Get a reduced base fare for a guest when you book together.

Video Tutorials for how to use companion vouchers

We've created a small library of video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on redeeming your companion voucher with different payment types. 

Your Account

When you sign in to WestJet Rewards, you can manage your account, reset your password and check your Travel Bank credit balance.

WestJet gift card


Giving the gift of travel has never been easier. Mail a plastic gift card, send an e-gift card via email, or buy in-store at participating retailers across Canada.

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