Accessibility Plan


This Accessibility Plan supports the WestJet Group’s commitment to maintain a welcome, inclusive, and barrier-free environment. Our priority is to improve accessibility in all facets of our organization by identifying barriers and creating or amending policies and procedures.


Our Director, Regulatory Programs, has been designated to receive feedback on behalf of the entities in the WestJet Group.


The WestJet Group remains committed to consulting with persons living with disabilities to prepare, develop and maintain this Accessibility Plan, and the areas of the business addressed herein.  

In alignment with universal inclusivity principles, all aspects of our business will include consideration for persons with disabilities to ensure that they uphold dignity and independence for all. 

The WestJet Group is committed to developing employee and guest service policies that comply with: 

  • Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATPDR)
  • Part VII of the Air Transportation Regulations (ATR)
  • Personnel Training for the Assistance of Persons with Disabilities Regulations (PTR)

We have consulted with persons living with disabilities that travel with us, work with us, and communicate with us.