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  1. Employment
    Improving recruitment, retention, and promotion of person(s) with disabilities (which may be evident or not). 
  2. The Built Environment
    Accessibility of physical environments or features within these environments (examples: Office buildings, sites open to public, dimmed lighting, wider screen, etc.) 
  3. Information and Communication Technologies
    Ensuring that information and communication technologies are usable by all (examples: Digital applications, mobile applications, software, and websites, etc.) 
  4. Communication
    Making information and communication accessible to all. (example: using plain and simple language to make communications accessible, in both official languages). 
  5. The Procurement of Goods and Services facilities
    Ensuring goods, services and facilities are accessible by design and by default and improving the accessibility of tendering and procurement procedures. 
  6. The Design and Delivery of Programs and Services
    The design and delivery of accessible programs and services, including policies. This also includes assessing the accessibility of services, programs, and the policies in place.  
  7. Transportation
    Processes that could identify accessibility needs when it comes to transportation matters, whether for personal use or business travel.
  8. Areas designated under regulation
  9. Consultation
  10.  Other
     I’m not sure, or none of these options apply to my feedback.
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