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As a pilot, choosing an airline to fly with isn’t a small decision, but we believe we can make it an easy one. Whether you’re looking for proven stability, exciting growth opportunities, or a vibrant culture that makes you excited to go to work every day, the WestJet Group has it all. Read on to discover more reasons why pilots choose to fly with us, and how you can apply.  

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Why pilots choose the WestJet Group

Made up of WestJet, WestJet Encore and Swoop, the WestJet Group provides pilots with the opportunity to fly with the airline that best suits their level of experience and goals. 

At the WestJet Group, we believe that your professional goals and daily work life values go hand in hand.

From day one, WestJet and WestJet Encore pilots are given the opportunity for flexibility. All pilots have an equal chance at bidding on attributes such as pairing length, destinations, layovers, days off and report and release times, regardless of seniority*. You’ll also be able to drop, trade and pick up flights with ease using our trade system. 

There’s no feeling like coming home to your own bed—just ask a Swoop pilot. Since most of Swoop’s flying is out and back, you can spread your wings with the opportunity to arrive home at the end the day. 

*New WestJet hires are required to hold reserve.

Competitive salary, Benefits and our Savings Plan make flying with the WestJet Group an attractive option for pilots looking to grow with an airline and be based in Canada. All WestJet Group pilots also receive non-seniority standby and travel privileges.

As a pilot at the WestJet Group, you can look forward to both an exciting day-to-day and a bright future ahead.

You’ll be covered under our Flexible Benefits Package from your first day. Benefits include comprehensive coverage, allowing you to tailor a plan that perfectly suits the needs of you and your family.

Through our WestJet Savings Plan, you’ll have the opportunity to save for your future and watch your money grow. For every dollar you contribute to your savings plan, we’ll match a percentage to help you achieve your savings and retirement goals faster. 

Ask PilotRecruiting@westjet.com about recent updates to our compensation offering at Encore 


With an unwavering commitment to Safety Above All and the track record to prove it, the WestJet Group has attracted some of the best aviation professionals from around the globe, providing outstanding support and leadership for our pilots.

In operation for over two decades, the WestJet Group is an award-winning Canadian success story. With ambitious growth plans, along with more aircraft and routes being added around the globe, there’s substantial opportunity for advancement across the WestJet Group’s different airlines. It’s why many pilots choose to fly with us for their whole careers.

The WestJet Group has, and always will be, defined by our people: passionate, friendly individuals who go above and beyond in everything they do. It creates an atmosphere and culture that ensures our guests, and WestJetters alike, love where they’re going. Pilots must only interview once for a role within the WestJet Group. 

The WestJet Group

  WestJet Encore* Swoop WestJet

De Havilland Dash 8

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737 MAX


Boeing 737-700 ; 800

Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Technical requirements

First Officer: 250 hours (preference over 1000 hours)

Direct Entry Captain: 5000 hours

First Officer: 1500 hours 

First Officer: 1500 hours



Calgary, Toronto

Edmonton, Hamilton, Toronto

Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver 

  • Regional Experience Incentive Payment (REIP) bonus
  • Confirmed base at time of offer
  • Socialized bidding
  • Growth opportunities into Swoop and WestJet


  • Single-day pairings and short length pairings
  • Growth opportunities into Encore and WestJet 
  • Years of service and seniority carry over into WestJet 
  • Jump seat agreements with other airlines
  • Intercompany travel privileges with the WestJet Group
  • Socialized bidding for senior pilots
  • A diverse flight network including transatlantic and Caribbean destinations

*Ask PilotRecruiting@westjet.com about recent updates to our compensation offering at Encore

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Want to know what it's like to fly with the WestJet Group?

From training to scheduling, our pilots answer your questions and share why they choose us.

WestJet women leading the way

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