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Manage my vacations

Retrieve your vacations itinerary e-Ticket and select your seat using our self-serve platform

Vacations itinerary e-Ticket

To view your Vacations itinerary e-Ticket, please have your seven-digit booking number (e.g. 1234567) and departure date handy and enter in the form below. Your booking number is located in the confirmation email we sent you.

Select your seat

Window, middle or aisle?
You now have the option to select a seat for a fee.1

To select your seat, please have your six-character reservation code (e.g. ABCDEF) handy and click "select your seat" below where you’ll be taken to our Manage trips form. Your reservation code is located in your Vacations itinerary e-Ticket and can be accessed through the View vacations itinerary form above.

Select your seat

Once you’ve selected a seat, remember to print a copy of your receipt.