Assistance services

Many assistance services are available on WestJet operated flights. The details of services are outlined in each section, and upon request, we are pleased to:

  • check you in at the counter.
  • allow you to move to the front of the line at a check-in if you are unable to use an automated a self-service kiosk.
  • provide you with, if you are in a wheelchair or are not independently mobile, a place to wait that is near our staff while you wait to board, or if you are transferring to another flight. Check with you periodically to inquire about your needs and attend to those needs (as identified in the Canadian Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations).
  • provide a gate pass (at select airport locations) to a family member or friend so they may escort you to your departure gate (the person using the pass must have an unexpired valid government-issued photo identification).
  • assist you in proceeding through security screening and to the boarding area at the airport.
  • provide you with assistance in boarding and disembarking.
  • allow you to board your flight before other guests* if you require assistance with:
    • boarding
    • locating your seat or cabin
    • transferring between a mobility aid and your seat
    • storing your personal item or carry-on baggage
    • a description of the layout of the aircraft including the location of washrooms, exits, and the location and operation of the controls at your seat.
    • additional time to clean your seating area to remove potential allergens.
      *note: you must be present at the time of the pre-boarding call in order to use this service. Once general boarding begins, you may be required to board after other passengers.
  • give you a individualized safety briefing and demonstration, and we will advise you of any announcements made on board.
  • assist by opening food or beverage packages, cutting large food portions, and describing the food and its location.
  • assist you with storing and retrieving your carry-on and/or your personal bag.
  • assist you in accessing available in-flight entertainment systems.
  • assist you through border clearance and in collecting your checked baggage.
  • take you to the general public area upon disembarkation or to a location where terminal personnel may assist you with proceeding to the curbside zone or if you are transferring within the same terminal, to a location where you may receive assistance from another carrier in finding your connecting flight.

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