Special items

There's a wide range of special items to make note of, so we've listed everything here for you. We strongly recommend that you check your "special" item against the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency's (CATSA) "What Can I Bring?" search tool. Also, if your final destination is outside of Canada, check with the agency responsible for security in the country you are travelling to.

Special item consolidation rules: 

  • Duty free items must be consolidated with your fare’s carry-on bag and personal item allowance. Duty free is not allowable as an additional baggage item. 
  • Personal electronics MUST be placed into a personal item or carry-on bag. 
  • Food items may be brought on board for consumption during the flight. Items not consumed will be considered part of your fare’s carry-on bag and personal item allowance. 

Limits of liability

For domestic travel only, WestJet's maximum liability as a result of damage and/or loss is 1,288 Special Drawing Rights per bag (approximately $2,300.00 CAD). For international travel, WestJet's liability will be limited by either the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention, as applicable. In most cases, the limitation amount will be 1,288 Special Drawing Rights. If you have purchased excess valuation ‑ which is available at the airport, prior to departure, for a fee ‑ the maximum liability is $3,000.00 CAD/USD (which includes the standard 1,288 SDRs).

In the event that a bag is lost, guests will be reimbursed for their baggage fee in addition to settlement for the loss of baggage.

You may wish to consider the purchase of travel insurance for items valued exceeding WestJet's maximum liability.

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