Carry-on baggage

Our baggage allowances only apply on flights operated by WestJet or WestJet Encore. This includes domestic, U.S., international and chartered flights.

Travelling with one of our airline partners? Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fees for your journey by visiting our airline partners page. Fees are collected on a one-way basis by the airline operating the first flight for each direction of your journey.

Carry-on items help to make your trip more comfortable and convenient. We do our best to accommodate our guests' carry-on allowance in the cabin but acceptance of carry-on baggage is subject to space availability. Please review the details of our carry-on allowances below.

A fee will apply for gate checked bags larger than the standard carry-on size or in excess of the carry-on baggage allowance. only credit card as a form of payment is accepted at the gate.

Each guest in a confirmed seat is allowed one free piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item, total. Items which do not fit into the sizing device or exceed our carry-on allowance will be placed in checked baggage and applicable baggage fees may be collected.

When travelling on WestJet or WestJet operated flights, we encourage guests to independently place carry-on and/or personal items in to the overhead bins. Your smaller, personal item should be stowed under the seat in front of you.

When travelling on WestJet Link flights operated by Pacific Coastal, place smaller items in the overhead bin. Stow larger carry-on items under the seat in front of you. Valet cart service is also available for WestJet Link flights.

The carry-on item must be within 53 centimeters or 21 inches in length by 38 centimeters or 15 inches in width and 23 centimeters or 9 inches in height. The personal item must be within 41 centimeters or 16 inches in length, by 33 centimeters or 13 inches in width, by 15 centimeters or 6 inches in height.

The carry-on item must also be light enough to allow you to place the bag in the overhead compartment unaided. If you are a person with special needs or a person with a disability, assistance is available upon request.

  Maximum size
(length x height x width)

Carry-on baggage

53 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm
(21 in. x 9 in. x 15 in.)

Examples include but are not limited to a:

  • Backpack
  • Bag
  • Suitcase

Personal item

41 cm x 15 cm x 33  cm
(16 in. x 6 in. x 13 in.)

Examples include but are not limited to a:

  • Briefcase or purse
  • Camera
  • Garment, diplomatic, consular or camera bag
  • Kennel1
  • Laptop computer
  • Small musical instrument
  • Sports ball

All carry-on and personal items must:

  • fit in the sizing device at check-in;
  • be light enough to allow you to place the bag in the overhead compartment unaided. If you are a person with special needs or a person with a disability, assistance is available upon request;
  • be stored in the appropriate location for the item; personal items should be stored under the seat, and carry-on items should be stored in the overhead compartment on board the aircraft;
  • be acceptable as carry-on for the country to which you are travelling. Acceptable items vary by country. Visit to confirm what you are able to bring before your flight as WestJet is not responsible for items not permitted through security, at your point of departure or upon arrival at your destination;
  • pass through security. Make sure your carry-on complies as things you might not consider, like shampoo, perfume, toothpaste and moisturizers are only permitted in limited amounts.

You are not permitted to attach any unapproved device to any part of your seat or any other part of the aircraft. Some examples of unapproved devices include knee defenders, seat belt extensions and booster seats.

In the event space is not available on board for your carry-on item and it is required to be placed in checked baggage, or your existing checked baggage is delayed or damaged, we strongly recommend the following articles be packed in your personal item so they can travel with you in the cabin:

  • Identification
  • Travel documentation
  • Jewelry
  • Keys
  • Medication
  • Mobile devices

To help you make the most out of your trip, we've compiled our best packing tips; check out some more of our handy tips on how to pack smarter.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) regulates permitted and non-permitted items along with the size and packaging of all liquids, gels and aerosols through security. For more information on how to breeze through security visit or call 1-800-O-Canada.

WestJet also has some additional restrictions. Please see restricted items for more information.

In addition to the carry-on baggage allowance, the following items are also permitted:

Item Additional information

A diaper bag

Must contain items for an infant

An approved restraint system (car seat)

For use in a seat that has been purchased


  • Up to two litres of blood intended for personal use will be accepted as carry-on. Blood for non-personal use must be shipped as cargo.
  • Blood must be packaged in either plastic vials with screw-top lids taped shut, single-use vacuum collection tubes, or sealed plastic bags (preferably double-bagged).

  • As blood is handled as a perishable item, it must be packaged in a leak-proof container that is resistant to vibration or damage (such as a cardboard-enclosed StyrofoamTM box ice chest) with cold packs for cooling, and the container must then be single or double strapped with tape, string or elastic bands.
  • Airport security screening may request a letter issued by an authorized agency to confirm that the blood is non-infectious. Infectious blood samples are not accepted for transport.
  • If you are travelling internationally, it is your responsibility to confirm acceptance guidelines with customs at the destination country.

Cremated remains

  • All cremation containers will be X-rayed. Documentation from a funeral home does not provide an exemption to the screening requirement.
  • The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority recommends that cremated remains be transported in temporary containers (such as those made from plastic, cardboard or cloth) as these containers are more likely to scan clearly and pass security screening. Please note: screening officers are not permitted to open a cremation container, and will not inspect the contents if you open it yourself.

  • You may also bring the empty permanent container (such as metal, granite and ceramic) containers with you as carry-on baggage. 
  • Containers that do not pass security screening will not be accepted as carry-on baggage or for travel as checked baggage.
  • For more information please see visit

Duty free merchandise

    Duty-free alcohol purchased after security is allowed as carry-on baggage on direct flights operated by WestJet aircraft. Alcohol must be checked on WestJet flights with transfers or connections, or when it is purchased before clearing security.

    WestJet guests transferring from one of our airline partners originating in the European Union are permitted duty-free purchases as carry-on, providing the alcohol is packaged by the duty free vendor in a tamper-evident bag.

Food items

    For onboard consumption; in disposable packages and carried on your person or in your carry-on

Fragile items

  • Delicate scientific instruments
  • Human organs for transplant
Medical devices
  • Approved battery-powered portable oxygen concentrators for personal use may be used inflight.
  • We may accept irregularly sized approved medical devices which exceed the carry-on baggage allowance, if the device can be stowed in an approved location without exceeding the weight limit for the most appropriate area in the aircraft, and it will not obstruct access to safety equipment, exits or the aisle. In all cases, acceptance of these items is at the sole discretion of WestJet.
  • More details can be found in restricted items.

Medical syringes or needles

  • Will only be accepted when accompanied with medication that is professionally/pharmaceutically labelled with the guest's name.


  • In the original labelled container

Mobility devices

  • Examples include braces, canes, crutches and walkers

Personal clothing items/outerwear

  • Coats, hats, umbrellas.

Personal electronic devices

Battery-powered personal electronic devices may be transported for personal use and may be used when permitted by the inflight crew. Examples include:

  • Air purifiers
  • Calculators
  • Cameras
  • Cordless noise filtering headsets
  • Electric watches
  • Entertainment systems
  • eReaders
  • Hearing aids
  • Heart pacemakers

Guests may transport but may not use the following personal electronic devices in the cabin:

  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Vaporizers

Transmitting portable electronic devices

Battery-powered transmitting portable electronic devices may be taken in carry-on baggage, however because they transmit a signal, they must be set in "Airplane mode", which turns off the connectivity to cellular/mobile networks. You may use these in "Airplane mode" when advised by your inflight crew.

Some examples of a transmitting portable electronic device include:

  • Cellular phones
  • Entertainment/gaming devices
  • Tablets

Guests may take, but not use the following items in the cabin:

  • AM/FM transmitters and receivers
  • Remote-controlled toys, such as drones
  • CB radios
  • Portable two-way radio communication devices


Even though the turboprop is big on style, there is less space available for carry-on baggage. As such, you may be asked to check carry-on items even if they fit in the carry-on sizing device before you board the aircraft. If your carry-on items contain essential items such as medication, laptops, keys or fragile objects, please ensure these valuables travel with you in the cabin as carry-on items that are checked prior to boarding will not be available until after the aircraft has arrived and taxied to the terminal.

Here are some guidelines for storing your carry-on baggage in the overhead bin, illustrated in a handy infographic. When in doubt, please defer to the judgment of the flight attendants.

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