WestJet Privacy Request Form

This form is for data privacy-related requests only. For membership-related self-service tasks, such as:

  • updating your WestJet Rewards Account profile
  • redeeming your WestJet dollars, or
  • unsubscribing from email marketing or notifications please login here.
  • For reservation concerns and other types of requests, please contact us.

Under privacy legislation, you can make various requests regarding your data. You will be required to provide personal information when submitting any of the following requests.

If you wish to receive a summary of your information we have stored or to have your information forgotten from our systems, please fill out the mandatory fields in the form below. To achieve the most complete results, fill in additional fields to your best ability.

Access to information requests for your personal data related to the following:

  • Flights
  • Vacations
  • Car Rental
  • Hotels
  • Cargo
  • Employment

You will receive a report detailing your personal information contained in WestJet’s databases.

Right to be forgotten requests to have your personal-identifiable information removed from WestJet’s databases.

* This action cannot be undone.
* This cannot be requested if you have an active reservation with WestJet or WestJet Vacations.
*Any unused WestJet dollars or WestJet Rewards vouchers will be forfeited.

The information you provide on the Privacy request form will be used solely to verify your identity and process your request. If you do not provide all the requested information, we may not be able to validate your identity or process your request. You may be asked for additional information if this request is being submitted on behalf of another guest.

You may contact WestJet’s Privacy Officer at privacy@westjet.com if you have further questions about our Privacy policy.

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