European Air Passengers Rights Regulation

In line with guidelines set out by the European Air Passengers Rights Regulation (261/2004), you may be entitled to compensation for the interruption in your travel plans. Compensation amounts are based on the length of the delay and the distance of the flight, to a maximum of 600€ (or the cash equivalent in £, CAD or USD).

Please fill out the form below for each individual traveller if:

  • you were on a WestJet-operated flight departing from the European Union or United Kingdom
  • you arrived at your final destination, as indicated on your booking, three or more hours after your scheduled arrival time.
  • your final destination was St. John's, Newfoundland and you were delayed over two hours you may also qualify
  • the delay was a result of factors that are deemed within WestJet's control.

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Prior to selecting your compensation type, we recommend you discuss your options with your financial institution. Not all banks are able to accept international money orders or cheques. In addition, there may be lengthy holds and you may incur fees from your institution (which will not be reimbursed by WestJet). Please note, once you have made your selection, your decision is final.

WestJet dollars will expire one year from the time they are issued. Learn More about WestJet dollar redemption.

Only eligible for flights departing from an EU country.

Example: WS 123

A 6-digit alpha-numeric code

A 13-digit number that can be found on the boarding pass issued to you at the time of check-in or on the eTicket receipt emailed at the time flight reservation

By providing my flight information and WestJet ID, I acknowledge that I am a member of WestJet Rewards and am eligible for this compensation. If it is determined that I have a valid WestJet ID but am not enrolled in WestJet Rewards, WestJet will enrol me in the program on my behalf.