Blind or partially sighted

We make every reasonable effort to assist guests who are deaf or have partial sighted. If you have any additional questions or require more detail about the information below, please contact us.

Web services for guests that are blind or partially sighted


You may discuss your seating needs with an agent, or if you notify us of your requirement a minimum of 48 hours before your flight departure, and do not select a seat, our system will automatically provide a seating accommodation at no charge to an available seat that is appropriate for your needs as outlined below. We will make every reasonable effort for requests made within 48 hours before flight departure.

Aircraft Seating recommendation

WestJet Link (Saab)

Rows 4-5

Encore (DHC-8-400)

Rows 7-10


Rows 6-9

737-800 and 737 MAX 8

Rows 7-11

737-800 and 737 MAX 8
(economy only configuration)
Rows 8-14


Rows 15-23 & 28-38
Note: guests cannot be seated in row 26 

Many of our aircraft are equipped with tactile row markers located on the overhead bins or on the aisle seats. Tactile row numbers are in raised characters and/or Braille.

At the airport

We will allow you to board before other guests in order to help you locate your seat and store your personal item and carry-on baggage or to facilitate a review of the layout of the aircraft and controls at your seat. Once general boarding begins, you may be required to board after other passengers.

Service on board the aircraft

While on board, our cabin crew will:

  • Describe the layout of the aircraft, including the location of washrooms and exits, and the location and operation of any controls at your seat.
  • Upon request, describe the meal and beverage offerings. (If you would like to preview our menu options before flight or using your personal device, please visit
  • Assist by opening food or beverage packages, cutting large food portions, and describe the food and its location.
  • Assist you in moving between your seat and the washroom. Please be aware that you must be able to attend to your own personal needs as our cabin crew members are not permitted to assist with personal hygiene. If you need more assistance, you may need to be accompanied by you’re a personal attendant.
  • Provide an individual safety briefing prior to flight departure. Supplemental briefing cards are also available in Braille or large-print format in English and French on all WestJet aircraft.

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