Mexico flight and service disruptions

  1. If the delay is more than one hour and less than four, the passenger will be provided with a voucher for food and beverages, or a discount for 7.5% of the total ticket value.
  2. If the delay is greater than four hours, the passenger will be compensated in accordance to the law.
  3. In all cases of flight delay or cancellation, the airline must provide access to telephone calls and e-mails to the affected passenger.
    In event of a flight cancellation the passenger may elect the following:
  4. In event that the passenger decides not to travel or the flight was cancelled definitely. The passenger may request a refund of the price of the ticket.
  5. In event of a flight cancellation the airline must provide transportation on the next available flight (including rescue flights as applicable).
  6. In event of an overnight stay the airline must provide hotel and if necessary transportation to/from the airport.
  7. In the event that the passenger requests transportation for a future date, alternate flight arrangements will be offered subject to availability.
  8. If the passenger, due to a cancellation, chooses reimbursement or transportation at a future date, the passenger must be compensated with the 25% of the total price or unused portion of the ticket.

In event that the passenger is entitled to compensation the request must be processed within 10 days.