Introducing WestJet-X

We’re taking our commitment to affordable travel to an all-new destination: Space. Book your seats today for an adventure that’s out of this world.  


Affordability is our mission

Taking payloads without making you pay loads. 

We believe it shouldn’t cost as much as 50 electric cars to experience the cosmos. With options like aisle seats and one-way tickets, we’ve cut the cost of spaceflight in half.  

Aircraft nose
Planet earth

The sky’s not the limit

We’ve always had a knack for flying. Especially up. This time, we’re going up a little further. Enjoy the caring WestJet service you know and love, while on your way to somewhere totally out of this world.  


  • Complimentary soft drinks and pretzels. 
  • WestJet Connect, our on-demand inflight entertainment system: featuring Planet of the Apes.
  • Wi-Fi available so you can TikTok from space. 

Floating pretzels
WestJet-x aircraft flying over planet earth

Spacecraft features: 

  • Pressurized cabins for breathability and comfort.   
  • Aerodynamically-er designed. 
  • Safety Above All (always—including space). 

Dreamliner in the dark

“A must.”

- Elon Must.


–An alien. 

“Very disappointed.”

-Flat earther.

Dreamliner tail

April Fools’ 

We may have spaced out for a minute, but we’re back and ready to help you unearth your next adventure.