Exclusive discounts

If you’ve been offered a discount, it’s a great day. Exclusive discounts are real-time offers that have been made just for you. Take advantage of it now, before it disappears.

If you or someone you know has received one, here’s everything you need to know.

Each offer is exclusive and personalized to your WestJet experience. Stay on the lookout for future discounts.

As we improve our digital experiences, we’re experimenting with what we offer on your desktop and mobile. When and why you are presented an offer depends on a variety of things, so be sure to take advantage when you see it.

We only make the offer on WestJet’s digital booking channels: WestJet.com, our mobile apps, and Juliet on Facebook messenger, which are all legally compliant. This offer is not applicable if you come from 3rd party online travel sites like Google, Kayak etc.


We recommend you book immediately to take advantage of any offer presented to you, as they are only valid for the moment they are displayed.

Standard terms and conditions apply.

Once your flights have been selected on the flight confirmation step, you will not be able to opt out of this offer.

This offer can be combined with Rewards offers when booking online. Rewards members can use their tier benefits in conjunction with this offer.

This offer cannot be combined with other flight sales. If you are eligible for the exclusive discount, it will automatically appear on flight confirmation step.

No, this offer is only applicable on all WestJet’s digital booking channels: westjet.com, our mobile apps and Juliet on Facebook messenger.

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