Assistance services

Looking for help? No problem. We’re here for you.

By notifying us a minimum of 48 hours before your flight's departure, we can support your request to travel:

Please note: all special requests, including requests to travel with a service animal, require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before departure. We will make a best effort to accommodate requests made with less notice.

In addition to preparing for the above requests, we offer other assistance services on WestJet operated flights:

We block some seats near the front of the aircraft for guests with medical or disability related needs. If you self-identify at check in that you have a medical or disability related need to be seated in this area, and the seats have not already been requested by other guests with medical or disability related needs, we may be able to seat you there.

Participating airports may provide a family member or friend with a gate pass, which will allow them to escort you to the departure gate. The person requesting the gate pass must have valid government-issued photo identification that is not expired.

We can assist if you need help getting to and from the aircraft using a wheelchair and/or assistance in transferring to/from your seat using an onboard wheelchair. We strongly request a minimum of 48 hour's-notice so we can prepare for your arrival.

Special safety briefings are available if you have a physical, sensory or comprehension limitation. These individual safety demonstrations/briefings can be given on:

  1. Operation of seat belts
  2. Placement of any service animals
  3. Use of fixed oxygen system
  4. Seat backs and chair table
  5. Stowage of carry-on baggage
  6. Life vest (if required)
  7. Description of preferred, alternate exits
  8. English/French Braille and large print safety briefing cards
  • If you have limited or reduced mobility and need assistance in transferring to your seat, we can assist by using an Eagle transfer device. The device has a maximum lift capacity of 200 kg (440 lbs)*. To see how this device is used, view the manufacturer's video. To ensure your safety and the safety of the WestJetter's assisting you, if you require us to transfer you, and if this lift is available, it must be used.
  • If the Eagle transfer device is not available, we will use a transfer kit which includes a sling, a transfer belt, and a transfer board. If you exceed 200 kg (440 pounds), we cannot accept you for travel. Please contact WestJet's Special Care Desk as we may be able to assist in making alternate arrangements.
  • We permit up to two guest owned folding manual wheelchairs to be taken in the cabin of our Boeing 787 Dreamliner; these wheelchairs will be stored in an appropriate location on board, but may not be used onboard the aircraft


  • We can also assist in transferring you to the lavatory using an onboard wheelchair. Our cabin crew will transport self-reliant guests to and from the onboard lavatory.
  • Our cabin crew members are not permitted to assist with personal hygiene; If you are travelling on a WestJet Encore Q400 or WestJet’s Boeing 737 aircraft (all models) you must be able to attend to your own personal needs, stand/pivot and/or bear weight and move within the space in the lavatory. Please be aware that the lavatory's doorframe prohibits the onboard wheelchair from entering on all aircraft with the exception of our Boeing 767 and 787 Dreamliner which have accessible lavatories that are large enough to accommodate you and your attendant to enter. The onboard wheelchair may be used into the lavatory.
  • Regardless of aircraft type, privacy necessitates that our crew will not assist inside the lavatory, other than to offer stability as you enter and exit the lavatory. You must lock and unlock the door or request the flight attendant to lock the door from the outside.

Accessible seating is available if you need to be transferred using the Eagle lift device or a a slide board to move into your seat. Seating with armrests that lift can be assigned for accessibility if requested a minimum of 48 hours in advance, and a best effort if 48 hour's-notice is not provided.

Depending on the configuration of the aircraft operating your flight, seating accommodations may vary, and some seats may be restricted.

Travelling abroad with a special need can pose unique challenges. International accessibility services and amenities may not meet Canadian or American standards and may differ from location to location. WestJet Vacations strives to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to make your vacation a remarkable experience, however when we are unable to guarantee the availability of or access to accommodations or other third party services for guests with special needs in destinations outside of Canada and the U.S., WestJet Vacations will make a best effort to provide acceptable arrangements and will commit to disclose any arrangements in advance when possible. Please call us at 1-877-737-7001 so that we can help ensure your vacation needs are met and provide you with a list of our current hotel partners that may be able to meet your travel needs.