WestJet is committed to the safety of all our guests and we respect the concerns of guests with severe allergies that may cause a person to experience significant physical distress if they are directly exposed to the allergen. Please understand that our aircraft is open to the public, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment.

Regardless of the type of allergen, we will make best efforts to help limit your exposure to allergens by:

  • Grooming after each flight and regularly cleaning and sanitizing the aircraft. See how we clean.
  • Equipping our aircraft with industry-leading air circulation systems containing a HEPA filter, which captures and filters 99.99% of all airborne particles.
  • Allowing you to board the aircraft before other guests, provided you are at the gate during the pre-boarding process and before general boarding starts.
  • Without identifying the allergic guest, advising guests sitting in the same bank of seats to refrain from consuming or using products that might cause an allergic reaction.
  • Limiting the number of pets on each flight, except for service animals.

NOTE: Minors cannot travel unaccompanied if they have a severe allergy and are required to travel with epinephrine. 

A one row buffer zone will be provided to minimize the risk of direct exposure to an allergen. The one row buffer zone is the bank of seats adjacent to the guest with the severe allergy, and does not include seats in front of, behind or across the aisle. In Business Class seating, the buffer zone consists of the individual seat only.

We require the completion of the WestJet Medical Information Form at least 48 hours before departure in order to provide this accommodation. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate requests made within 48 hours. 

Allergens can be carried unknowingly or be present on board. We also cannot prevent guests from using or consuming allergens on board. Please prepare yourself for travel by doing the following:

  • Follow the guidance of your physician, which may include travelling with at least one dose of epinephrine auto-injector, antihistamine and/or inhaler. It is important that these items are carried in your personal item that is to be stored under your seat. You should not place these items in carry-on baggage that goes in the overhead bin or carry these items in checked baggage.
  • Bring protective and cleaning supplies with you to limit any risk of allergic reaction and to clean the seat and tray table.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after you eat.
  • Present yourself to the agent if you would like to board in advance of other guests to clean your seating area. You must be present at the time of the pre-boarding call to use this service.
  • Bring food and beverages you know are safe to consume. 
  • For those guests with dietary restrictions, special meals are available for pre-ordering.

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