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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
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  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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Loved it!!!

Gyspygirl (Little Rock, Arkansas) on Jun 13, 2021

Stayed in the Jamaica section and it was very close to skyliner. It was about a 5-7 minute walk to main pool and food area. We ate dinner and breakfast in the centertowne market and it was nothing to write home about but decent. Across the street by skyliner there is a coffe and donut stand for grab and go. Donuts are huge. We enjoyed movies on the lawn at night. There is a nice gift shop. Did not use disney magical express. Room was clean but bathroom was very small. Double vanites outside of toilet area was a plus. Lots of towels and one stain on pillow but all in all it was a great stay and we would return

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Visiting the glorified Caribbean

501pickler (Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin) on Jun 13, 2021

I am in the hotel room right now. It is 7:35 am, my family is still asleep. I can hear faint voices outside as people get ready for the day. I'm in Disney World! In the middle of the pandemic! I still can't believe it. It's been nearly 2 years since I came here due to Covid, but now, I'm finally here. In the past two years I've been staying at local hotels in my home town. Some of them are very nice, but they all reminded me of how much better the Disney hotels are. I stayed at this golf course vacation resort place. It was plenty nice and huge, with vacation homes built all around a golf course, but no comparison to a Disney hotel, where every blade of grass is manicured. Back then I was in a 2 bedroom suite, and now I am in a room with two beds that costs twice as much but 100 times better! I feel like I'm in the Caribbean without actually being in the Caribbean. The whole resort is huge and enclosed around a lake, so besides being immensely beautiful with lake view, it's also feels so safe, with no cars or shady people to worry about. I was once alone visiting Seattle in the evening on a busy street when this young, tall, handsome guy walked up to me asking for money and food. I didn't mind giving him money or food but I always worry that it might be an excuse to attack me. There is no such worry in Disney World! I love the Caribbean Beach resort but really, any Disney hotel, even the cheapest one, is super, immensely superior to any other hotel if you are here on vacation. For example, I stayed at the Hyatt at the Orlando airport the night before, which is very nice, but still nothing compared to the Caribbean Beach. Here you have an outdoors themed pool with special area for little kids - you don't find that anywhere else. You find so many people having the time of their lives, you can just feel the happiness in the air. I took the Skyliner (gondola) to Pop Century in the afternoon, in the heat of the sunny day (high 85). I thought it was going to be hot in there but it wasn't at all. There was a constant draft through the cabin due to lots of ventilation. And I didn't feel a lot of sun on me, so the tinted windows really work. I dislike being shined on directly and always look for shade. At one point, I actually got cold in there because the wind was so strong (very windy day). Next week it's going to be 95, so I'll see how that works. So the Skyliner is a huge perk for this hotel. I was also going to go to Riviera on the Epcot Skyliner, but they had a huge line there at 6 p.m., so I decided to walk instead, which took about 10 minutes. The line was moving, but it would have probably taken 10 minutes to get through. I was a bit surprised to see a line at off hours, but even back when they were running buses, there usually were a big crowd to go to Epcot in the evening. Hollywood Studios Skyliner has no line. My hotel room looks out at the Epcot Skyliner, and it seems like every other time I look at the gondolas, they are stopped in the air. So for dinner, we walked to the Riviera hotel next door to eat at their food court named Primo Pietto (or something like that). The walk was really pleasant, not too hot or cold. The food was a long wait, but it tasted amazing! No wonder it has excellent reviews on the internet! We didn't eat at our own food court because there's nothing edible in there. Caribbean Beach used to have a pretty bad tasting food court that looked beautiful. It looked exactly like a Caribbean market place. Then they bulldozed it put in this new thing that's uglier with even worse food. But that's the only thing inferior about Caribbean Beach. Everything else is totally amazing. I am here with 3 kids, so my youngest, age 5, slept on the pull out bed under the TV. He thought it was cool. My teen slept on a twin air mattress that fits perfectly between the door and the first bed. (tip: buy a wireless, USB rechargeable mini air pump from Amazon. They work great on pumping air mattresses, and you don't have to figure out where to plug it in in a hotel room.) So everybody gets his own bed. The hotel room is awesome for a standard hotel room. The only drawback is that the plugin next to the bed is too weak and nothing stays plugged in in there. It needs to be replaced. I've found this problem in other Disney hotel rooms (such as the Grand Floridian) as well. The internet is good, though not as good as that of the airport Hyatt. That's something to be thankful for because I stayed at the Pop Century and the Port Orleans Riverside before where the internet didn't work at all and had to call them to fix it. But don't let that stop you from staying there: those are all awesome hotels that are different from the Caribbean Beach, but still awesome! Sadly, Port Orleans is closed right now due to covid. One thing odd that happened to me that's never happened before at a Disney hotel is that when I arrived at the hotel by uber, the guard asked me for my id. That's never happened before; in the past, they either ask for nothing, or they scan my magic band to make sure I was a registered guest. I offered him my magic band but he said he couldn't do that. (Why? They've been doing that for years.) So I gave him my id, and he looked at it but did not check it against a list or scan it or anything. Then he let me in. People think of the Caribbean as a tropical paradise. The Caribbean Beach Resort looks just like it except that it is manicured, sanitized, secured and high tech, making it a true paradise. It seem that the hotel only has a 4 star rating here rather than a 4 and a half star like most Disney hotels, but don't let that deceive you. This hotel is extremely popular and difficult to book, not to mention super expensive compared to similar Disney hotels. The main reason is that Disney recently bulldozed a large chunk of the hotel to build a new hotel called Riviera, so Caribbean Beach lost about a third of the rooms, making the remaining rooms more in demand.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

HUGE resort - not my favorite

LKS28 (Heyworth, Illinois) on Jun 12, 2021

We stayed here based on an “upgrade” from Pop Century in May 2021. I wished we have declined the upgrade since we really like Pop and the size of that resort. We were only here for 3 nights, so it wasn’t too bad - but the only time we went to the main building was the day we checked out (it is a long walk and the inner resort transportation didn’t run that early in the morning). We were in Jamaica, which was a great location while there. The buildings are 2 levels and no elevators. We were on the second floor and a corner room, so we had 2 windows, which was nice. Across the street from the Skyliner (game changer for transportation) and a bus stop just a quick walk away. The room was nice - clean and just right for 2 people. It had 2 queen beds and room for our carryon luggage to be out of the way. The bathroom part with the toilet and bathtub is teeny tiny. It is definitely a plus that the sinks are separated, which helped when getting ready for the day. Our stay was nice, however, I wouldn’t pick this resort on my own - too big and too spread out. We didn’t eat at all here, so I cannot say anything about the dining facilities or the pools.

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Beds were horrible!

Adventurer275187 on Jun 10, 2021

The beds were like a 6” camper bed with no base. Also, the mattress sagged from one end to the other. They only pick up towels, empty garbage and leave towels every other day. Beds weren’t changed or made during our 7 day stay.The carpet was stained and the floor around the toilet was disgusting. There is no microwave to reheat food.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not up to Disney expectations

ILUVAK (Anchorage, Alaska) on May 23, 2021

We stayed in the family suite with the fold down bunk for 8 nights/ 6 people including an infant and toddler. Bottom line - not worth the price. Pros: the skyliner is close and a fun easy way to get to 2 parks. The pool facilities are very nice including a splash area perfect for toddlers Cons: maintenance- our room looked beat up in general. One problem was the bathroom door wouldn’t lock. We complained once to twice daily x 5 days before giving up on this issue ever being fixed. Each day we were told it would be fixed the next day. Finally on day 4, I asked to switch rooms but would have needed to be available from 11-? to move all of our belongings and had to give up significant time at the park without a specific move time or knowing how far I would need to move 6 peoples belongings. Housekeeping- due to Covid the policy was light housekeeping every other day. MThis meant no linen changes- no cleaning the bathroom etc x 8 days. In reality housekeeping only appeared outside of our door when we would call for more washcloths etc. 8 days with 6 people in a small room with no housekeeping is a mess. We ran out of toilet paper, had to call the front desk, they first sent someone to refill shampoo, then had to call again for TP. We were instructed to leave towels and garbage outside- as was everyone else so the entire hotel just had garbage bags and towels laying around. It was impossible to ever get 6 washcloths. Usually when asking for 6, I would get 2. Size of room- even under the best of circumstances this room was small - not designed at all as big enough for 5. Only storage was 3 small drawers under pull out bed. The other drawers are actually a faux cover for the mini fridge & there is one wardrobe. The fold down bed is small and would fit a 10 year old child - which worked for our child but would be uncomfortable for an adult. Staff- the front desk staff couldn’t care less about our lock, washcloth, toilet paper Issues. It’s as though they’ve been trained to not apologize. Very off putting. It was especially frustrating when I was trying to figure out logistics for a room change & couldn’t get a timeline for move even when I had park tickets. Bottom line: this was my first time staying on Disney property. It was a splurge & it wasn’t worth it. I don’t think we’ll ever stay on property again.

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