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More ways to save with your WestJet dollars

Member Exclusive fares offer great value with exclusive discounts. To unlock the savings, the entire base fare must be paid with WestJet dollars.

These fares, offered only to WestJet Rewards members, are now available on more seats across our network, with new options to book in our Economy, Premium and Business cabins. Sign in before you search to see when Member Exclusive fares are available for booking.

Member Exclusive fares are shown alongside our other fares when you book online. This provides you with all the flight price details in one place, so you can make the best flight choice for your needs.

Remember, sign in when you book and see when Member Exclusive fares are available.

Getting to know the new Member Exclusive fares:

  • The base fare for all guests must be paid in full with WestJet dollars.
  • You will not earn WestJet dollars or qualifying spend on Member Exclusive fares.
  • Member Exclusive fares, when available, will always provide the member with an already applied discount off the base fare of the cabin equivalent fare option.*
Member Exclusive fare Cabin equivalent fare option

Member Exclusive (Economy)


Member Exclusive (Premium)


Member Exclusive (Business)


*Equivalent fare rules apply (i.e. Member Exclusive (Economy) follows the Econo fare rules. Member Exclusive (Premium) follows the Premium fare rules. Member Exclusive (Business) follows the Business fare rules)

Member Exclusive fares are 100% redemption fares; consequently, they are not eligible for accrual of WestJet dollars, nor do they count toward qualifying spend.

Sign in when you book to see when Member Exclusive fares are available.  Member Exclusive fares will show if they are available for your selected flight. They are not offered on all flights.

Bookings made prior to November 4, 2021 can be changed by calling our Contact Centre.

Effective November 4, 2021, for changes on a Member Exclusive fare, the original booking must be cancelled and a new booking made, subject to Member Exclusive fare availability. This cancellation and rebooking can be done on Manage Trips, by calling our Contact Centre, or through the priority support numbers available to Platinum and Gold members. 

If a Member Exclusive fare is not available, the booking will be cancelled and the WestJet dollars redeemed towards that booking will be reinstated to your account. The original expiration date associated with those WestJet dollars (if applicable) will continue to apply. 

Fares will not be bookable if you do not have enough WestJet dollars in your account to cover the cost of the base fare.

Members who wish to purchase a Member Exclusive fare but do not have enough WestJet dollars can continue to purchase WestJet dollars online or through our Contact Centre, or through the priority support numbers available to Platinum and Gold members. The best way is to accelerate your collection of WestJet dollars is with an award-winning WestJet RBC® Mastercard.

If you don’t have enough WestJet dollars to cover the whole fare, don’t worry. You can still use your WestJet dollars on any regularly published fare, as a partial redemption to reduce the cost of your flight. Redeem as few as 15 WestJet dollars per guest, per direction of travel on any WestJet marketed flight. Learn more.

Member Exclusive fares are currently only available on WestJet-marketed and operated flights. Member Exclusive fares on partner flights will return in the future – stay tuned for more information.

When making a booking, you will be able to combine any fare, in any cabin. This means Member Exclusive fares can be combined with other regular fares across any cabin, providing more flexibility in your choice of fare. You could book a Member Exclusive fare for one-way of travel and a different fare for your return.

Member Exclusive fares cannot be combined with companion vouchers.

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