Special items

  • Identification: All ID should be packed in your personal carry-on item.

  • Medication: Please take all required medication on board in your personal carry-on item. Medication should have a professional pharmaceutical label showing your name on the container. If you require syringes to administer medication, we strongly recommend you bring these syringes on board also. Syringes must have the needle guard intact. If you require medication during your flight and are unable to administer it yourself, you will be required to travel with a personal attendant. For more information on travelling with a personal attendant, please visit our additional seating.

  • Keys: These may be packed in your personal carry-on item; however, they may not hold any item that is prohibited. Please refer to Transport Canada's listing of permitted and prohibited items.

  • Jewelry: Jewelry should be packed in your personal carry-on item.

  • Wrapped items: These may be opened for inspection when brought as carry-on. Please leave your packages unwrapped.

  • Musical instruments: Although seats may not be purchased for instruments, we will accept small instruments as part of the carry-on baggage allowance. Exceptions may be made for irregular-sized instruments. All instruments must be stowed in the overhead compartment, under the seat or in other approved locations. This is left to the discretion of the cabin crew and Customer Service Agent upon checking flight and baggage loads. Instruments may also be accepted in checked baggage when they are properly packed. Applicable excess baggage fees will apply.

  • Wedding dresses: Please feel free to bring your wedding dress on board in a garment bag as your personal item. There are no closets in the cabin, so please wait until all other carry-on baggage has been loaded and place your dress on top. We do not recommend bringing your dress in checked baggage.

  • Seafood and perishable items

    WestJet does not accept liability for spoilage for any reason including delays.

    WestJet will accept perishable items (including floral products, fruit, meat etc.) as part of your checked baggage and/or carry-on baggage allowance. Improperly packaged items will not be accepted for transport in carry-on, checked baggage or cargo. Live fishery products (lobster, crab, etc.) are not allowed on flights to Dublin – all products must be eviscerated, and fishery products including prepared lobsters must not exceed 20 kilograms or one fish per person.

    Perishable items must meet the weight and size guidelines, and must also:

    • Be packaged in a leak proof container (e.g. a metal or plastic cooler) that is able to withstand shock, normal handling, vibration, changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. For this reason, Styrofoam™ coolers will not be accepted as checked baggage.
    • Be marked as "perishable" or "seafood", and have a directional "this side up" arrow. WestJet will also tag the item as "fragile".
    • Use only acceptable coolants which include gel packs and frozen vegetables. Your perishable items cannot be packed with regular ice or brine (which is corrosive).

    Seafood which includes shellfish such as crabs, crayfish, lobsters, mussels, shrimp and ocean plant life (such as kelp) will be accepted on flights (with the exception of Dublin):

    • when packed with protective padding (Styrofoam™ inserts as provided by commercial seafood retailers)
    • when packed with absorbent material between the plastic bag and the inner wall of the outer packaging
    • when cooked, provided it is in a sealed plastic bag before being packed.
    • when live, provided it is accompanied by an acceptable coolant (see above) to keep the shellfish damp during transportation.
  • Camera film: Film should be packed in carry-on baggage, as screening machines for checked baggage may affect it. Film below ISO 800 won't be harmed by carry-on screening machines. However, you can request a hand inspection.

  • Alcohol:


    • Duty-free alcohol purchased after security is allowed as carry-on baggage on direct flights operated by WestJet aircraft. Non duty-free purchased alcohol must be checked on WestJet flights with transfers or connections, or when it is purchased before clearing security.

      Duty-free liquids, including duty free alcohol purchased before security and containing more than 100 ml is permitted as long as it is carried in a duty-free issued Secure Tamper-Evident Bag (STEB). Guests with transfers should be aware that the security bags are valid for a maximum of 48 hours. Purchases must be accompanied by a receipt and the security bag must not be tampered with or opened prior to going through security at a transfer airport. Although, Canada, United States, and the European Union countries will accept the Secure Tamper-Evident Bag (STEB) for transfers, not all airports in other countries do. Guests with transfers in other countries may still be asked to place their duty free in checked baggage or risk having the item confiscated.

    • Homemade alcohol is not permitted as the alcohol content cannot be verified. Commercially produced alcohol containers are accepted as checked baggage providing they are in their original retail packages. Beverages over 24 per cent alcohol by volume must not exceed five litres per guest. The percentage of alcohol must not exceed 70 per cent by volume. For more information, see restricted items.



  • Electrical devices:

    • Cellular telephones cannot be used at any time while in flight.

    • Any laptop computer or electrical item will need to be removed from its carrying case at the security gate before being X-rayed.

    • The following electrical devices are permitted on board: voice recorders, calculators, laptop computers, hand-held MP3 players, hand-held electronic devices, computer games and photographic equipment.